View Full Version : Most Improved Songs

Forsaken Lover
11-22-2016, 04:27 PM
While much of it was good, I think some songs just didn't quite"work" with the capabilities of earlier sound chips or whatever they're called.

I think FFVIII was especially a victim of this. "Blue Fields", the world map theme, is unbearably dull. But listen to it orchestrated!

That sounds infinitely more beautiful.

Then there is also this

I never really cared for "Man with the Machine Gun" until I heard this version way back when I bought the FF S-Generation CD. (I actually preferred the normal FFVIII battle music)

Then there's the legendary One-Winged Angel which was much better as a metal song.


I also like how they overlaid the metal onto the orchestrated version.Also the new lyrics was a nice touch.

Any other songs you can think of that were substantially improved by being remade?

Rocket Edge
11-22-2016, 06:52 PM
I preferred the original 'One Winged Angel' myself. Can't think of a rock song in an RPG I was even content with nevermind enjoyed.

One song that springs to mind is Besaid Island in the FFX remaster. I think it sounds much better.