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Wolf Kanno
10-19-2016, 11:34 PM
I did this thread over three years ago and figured it would be interesting to see people's thoughts on this. The rules are simple, take an entry you dislike and make improvements (try to be constructive and not just say "never let it be made") that would make it an enjoyable title for you. You can do more than one if you wish and feel free to include any title in the franchise.

Rereading the thread, I'm still pretty content with my changes so I'm just going to repost it.

As much as I would love to remake VII and X, neither of them has made me cough up as much bile as XIII. WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO CARE!!!

Lightning - Who is she? I mean we get very little background and info on how she thinks, I mean was she always a hard ass or is this a result of her childhood, what's the full relationship with Serah, she's largely seen only in the negative with her in flashbacks, how about a more balanced view to make Lightning more endearing? Lightning is largely like Squall with a gender swap, but what made Squall work was that the player got more insight into how he felt and thinked, Lightning didn't which made her moments of suddenly realize she knows human emotion besides anger feel really awkward and out of place. Some more introspection and better flashbacks could fix this and actually make her into the endearing and well-developed character SE thinks she is.

Snow - Cut down on his repetitive dialogue and have him drop the whole "I'm the hero" angle. Its fine that he's an optimist with really virtuous values and intentions but it doesn't mean we have to listen to him like he's some damn parrot. Play with the contrast between his intentions and his results, Snow lost so much character development because he was put on a bus for half the game so instead let's give him more screen time and really watch him rectify his ideals with the reality around him. The idea his optimism and bravado are a front for his insecurity should be played with more.

Sahz - Is pretty good overall, he just needs to be an active emotional part of the party in the second half of the game. He's fine as the comic relief, but he needs some more thoughtful and serious moments in the later chapters instead of being relegated to background character.

Hope - Needs to be younger cause I'm not buying a 14 year old acting like an 8 year old.I don't care if he's "sensitive" that just makes it even more strange when you see how ass kicking his mother Nora was. Hope needs more context about his relationship with his parents, he needs more "show and not tell" I get it that life screwed you royally but I'd rather see you get emotional and angry about it than listen to you try to explain it to me. I just want you to act more scarred, not like a child pouting cause their parents put them in time out. Also, none of this 180 degree personality spins, I don't care if you realize it wasn't completely Snow's fault, this doesn't mean you suddenly start treating him like the older brother you never had. Thjs relationship is strained and has to start anew. The game screwed you both over for not making use of watching the two of them coming to terms with each other through the course second half of the story. Some awkward moments where they get along and laugh together only to catch themselves laughing with each other and then sheepishly stopping cause neither really knows how to act around each other. Also Hope lost his mom and is going to die a virgin, you shouldn't be so damn cheerful, instead make him start acting more melancholic and serious but eventually becoming an optimist.

Fang and Vanille - Ultimately, I would drop Fang from the story, she really serves no purpose whatsoever, instead I would merge the two together making a Fang character that is a bit more cheerful and care free but secretive about her past. I would also give her flashbacks about what life was like on Pulse and maybe even give her a flashback sequence where you get to see the great war. The dynamic of her being older would mesh well with Sahz's sequences better and make the revelation of Fang's involvement in his troubles more disturbing because I feel Sahz could connect better to someone closer to his mentality than cooky Vanille could ever had.

Cid - Should be a temporary party member for some times and be more prominent in the early chapters, have him and Rosch bounce off each other as they chase after the l'Cie but have Cid and his men constantly try to recruit the characters for his rebellion instead. Build up his dislike for the Fal'Cie rule and make him more prominent in the story. Also, I want to see his Summon and let it be Quetzalcoatl from FFVIII/

Jihl - Make her more prominent in the story, have her be aware of Barthandelus' nature and intentions, and have her be a antagonist that chases the party into Pulse, eventually revealing she's a l'Cie like the others with Ifrit as her summon. You can have her finally get killed off for real when they reach Fang's hometown.

Rosch - Needs more screentime, especially in the early chapters chasing after everyone and he should have more dialogue with the other villains and side characters. I also feel he needs another boss battle, maybe early in the story where he fights a one on one duel with Lightning and he fights on foot using a bunch of anti-l'Cie weapons.

Barthandelus - Needs more screen time, needs to be less mustache-twirling evil, make him feel more like an unnatural being.

Orphan - Foreshadow him better

Anima - Give her some lines and have her explain more about the Pulse vs. Cocoon scenario.

Fal'Cie - Let more of them have some dialogue, and establish a better and more clear relationship between the Fal'Cie, Humans and the gods. If the party could actually speak with more of the Fal'Cie and see how they don't really like humanity and pine for the old days, the big plot reveal wouldn't have come off so shallow.

