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Wolf Kanno
10-26-2016, 07:33 PM
Our ninth installment of the Summon Tourney, who will reign supreme?

Our first match up is...

Odin reborn, after being turned to stone and dying for the human Queen he loved, should Terra and the others reunite the lovers in their stone forms, the Queen's tears of love will transform Odin into his evolved Raiden form who teaches the game breaking Quick spell and has the ability to slice down opponents with great ease. He's made further appearances in several of the mobile FF games like Mobius and FF Legends.


The frozen Esper that started all the problems in FFVI. Valigarmanda is a veteran of the War of the Magi, even seeing the Ruined World and believing the war was still going on. He taught the useful -aga versions of the three elemental spells and gave a +2 to Magic on leveling. Once freed from his frozen tomb, he gladly aids the party to stop Kefka once and for all.

Our next round is...

Zona Seeker
An Epser whose Magicite is sold at the Jidoor Auction house for 10,000 Gil, Zona Seeker teaches the useful Raps and Osmose magic spells and when summoned, he casts shell on the whole party. Oddly enough, he has recently popped up again in the series, though perhaps not as his name, but he appears to be a villain in the new World of Final Fantasy game.


Debuting in Tactics Advance as the Totema of the Viera and sporting a design that is heavily reminiscent of Hashmal's re-design in XII. Exodus is an Esper who was tasked to watch over all things but grew so detached from the world he saw it as nothing and decided that's what the world should be: nothing. His name, appearance, motive, and ability to summon Meteors are all shout outs to ExDeath from FFV.

Our next battle is...

A fire demon who has been a summon since FFIII, he's appeared in most of the FF series in one form or another and is a mainstay for the series. Originally a more ogreish design, since FFVIII, he's been getting more bestial redesigns. His most notable appearances include being driven mad by demons in the Ancient Library where he was tasked to burn dangerous tomes, fighting a last stand battle with Shive in the Magitek Research Facility in VI, being Squall's final field test before going to prove his worth for the SeeD Exam, and in XI as a sleeping avatar who was once a cruel general that saved the life of a little girl that changed his ways. When she was killed for his crimes he seeked retribution against the dead and was transformed into a demon but the girl's soul saved him again and Altana made him the avatar of Fire.


Neo Bahamut
Debuting in FFVII where his materia is obtained from a fallen Sephiroth Clone, Neo Bahamut has madea few minor appearances in Record Keeper and as a Bahamut upgrade in Type-0. His power is said to be so great that he literally raises the ground beneath his opponents to carry them into the heavens so the planet will not suffer the wrath of hie Giga Flare. Shame ZERO Bahamut doesn't give the same courtesy.

and finally...

Debuting as a type of enemy ll the way back in the original Final Fantasy, Golem has been a stple of the series and finally made the leap to summon in FFV where he is found in Drakenvale being attacked by Zombie Dragons and needs to be rescued. His power it to serve as a shield from physical attacks often letting his hand burst forth from the earth to so sell enemy barrages of the physical variety. He was turned back to an enemy unit in VII but Type-0 brought him back as a summon where he takes over some of Titans duties.


Debuting in FFVI as the captive Esper of an evil painting, she teached the ever useful Curaga spell and most of the other healing spells for super cheap. She's made further appearances in mobile titles like Brave Exvius and FF Legends. Apparently she makes a minor cameo in FFXV as their is apparently a cursed painting called Lakshmi somewhere in Altissia.

10-27-2016, 07:23 AM
Golem was so useful in V.

10-27-2016, 07:35 AM
Golem was so useful in V.

Agreed. Not only was he really good for al of the boss battles after him, but he was also super memorable thanks to the method used to get him

10-27-2016, 01:22 PM
Valigarmanda, Zona Zeeker, Neo Bahamut and Lakshmi.