View Full Version : Final Fantasy XIV's Mog Station Holds a Winter Sale!

Night Fury
11-26-2016, 06:21 AM

Hey fans and players of Final Fantasy XIV! You wonderful little Warriors of Light you, defenders of the realm... I'm here to let you know that Square Enix slashed the prices of some of the popular in-game items over on the Mog Station.

There's a lot up for grabs here, including the the bulk-buy pack of Fantasia Phials, Minfilia's attire, and even the Bennu mount! Making up most of the sale though, are the pots of dye. It's disappointing that we don't get to see some of the more popular glamour items or even minions making the cut. Still, a sale is a sale! So if there's anything you have had your eye on over at the store, then now might be the best time to buy it.


[*=center]Five Phials of Fantasia

[*=center]Mount: Bennu (Account-Wide)
[*=center]Minfilia's Attire
[*=center]Y'shtola's Attire
[*=center]Thancred's Attire
[*=center]Yda's Attire
[*=center]Papalymo's Attire
[*=center]Urianger's Attire
[*=center]Ten Pots of Pure White Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Jet Black Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Metallic Sky Blue Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Metallic Purple Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Metallic Silver Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Metallic Gold Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Metallic Red Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Metallic Green Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Metallic Blue Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Pastel Pink Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Pastel Green Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Pastel Blue Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Pastel Purple Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Dark Green Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Dark Blue Dye
[*=center]Ten Pots of Dark Purple Dye