Story structure:

Condense the first three chapters into one prologue, I mean action packed openings can't carry adrenaline without context for over five hours. There is just so much pointless dialogue, set pieces, and battles that the first few hours eventually drag and having the characters try to keep it interesting without revealing anything about who they are is just stupid. Condense it down, quickly introduce everyone and the relevant characters blurb on why they are there. This should also be where the equipment system should be introduced so the player has something else to do before the main customization system unlocks. When they finally reach Serah and see her turn into a crystal, the first chapter should end.

Take the 13 days flashback sequences and make them Chapter 2. If you are going to start a story in median res, then you need to quickly catch the player up to what they misses, not drag it out by giving it out piece meal style for the next 30 hours. Transform this chapter into an actual interactive game section with puzzles to solve for the non-combat characters and maybe some fighting for Snow and Lightning, hell make Serah playable even. This would also be a great time to introduce the games supporting characters of Jihl, Cid, Barthandulus, and Rosch This chapter will act as a nice breather allow you to explain who everyone is, and to finally allow the player to see Cocoon how the party sees it instead of just assuming the player is going to be bothered by having the cast destroy their home like the cast is. The second chapter should be about filling in the holes of the first chapter, further establishing the characters, establishing the world, and break up the monotony of just running forward and battling.

Chapter 3 will be the party becoming l'Cie, establishing the combat system and the party split. When the party splits, don't get rid of Snow, instead have Snow and Lighting go off together and have Sahz be with Hope and Fang. The reason being that Snow and Lightning have a history together and their scenes would bounce off each other better, their constant quarreling about Serah and whose fault it is could be great fuel to have them both come to their personal revelations in a more natural and less overtly melodramatic way. Hope and Sahz would work great together because they both have something in common in reverse. Lightning isn't a nurturing figure but Sahz sure is and it would be nice and endearing to watch him and Hope kind of go back and forth as one who lost a child and the other who lost a parent, you could do some real great bonding, fighting and quarreling between the two and as they grow closer, it would make the scene with Sahz more dramatic. Make Hope come to his own conclusion about getting revenge against Snow and make his attachment to Sahz act as his personal conscious about this decision. Watching Hope struggle to avenge his mother or to take Sahz's guidance about accepting it moving forward for her sake would actually cause some meaningful character development.

Hope would choose to go for revenge with Sahz's nagging on his mind, and leave the party to pursue Snow while struggling to reconcile his two conflicting feelings. Sahz and Fang would chase after him and reach Nautilus, where the game could have a really cool mini-game where Sahz thinks he's chasing after Hope but its really his son Dahj. On the way, this chapter would largely play out like the game, but Fang would escape and Sahz's fate would be left uncertain. Hell we could add some conversation elements in the early chapter that factor into whether he lives or dies.

Lightning and Snow get ambushed at Palomporom and get separated, Snow runs into Hope and their story largely pans out the same, lightning runs into Fang who heard about the attack. The party has their first battle with Rosch but are ultimately saved by Cid. Cid convinces them to join his scheme to overthrow Barthandelus, and joins the party as a temporary party member. Make the Palamecia a puzzle dungeon where you're party is tying to sabotage it while making their way to Barthandelus, fight Jihl as a boss and then have Barthandelus reveal his true form and nature, Cid is then forced to betray the party and the boss battle with him goes on before turning around and having to fight Barthandelus' true form. Skip the Ark Chapter go to Pulse where the party tries to regroup and figure out how to overcome their Focus. Explain more background about Pulse and what life was like during the war, introduce the Goddess Etro into the story and do some damn world building. Make it turn out Fang is a devout worshiper of Etro and have Lightning be cynical about it because she's had enough "false gods" from the Fal'Cie spiel.

Jihl will follow them to Pulse and chase after them while the heroes communicate with the Pulse Fal'Cie to see if there is a way to get out of a Focus. Finally battling her at Fang's hometown and the revelation that Orphan and Barthandelus plan on exterminating everyone on Cocoon so they would have no reason not to fulfill their Focus, with the extra world building in the early chapters this would finally have an emotional impact on the player. The last few chapters would play out as the game originally did but instead of some silly torture scene and fake out C'ieth nonsense, have the party beat down Orphan to an inch of its life and then choose to spare him. Orphan is dumbfounded and let Lightning give a neat speech about how humans are not machines and restricted to the clockwork machinations of Fate and Order and have the parties resolve to save Cocoon and defy fate allow them to change them back to normal humans. Lightning could then give Orphan a lecture how no matter how many humans he turns into Fal'Cie all of them will defy him and never allow his twisted schemes to be fulfilled. Orphan tries to kill the party with one final weak attack but ultimately fails. Its then revealed he did it because he was so weak that using the last attack drained the last bit of his energy and now Cocoon will fall no matter what and he'll have his wish.

