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Wolf Kanno
10-24-2016, 07:53 AM
Our eight installment of the tourney, our combatants today are...

Debuting in FFVII as a summon found in the Crashed Gelinka, Hades was inflicting enemies with every status in the book before Doomtrain showed up and allowed any party member to feel like Vincent's Chaos Limit.. He later got upgraded to a boss in FFIX though apparently he was relegated to an optional boss though early script ideas had him as a bigger character. He even has a server named after him in XI.


An angel of light to battle the lord of the underworld. Seraph was the magicite obtained by the thief in Tzen who would sell it to anyone willing to listen. She taught lost of healing magic for cheap including Raise, Cura, and Esuna so her worth depended on whether you picked her up before or after Kefka torched the planet. She's recently made an appearance in the recent FF Legends mobile game.

Our next battle is...

Ultima the High Seraph
Leader of the rebellion against the gods of Ivalice. The "Bloody Angel" made her first appearance in FFTactics as the final boss and leader of the Lucavi. Her current and most prolific design debuted in FFTactics Advance as the Totema of the Nu Muo. She is an optional summon in FFXII, sealed away in the Great Crystal with Omega Weapon v.XII and may be one of the hardest battles in the game as she shifts through different "rules" in her battle. She's worth it though, since her Holy skills are top notch and she's built for survival.


Bahamut ZERO
The ultimate prize for rescuing all those damn large materia pieces in VII. Many a VII fan will sigh in nostalgia as they remembered the first time they hooked this bad boy up with a Quadra Magic Materia and watched him nuke an enemy four times in a row. He is the ultimate variation of Bahamut and one remembered fondly enough that he came back in Type-0 as the ultimate Eidolon of Aricia Al-Rashia who summons the beast in a time of need. His signature move is Tera Flare.

Our next battle is...

Shemhazai The Betrayer
Once a servant of the gods of Ivalice who controlled souls, she joined Ultima in her rebellion and whispered the secrets of the gods weaknesses to her. After that she taught men evil and afterwards was bound to the earth as punishment. Uour guess is as agood as mine on what she's suppose to be. She's battled in the Great Crystal before the party reaches the Occurians and her Soul Purge moves is pretty badass.


Debuting in FFV as a rather notorious boss, Atmos became a summon in FFIX where he dealt serious gravity damage against enemies and ate Lindblum. He also a form of transportation for Lightning on Pulse. His most notable appearance is in FFXI where he reappears as a being that eats alternate timelines. The Goddess Altana used the Cait Sith to summon Atmos and have him devour the original timeline where the Crystal World ended in the destruction of Vana'diel.

Our final battle is...
King of the summoned beast and one of the most iconic FF summons Bahamut has appeared in all but a handful of titles in some form or another and has even spawned some variations forms with their own fan clubs. He debuted in the original FF as the lord of a Dragon race who tested the heroes resolve by having them risk their lives in a temple filled with traps and mazes to obtain a common rat's tail.


First appearing as a rare friendly animal for the Ranger Call ability in FFV, the Unicorn became a full summon in VI where it's healing horn worked as a group hitting Esuna spell and it taught many healing spells and support magic like protect and shell. It later appeared as one of the summons for the Viera in FFTactics Advance and A2 where she now heals and restores status. She has appeared in various smaller projects as well.

10-24-2016, 01:33 PM
Seraph, Bahamut Zero, Atmos and Bahamut.
Bahamut is my favorite summon of all hehe :)

10-24-2016, 01:36 PM
RIP unicorn

Wolf Kanno
10-24-2016, 04:43 PM
I'm actually surprised Ultima is doing so well in this bracket, I took one look at this one and figured it would end up being a Bahamut vs. Bahamut battle.

10-24-2016, 06:13 PM
Hades, Bahamut Zero, Atmos and Bahamut.

10-24-2016, 06:26 PM
I'm actually surprised Ultima is doing so well in this bracket, I took one look at this one and figured it would end up being a Bahamut vs. Bahamut battle.

She has a really cool design. The other Bahamut is kinda overdesigned, IMO.