View Full Version : [SPOILERS] The Ending

09-17-2016, 01:38 AM
I have to say I feel like this was one of the saddest FF endings to date. It really pulled on the heart strings, all throughout it teased the glimmer of hope that the cadets would survive. Then when Rem and Machina return, the rest of the class is lifelessly slouched up against their banner. THE FEELS MAN, THE FEELS!

Of course we also have the "In Another Spiral" alternate ending that some fans like to treat as the canonical one. It's definitely much happier and shows as a different, more human side, to the teenage war-faring wonder kids.

So the ending, lets talk about it!

09-17-2016, 04:50 AM
I liked the game but some of the cutscenes I skipped through. No that isn't a contradiction I like the gameplay. The ending was pretty good though as I have watched it many times. Seeing everyone feel bad and the words they say really bring you to a whole new level.

09-17-2016, 11:56 AM
Is this the normsl or ng+ ending.

I dont really remember the normal ending and I never bothered with ng+