Battle System:

Needs some improving... first lets merge the system with some of FFXII's better ideas such as Gambits so your A.I. party are not total smurfing morons and you can now pre-plan some actual strategy into it, and lets add the ability to move around a bit in battle so Sentinels and Medics won't be stupid anymore. No more Leader = Death cause XIII's system just doesn't allow this to work like it does in MegaTen. Party leaders that are killed just switch to an active character a la FFXII.

Now that that is over we need to address how stale the roles are, I mean 20 years later you've got me using an FFI set-up almost and that just isn't going to cut it. We need to make the paradigm sets more meaningful, so add some skills and retool some of the roles.

Commando: Remember this trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ephE0HMts0)? Yeah, Commando needs a bit more variety and fun to it, I think we need to incorporate the gravity bombs and time shift tools with this job to add a bit more variety and allow the Commando to give the mage roles a bit of breathing room if the fight turns sour.

Sentinel needs to be retooled because most of its skills are not very good except taunt and provoke. The class needs better counter abilities and I think it needs to have Blade Grasp. Some upgrades for some its skills would be nice to continue distinguishing one characters sentinel from another.


Next, I would add a special Limit Break skill for paradigm sets that are all one class. These skills will consume the TP bar so they can't be used over and over and they should probably have a bit of cooldown as well so the player can't spam them. Character will have to achive Rank 5 (master) of their Roles to utilize these skills. Once activated these skills will last for 60 seconds in combat except Medic and Sabatour.

Cerberus (3x Commandos): Barrage - Whole party gets the Bravery effect and all physcial attacks cause a secondary hit worth 10% of the main hits maximum damage.

Tri-Disaster (3x Ravagers): Focus - Whole party gets Faith status and magic damage that exploits and enemy elemental weakness adds an additional 10% bonus to staggering the enemy.

Tortoise (3x Sentinels): Adamant Armor - Shell and Protect on whole party, Characters take same damage as a sentinel using Guard.

Infiltration (3x Sabatours): Death Spell, this Limit Break works just like Vanille's version and can be spammed in the battle this Limit break is used on as long as the whole party stays in the paradigm set. After the battle, the TP gauge is reduced to 0.

Rapid Growth (3x Synergist): Mystic Knight: All of the parties weapons are infused with elemental power, weapons only take on the form of the elemental property when hitting an enemy weak to said property.

Salvation (3x Medics): Phoenix: Party gains the Auto-reraise status for the active battle its used in. Can only be used once for battle, drains all TP, and has a very long cool down time.

Next I would introduce the idea of Advanced Roles, special roles that can be activated for a character under certain conditions:

They can only be activated in certain Paradigm sets.
All characters need to be Rank 3 or 5(depending on which Role you're trying to activate) in their respective role
Only the Party leader can activate their Advanced Role in battle.
Only one Advanced Role can be activated per battle. So if you activate Lightning's Advanced Role, you can't switch to Snow and make him leader and activate his.

How Advanced Roles work is that as long as all the above conditions are met, if you switch to certain Paradigm sets, the Leader characters Role is transformed into their Advanced Role and this role will replace that specific role for all Paradigm sets. So be careful when you use them.

Example: Lightning is leader with Hope and Fang and they all fulfill the above quota. If they switch to a Diversity Paradigm set (Commando, Ravager, Medic) with Lightning as the Ravager Role, the game will ask you if you want to activate an Advanced Role, if you comply, her Ravager Role will be changed into the Red Mage role for the rest of battle. It doesn't matter who the other members are, as long as they fulfill the above requirements and that the intended character is the right role, so Lightning has to be the Ravager in this Paradigm set but it doesn't matter who is the Commando and Medic as long as they are Rank 3 with those roles.


Red Mage
Requirement: Lightning as Ravager Rank 3, Commando Rank 3, Medic Rank 3
Description: Lightning's Red Mage role gives her access to the passive skill Chainspell which allows her to use both Commando and Ravager skills in succession, so you can alternate between Thunder and attack or use Blitz and then fire off a Thundaga without switching roles. Abilities cost only 2/3rds of their normal ATB cost so its possible with experimentaion to make longer combos than is normally possible. She also has access to low level healing spells. This role only has access to low level versions of the spells but gets all of the elemental strikes and Cure and Cura.
Full ATB Attack: Twin Cast: Mini Flare - Lightning begins twin casting both a white and black magic spell and throws both into the air where the spin together and merge s they gently fall into the enemy group and release a huge non-elemental blast. It does not raise stagger but prevents the Stagger gauge from decreasing.

