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11-22-2016, 10:45 PM
So after about ten hours with Tyranny, I can safely say it's solid. So far seems like your only murder targets are humanoid but I can dig it. The combat is slightly better than Pillars, the magic system is deep enough without seeming silly... The crafting is a quiet side dish, the factions are a bit too involved in your choices but I can see it keeping replays interesting.

As before, you need to love text, and it's a bit too much if you wanna squeeze out dialog options... especially if you wanna get to know your companions. So far I've only encountered one floor puzzle, which I guess is pretty good since I hate 'em but they do shake out the cobwebs.

The ability to be EVIL or evil or neutral or somewhat good makes me breathe a sigh of relief since I was worried the game couldn't deliver in this way, though I have yet to see how deep the choice/consequence system can be. Beyond killing some of your potential party members, It's tough to see the longer effects of what you've done during the full game.
Characters DO often refer to your deeds during the conquest, but these conversations seem to be dropped into dialog trees just to give you that sense of being a part of the lore. I enjoy it, and it seems like I may have changed the face of the map (maybe permanently 'closing off' an area) but only a replay will tell.