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Wolf Kanno
10-15-2016, 07:10 PM
Here is our second bracket facing off today.

Debuting in Final Fantasy V as both a secret boss and summon, back then Carbuncle looked like a lizard before subsequent installments changed him into his more iconic cat/fox/otter mix form. Carbuncle usually has the power to cast a party-wide Reflect spell on the whole team which proved invaluable to Bartz and co dealing with ExDeath or Squall's company having their first major battle against Edea. In IX and XIV, Carbuncle has expanded it's range to casting haste and other important stat buffs as well. This cute critter was even the star of the most recent FFXV demo.


Debuting in Final Fantasy Tactics as the Lucavi who took possession of Dycedarg Beoluve, Adrammalech made his summoning debut in FFTactics Advance as the Totema for the Bangaa race. In Final Fantasy XII, Adrammelech could be found lurking in the optional Zertinan Caverns ready to pounce on any unsuspecting party with lightning magic and endless army of the undead. In battle, he stands in for Ramuh as the game's Lightning elemental summon and is one of the first optional summons the party can get their hands on.

Our next battle is...

Debuting in FFV as a powerful late game enemy. He was upgraded to summon status in FFX and was kind enough to take his fashion sense, mercenary personality, and useful dog from his FFVI incarnation and cliff notes from Shadow. Working as FFX's stand-in for Odin, apparently being an Aeon in Spira doesn't pay much and this guy will certainly bleed you dry with his quirky mechanic of needing to be paid to attack. On the other hand, his Overdrive Zanmato is one of the most powerful attacks in the game with ability to end all battles including optional superbosses and major story battles, the issue is paying for it...


A mainstay throughout the series, the Goblin is usually one of the first enemies encountered in the series and often forgotten not too long after. Unless we're talking about FFIV and you're doing a completionist run, at which point you'll need murder entire civilizations worth of the critters to get their super rare summon ability. While generally considered to be the worse summon of FFIV, the Goblin summon did introduce us to the race's signature move, Goblin Punch, which itself is a leathal joke ability throughout the series.

Our next battle is...

Debuting in Final Fantasy Tactics as the Lucavi in possessing Wiegraf Folles, he also has the distinction of being part of one of the hardest battles in the game. He debuts as a summon in Final Fantasy XII, where he is the guardian of Raithwall's Tomb and the first of the espers the party encounters. He also makes appearances in Revenant Wings and FFTA2, as well as being one of the few summons to appear in the XII manga adaption. He stands in for Ifrit in XII, and scorches enemies on the field with Hellfire.


Debuting in FFIII, Odin has a tradition of being a loner king hiding away in basements of ancient castles or making home in ancient ruins and mansions. A serious stickler for time, most players need to beat this guy in under a minute to gain his worthiness before he uses his game ending Zantesuken ability to decimate the party. He is also one of the few summons to have an alternate move called Gungnir, where he uses the iconic speak to skewer a foe who resists his sword. His most iconic moments in the series include being Cecil's adopted father now reincarnated as the great king, defending his love in a doomed castle in the War of the Magi, destroying Linblum in IX, and finally having his signature move reversed on him by Seifer in FFVIII.

Next round is...

Named after a Valkyrie and retainer to Odin, Brynhildr is better remembered by FF fans as Sahz Katzroy's Eidolon and XIII's stand in for Ifrit. Utilizing powerful elemental bullets, when the battle needs a climatic finish, she transforms into a snazzy sports car that exhales fire from her exhaust, which Sahz uses in a destructive derby style free-for-all against the enemies.


We seem to have a vehicle theme for this fight. Syldra is the sea serpent and close ally to Faris in FFV who helps control her ship in a windless world. She sacrifices her life for the party against a powerful foe, but later reincarnates as a summon so she can be with her friend Faris. Though her attack looks like a thunderstorm, it's actually a wind elemental attack.

10-15-2016, 07:35 PM
Gonna go with Carbuncle, Yojimbo, Odin and Syldra. I have a major weak spot for badasses with swords or katanas so Yojimbo and Odin were a given. Syldra actually had a pretty solid storyline attached to her so yay for her. Carbuncle vs Adrammelech wasn't as trivial, but ultimately Adra wasn't all that memorable compared to Carbuncle who's useful time and time again in many a Final Fantasy game.

10-16-2016, 12:15 AM
Syldra by far.

10-16-2016, 01:11 PM
Carbuncle, Yojimbo, Odin and Syldra.

10-16-2016, 07:10 PM
Yeah. The CYOS votes fpr me too

Wolf Kanno
10-16-2016, 07:15 PM
24 hours remain for voting.