Dark Knight
Requirement: Lightning as Command Rank 5, Ravager Rank 5, Sabatour Rank 5
Description: The Dark Knight role gives Lightning a wealth of new skills such as Darkside, Bloodsword, Slowstrike, Dark Wave and Poisonstrike to name a few. She has pasive abilities that raise her damage and ATB recovery and this role is dediated to all out offense. Some of her sword strikes can actually raise the Stagger Gauge and skills like Darkside get launch and smite properties.
Full ATB Attack: Souleater: Lightning channels dark energy into her gunblade before striking it into the ground, a black mist oozes out of the ground and surrounds the battle field, Lightning presses the Trigger of her gunblade launching the dark sphere she channeled into the ground and the field bursts with black spikes, swords and spears erupt from the ground causing high non-elemental damage and Launch the enemies.


White Monk
Requirement: Snow as Commando Rank 3, Sentinel Rank 3, Medic Rank 3
Description: Snow gains several new skills like Earthrender (elemental group attack) Air Blast (long range physcial) Purification, Chakra and other Monk skills. This role is a high offense job with some support healing abilities.
Full ATB Attack: Meteor Strike: Snow punches the ground and pulls out a huge boulder, he then leaps high into the air and comes crashing down suplexing the boulder into the enemy group.

Requirement: Snow as Rank 5 Sentinel, Commando Rank 5, Medic Rank 5
Description: A powerful defensive class that has several offensive abilities. Paladin Snow gives him access to most of the Sentinel passive skills like Elude and Provoke, he has a high counter ability and can still fight like a commando though he loses the ability to use Ruin spells. He has access to low level healing magic as well and works like a an advanced Sentinel with more offensive options.
Full ATB Attack: Excalbur - Similar to his Soverign Fist. Snow channels Holy energy into his body and leaps into the air, dives down, and punches the earth. A giant blade made of Holy energy erupts from the ground striking all opponents in range and launching them.


Blue Mage
Requirement: Hope as Rank 3 Synergist, Rank 3 Commando, Rank 3 Ravager
Description: Hope gains a slew of enemy exclusive skills which he can use in battle including a few new ones like Mighty Guard and White Wind. Some skills can be improved by having Hope see enemeies use the skills allowing him to power up abilities 3 times. Example 1000 Needles can be powered up to 10,000 Needles and 100,000 needles though ATB cost goes up.
Full ATB Attack: Shockwave Pulsar - Hope channels the spirit of one of the Undying and releases a rain of non-elemental bursts over his oppenents.

Requirement: Hope as Rank 5 Ravager, Rank 5 Medic, Rank 5 Sabatuor
Description: Hope has access to all his white and black magic, ATB cost is cut in half due to Dual Cast Passive skill, and he can interchange these hitting enemies with a volley of Ravager spells and then switch over to healer role.
Full ATB Attack: Mysidian Wisdom - Hope casts Holy which erupts above the battle field and pulls the enemy in doing multi hit damage, while this is happening, Hope cast Flare and fires it into Holy creating a massive explosion. Raises Stagger gauge immensly.


Gun Mage
Requirement: Sahz as Rank 3 Commando, Rank 3 Sabatour, Rank 3 Ravager
Description: Sahz gets access to new species bullets which greatly raises the Stagger Gauge if the right type is used on the proper enemy.
Full ATB Attack: Trigger Happy - Sahz dual pistols his enemies and you get a bit of a fuax spaghetti western sound bite before he smiles and begins firing, the player can raise the amount of hits by hitting R1. Raises stagger by a lot.

Time Mage
Requirement: Sahz as Rank 5 Synergist, Rank 5 Sabatour, Rank 5 Ravager
Description: Sahz gains a mix of Synergist and Sabatour skills which have been upgraded into their -aga varients allowing him to quickly buff and debuff parties. He also gets accessto new spells like Comet which does medium damage to an area of effect, and Quick, which fills the whole parties ATB gauge immediatly.
Full ATB Attack: Choco Meteor - Sahz begins casting a complicated Time/Space spell and is about to say Meteor when his little Chicobo springs out of his hair and Kweh's throwing him off. The camera switches to a huge meteor plummeting to the battle field which lands and causes huge damage.


Requirement: Fang as Rank 3 Sabatour, Rank 3 Commando, Rank 3 Synergist
Description: Fang gets passive skills that raise her ATB recovery rate, the Mug skill, and Steal ATB. She works as both a traditional thief but as also as a role that delays enemy actions with its Steal command.
Full ATB Attack: Mirage Dive - Fang moves quickly through the enemy line leaving behind a faint after image, as she Mugs each enemy. Does high damage and steals items, and ATB from enemies.

Requirement: Fang as Rank 5 Commando, Rank 5 Sentinel, Rank 5 Sabatour
Description: Gains the Dual Wield passive skill that makes her attacks strike twice when the enemy is staggered. Gains some of the evade Sentinel skills and Shuriken replaces Ruin spells.
Full ATB Attack: Masemune's Edge - Fang moves so fast through the battle field she looks like she's teleporting and all time seems to stop, Fang finally drops down away from the enemies with her Spear in its mutli form and quietly resets it as her spear while the enemies explode with a wind of Cherry Bloosoms in the background.

Okay, so granted, the Advanced Classes may need some balancing but this is all for fun.

I would redesign the dungeons so they are not just pretty hallways, adding stuff like puzzles, and optional Cieth stones. I'll second making Nautilus into the Gold Saucer expy it was trying for and let Sahz pick up a Virtual Pass while he's there so it cnan be accessed at any save point.

I would add more story to the Cieth stones, maybe let the player here the request from the actual person now turned to stone. Same with the Undying, let killing them actually release the human soul and have them tell the player more about Pulse, the Fal'Cie and Etro.

I'd bring back Gil into the game as being dropped from enemy encounters so the economy won't blow.

I would expand weapon and item customization, largely adding more equipment set combos and give them more meaningful bonuses.

I would return stats like Defense, Speed, and Spirit.

I would probably keep the Crysterium the same but seriosuly overhaul what you gain stat wise in each role, make raising them more of a balancing act, so if you dip too far into mage roles your HP and strength will greatly suffer and vice versa. Add rogue strands that represent the Advanced Roles.

I'll also add not doing the sequels.

10-19-2016, 11:59 PM
Ff1: nit make it in 1986 or watever lol

10-20-2016, 12:55 AM
FFVIII: Throw it in the garbage.

10-20-2016, 01:03 AM
this is so simple for me... FF IX... make Trance useful by allowing it to carry over to other battles... make Skills and Abilities useful by making them permanent once you learn them, none of this you can only equip as many Skills/Abilities as you have magic stones nonsense... and knock off that superdeformed stuff, we no longer need it to illustrate forced perspective so now it's just a bad design choice... i'd make Steiner awesome, make Beatrix a permanent party member, and get rid of Quina altogether... honestly these are the things that make the game unenjoyable for me, most of my problem with this game lies in it's combat and skill/ability system...

10-20-2016, 01:06 AM
Final Fantasy II - Overall I found the game lacked fixed damage. It seems like everything needs to be leveled up in order to be good. I would probably give spells and weapons a better start up rather than having to be good with spells or weapons/armors.

10-20-2016, 06:23 AM
Reading Wolf Kanno's post I have the strong feeling he never read Episode Zero.

10-20-2016, 06:28 AM
Reading Wolf Kanno's post I have the strong feeling he never read Episode Zero.

Needing to read something to fully understand a game doesn't really speak well for a game's narrative, honestly.

10-20-2016, 07:11 AM
Reading Wolf Kanno's post I have the strong feeling he never read Episode Zero.

Needing to read something to fully understand a game doesn't really speak well for a game's narrative, honestly.

That is the case for many games though. Also it is not that easy to say that. Sometimes you just want details but the main act is just not the right place for them.

Wolf Kanno
10-20-2016, 07:25 AM
Reading Wolf Kanno's post I have the strong feeling he never read Episode Zero.

Needing to read something to fully understand a game doesn't really speak well for a game's narrative, honestly.

That is the case for many games though. Also it is not that easy to say that. Sometimes you just want details but the main act is just not the right place for them.

That's the excuse of a weak writer. Considering how the Thirteen Day flashbacks were done in the game, there was no reason this content had to be left out of the game proper. The pacing was shot to hell anyway, another hour of cutscenes wouldn't have hurt it anymore, especially if it promised better clarity and make you actually give a damn.

The real issue is that Episode Zero was a Japanese only novella/web series. It may be fine for Japan, but it kind of screwed non-Japanese gamers, especially those trying to keep story details to a minimum up until the game's release.

You don't release a movie and hack out third of its plot to be placed in a short prequel novel, that is required reading to understand your story fully, which is written in another language, which you have no intention of translating for the audience; and then whine when people criticize your work because you failed to release it properly. Frankly, what I've read of it is not even that good, and doesn't help that much for the narrative.

10-20-2016, 07:28 AM
The real issue is that Episode Zero was a Japanese only novella/web series.

What are you talking about? Episode Zero is a book that exists in other languages. I even own it in German. And the book shows a alot about the characters and previous incidents.

That's the excuse of a weak writer.

Not in the slightest. Sometimes, if you want to write something in a certain way you just have to sacrifice something. Otherwise you would have to write the story in a way that you do not want it to write. And an author fully has the right to decide how exactly he writes the story. If he can do that by then adding details that he thought of anyway, I have no problem with that. Authors often have to sacrifice something to write a story the way they want. Just because you do not like it the way it is written because you would have to know addtional details through something else does not make it "badly written". I watch a lot of shows that sacrifice a lot of logic by doing stuff like time freezes just so they do not need to worry about other details but I do not call it bad writing because I understand what exactly it is for.

Frankly, what I've read of it is not even that good

I am glad that you do not take your opinion about something that you hate in the first place and use it as factual statement.

and doesn't help that much for the narrative.

It helped me a lot to immerse and understand more about the characters and what the background of the story is.

Wolf Kanno
10-20-2016, 08:05 AM
The real issue is that Episode Zero was a Japanese only novella/web series.

What are you talking about? Episode Zero is a book that exists in other languages. I even own it in German. And the book shows a alot about the characters and previous incidents.

We may be talking about different things cause a search through the FF Wik (http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XIII_Episode_Zero_-Promise-)i and Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Commitment-novel-Final-Fantasy-Episode/dp/4757527705/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476946091&sr=8-1&keywords=Final+Fantasy+XIII+Episode+Zero)claims it's only in Japanese.

That's the excuse of a weak writer.

Not in the slightest. Sometimes, if you want to write something in a certain way you just have to sacrifice something. Otherwise you would have to write the story in a way that you do not want it to write. And an author fully has the right to decide how exactly he writes the story. If he can do that by then adding details that he thought of anyway, I have no problem with that. Authors often have to sacrifice something to write a story the way they want. Just because you do not like it the way it is written because you would have to know addtional details through something else does not make it "badly written". I watch a lot of shows that sacrifice a lot of logic by doing stuff like time freezes just so they do not need to worry about other details but I do not call it bad writing because I understand what exactly it is for.

No that's just you admitting that you won't let logic ruin something you enjoy, not about the clarity or ability of the writer. You're basically just saying "well this doesn't make sense but I've been enjoying it up to this point so why let this ruin everything for me?" and I'm not saying that's a bad position to have, but that's not a sacrifice on the writers part as much as it is a gamble and it really comes down to whether the audience is willing to suspend their disbelief to make it work. We are just in a situation where we don't agree I'm afraid. Sacrifice comes from time and money but I feel in this case, this was a marketing ploy.

Frankly, what I've read of it is not even that good

I am glad that you do not take your opinion about something that you hate in the first place and use it as factual statement.

I've never once used my opinion as fact, I explain my position and wait for someone to prove why my position is ignorant. I make mistakes and I value other people's opinions, just don't expect me to take them at face value and not challenge your own positions. Stating an opinion is meaningless without the fun rigor of probing, dissecting and digging to the core of that opinion. We learn nothing if we just accept things at face value.

10-20-2016, 07:01 PM
With Final Fantasy XIII, I'd probably give enemies different stagger requirements so the game doesn't get quite so repetitive, maybe add a central town area like Rabanastre so there's some downtime (since the party's a gang of fugitives, maybe they could have a hideout in the slums a la Sector 7). For FFVIII I'd have them scrap the plot past disc 1 and make it a story of a bunch of young soldiers fighting Demon-witch Hitler. Keep the cool modern 1950s aesthetic they had going, keep out NORG or Esther, focus on making Squall slowly open himself up rather than jumping to him suddenly caring about other people, keep Laguna involved SOMEHOW. Also, ax junctioning, or at least add more conventional JRPG leveling features.

10-21-2016, 06:50 PM
Keep Vaan, though he's no longer the main lead, and is given more character development and backstory. Vaan is now a street rouge, that works for Baltheir and does some jobs for him, wishing that he can fully join him as a Sky Pirate.
Ashe is now the main lead and the game is strictly through her struggles and POV
Penelo is still in the game, though as a minor character, she desires Vaan to stop working for Balthier and wants him to make a better choice in life. She's in the party for a while, as a guest though. She leaves, when she realizes that she cannot change Vaan or his dreams.
Lord Rasler survives and is a playable character, until his death 1/2 the game.
Battle System is more like Chrono Trigger/Tales- The game is still Open World and monsters still appear on the main map, however when you run into a monster a different screen and the character that you choose to be the main attacker is controllable and the CPU controls the rest. You can choose between Ashe, Vaan, Baltheir, Fran, Rasler, Basche and Larsa. So it's not like FFXV, but more like a Tales Of game.
Characters that have a connection can team up and do a special move, like Chrono Trigger. Ashe/ Rasler, Ashe/ Vaan, Baltheir/ Fran, Vaan/ Baltheir, Ashe/ Larsa. Ashe/ Basche.
Music is done by the FFXIII crew.
Summons is done like FFX
Zodiac System, expect it depends on what Summon that character can summon. Aries = Ifrit, if you give Ashe the Zodiac " Aries " she'll summon Ifrit throughout the whole game. You cannot change or remove though.
Limit Breaks are still the same.
Final Battle is a showdown between Ashe and Dr Cid
Ending is more the same, Penelo watches Vaan be happy that he's now a Sky Pirate. Ashe now a Queen, gives a speech to her people, while thinking about Rasler.
Vayne is still in the game, but thinks that he's the Main Bad, and ends up being slaughtered by Dr Cid.

Colonel Angus
10-21-2016, 11:11 PM
Zodiac System, expect it depends on what Summon that character can summon. Aries = Ifrit, if you give Ashe the Zodiac " Aries " she'll summon Ifrit throughout the whole game. You cannot change or remove though.
Off topic, because this one is my favorite FF, but I really like this idea. All the Espers are connected to a sign anyway, so why not do this in the new one?

BTW, the fire esper is Belias in FFXII.

Rocket Edge
10-22-2016, 01:37 AM
Music is done by the FFXIII crew.

Wow. I thought the music of XII, although initially sad that it diverted away from songs from FFX to more background music, had some amazing pieces.

Spot on Wolf. I enjoyed reading that. Well, you might remember my similar dislike of XIII. I remember reading a review years ago of a review someone posted with humor, and it nailed it on the head for me. It reads:

Possibly the most subtly bad game in the series.

The game is far too gorgeous for words, and for it's own good. Allow me to explain. We are in an age of gaming where graphics are extremely important to a game's appeal. So it seems that the developers at Square focused a little too much on graphics and, in the process, neglected other aspects of the game, to say the least.

Lets start from the beginning. Months prior to this games release I would hear and read time and time again on review sites, forums, everywhere... the word "linear." "This game is too 'linear'. Linear this and linear that." I got so sick of the word. It has to be some memetic mutation, an exaggeration, I thought. It can't be that bad....

It really is that bad.

All these beautiful scenes CGIs, vistas, environments, all amount to... well, a facade. You get to look at these things but you don't get to explore them. It's like uh, a looking at a pretty picture. In fact you don't get to decide anything at all. This is where the word "linear" comes in. Pretty much every place they drop you in is a just a straight path from A to B. Now I understand that most JRPGs are linear. They all amount to going from point A to point B overall, but they tend to have something in between that makes you forget that. This game, though, it's like they didn't even bother... they might as well just strap you to a bullet train, because it feels like you're just along for the ride.

You see, the majority of the game basically consists of you traveling down a hallway towards the next cutscene. I'm not even exaggerating. Everywhere is a basically a curving hallway, then cutscene, then they drop you in another hallway. At one point there was a forest, and I thought "hmm maybe I'll get to explore this time since, you know, IT'S A FOREST." Nope, just another hallway in the trees. You know, I get the feeling that these developers, deep down, just wanted to make another movie. Well they should have just made another movie and gotten it out of their system.

What is the point of the Crystarium other than to give you something else pretty to look at? This thing tries to trick you into thinking it's going to give you choices; they have a bunch of branchy looking things to that effect. You have to unlock one node to get to the next one, whether you want it or not. You get more paths to fill up later on, but by then, when you have Hope as the most powerful mage for example, what point would there be in filling his Commando path? There are no choices. If they were just going to string us around with this thing, they might as well have just had some normal level up system from 1 to 100. At least it wouldn't have been an insult to my intelligence.

The weapon's system is yet another head-scratcher. You get a weapon and you level it up with some materials you find. Then you find another weapon, but by the time you find it you've already leveled up your weapon so much that it's already better than that new weapon. Well then what's the point? I don't know whether I have to wait for new weapons or level up this one so I can be strong enough for the next boss. Was it really so hard just to have a weapon that's better than the one you have in the next shop or treasure chest? This is just too confusing.

The battle system is somewhat entertaining, when I'm not just pressing Autobattle, but it doesn't make up for the other problems in this game.

The thing it seems they screwed up on most with this game is the storytelling, believe it or not.

These characters are so plastic and stereotypical. Vanille has the most girly little noises and gestiticulations she does that are just so damn irritating. Even Sazh, the most realistic, sensible character in the game has the most ridiculous afro, with a chocobo nesting in it... major facepalm moments here.

Maybe I would care about these characters if they had actually made the story somewhat engaging. Here's why the storytelling fails:
They begin right in the middle of the action, and everyone seems to know everything... everyone except you, the player. Right off the bat, they start throwing all these foreign words at you like "L'Cie", "Fal'Cie", "Focus" as if you're supposed to know what the hell they're talking about. Eighty percent of the time I have no idea what is going on in this game. All of a sudden I have to go to Paloompaloompa or whatever it's called. Why? All of sudden this guy wearing a wedding dress is my enemy. Why?
Everyone has a Focus, and they don't know what their focus is. But it seems that they have to figure out what their focus is or these Gods called the Fal'Cie are gonna turn them into zombies. And if they do complete their focus they get turned to crystal. Okay, so let me get this straight. These all powerful Fal'Cie decided to brand these people on their asses, make them hated by society, all to give them this task that they wanted them to do so badly. And for some reason they decided not to tell them what this task was. Not even a clue or hint, because ooooh they're so mysterious... Nice job guys.
You know how I even know all this? It's not like the characters discussed it in a conversation. You see, in the menu they have this "Data Log" you're supposed to read that tells you everything. It's literally pages and pages of information that updates every so often just so you can know what's going on. So instead of having a little exposition and character interaction to let you know all the background details, they throw a book at you. I understand they wanted to get right into the action real fast, but this is the worst way they could have possibly done it. It's like you go to a movie, and they hand out these 200 page brochures you need to read just so you can understand what's going on in the movie. You know, if I wanted to read a novel, I would have gone to Barnes and Noble and bought one. This is how you alienate your audience. This is really basic stuff. When you tell a story, you have exposition to let the audience know what's going on. I don't get why this was so hard for Square this time around. It's like they didn't even bother, just like with the linearity. In fact I heard they had a bunch of novels on their website just to explain the characters' backgrounds. Come on Square. I have a life, you know.
I can't even sit down to play the game for more than an hour or two because it's just so boring, nonsensical, and thanks to Vanille, irritating. I have to sit down and read paragraphs, when I just wanted to play a videogame. Do you begin to see what happened here? The developers tried so hard to turn a game into a movie, that they failed at making either. Whatever this thing is, I can't bring myself to finish it.

I know people would say "Wait till you get 20-30 hours or so into the game". Get to chapter 11 or whatever, then it opens up and gets good. Now I can understand some games starting off slow. I'm willing to wait like an hour or two, maybe three, for a game to get good. BUT 30 HOURS? You mean to tell me that I have to wait till near the END of the game for it to get any good? Why can't it be good now? Why can't it be good from the start? I just don't get it. I'm no great philosopher or logician, but I'm pretty sure a 6 year-old could tell you that that if only 10% of a game is good, then the game is bad.

10-22-2016, 09:54 AM
FFVIII needs actual time travel shenanigans. Have Laguna, Kiros, Ward join the party and having them changes the Battle BGM to Man With a Machine Gun. Have Edda join permanently too. And Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin too. Also have Squall suck less.

Forsaken Lover
11-07-2016, 06:48 AM
1. Seifer joins the party to atone.

2. Rinoa gets her own proper character arc instead of just being Squall's love interest

3. Sorceress Adel was the one possessing Edea in order to get free. Ultimecia and time travel don't even enter into it apart from Ellone's giving our party visions.

4. The game is actaully difficult so substantial rebalancing of Junction bonuses and removal of certain abilities like the +80% stuff.

5. No level scaling. It's pointless.

6. MORG is mentioned more and doesn't just die and get forgotten.

7. D-District Prison is either removed or changed completely so as not to be terrible.

8. The Sorceress Assassination Plan is reworked so as to actually make sense. Also Quistis doesn't abandon her post.

Snap Jumper
11-14-2016, 03:11 AM
Also in VIII: The game shouldn't remove junctions that players have set up. It's a pain to reset everything to the way it was before the junctions were removed.