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11-27-2016, 08:54 PM
With having Final Fantasy XV finished, I want to give my review.

Post currently under construction and hopefully screenshots can be uploaded already.


The story is a tough aspect for me to review.

I do like the way they tried to tell the story. It is a successful different way but for me only because the stories' content provided me enough of what I wanted and because the pacing is not overly bad.
However - the pacing is still a problem if you ask me. And the slices of story that we actually get. First it starts off with almost no story. That is good so far. But other than in other Final Fantasys it also lacks these "sub-story parts that are not totally irrelevant for the main story but also not as relevant as, say, for example when Cloud arrives at the Northern Crater". There is a bit of it but not too much. Also with what the story presented us I had the feeling there was so much left out that could have been there. It did focus on important parts it wanted to tell but this seems to be to sparse in my opinion. Also, if it weren't for Kingsglaive I really have the feeling certain moments would be a bit empty because I do not know how connected I would have felt in certain situations without already knowing the one or other. I just hope as many as possible are going to watch and read whatever is released for it. Overall there is a lot where I think the story is just so fast that it did not take other opportunities and moments just to get to the real deal - which is almost everything that is there - that I still feel I want much more.
Also the story felt to me a bit like "what we got in the last two years after it has become Final Fantasy XV". It seemed to me a bit like pretty much everything from before has been scrapped just to have a story that can be told. And that is something really unfortunate for me.

That said, I do have very very positive feelings about the new Final Fantasy, just like with every other Final Fantasy. The story really tries to get your emotional side by letting the characters work in a very organic, lively and believable way. If it was not for the finale I would feel the most pity for Ignis that was blinded. And still was so loyal to always risk his live for Noctis not just in a passive role but by still going with him. Heartbreaking. The story was a new version of the "royal journey to prove yourself worthy of being the successor of the throne" that we already know from Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca. And Noctis does give some interesting impression of how he feels and what he thinks about the entire situation. Also he is not that "always try to be under control" type of character, totally badass as you might conclude from his anime looks, no, he has some very different levels of his character, the enjoying what he loves side, the doubting side, the side that just has enough of situation xyz. I really think he is good. As for his team, you can totally see that he can always count on them. But seriously without Brotherhood and all I do not think the story does present them as any more than the obligatory "team and friends that rely on each other" that we have in every Final Fantasy when it comes to those who are connected the closest. The organic character interaction is there. And as said, it feels believable. But I have the feeling there is not as much as the last two years tried to tell us about the Bromance. So, is it a brolationship where they can totally count on each other? Absolutely? Was it enough for me? Not totally. However that might just be because of the overall short-feeling story. Even the side-quest stuff and them in battle makes them feel like total bros. Still, as said before - there could be more shown.
Lunafrena/Lunafreya is a character I grew to like where quickly. It is just a shame the young mysterious woman whose fate is destined to become one with Noctis' does not appear more often. Without enough screentime and story I cannot say too much. You can totally see that she is that lovable person and how much she means to Noctis and vice-versa. But to be honest, for showing how close they are the story is just too fast told. From just whenever Noctis or others speak about Luna I can see very well how he feels about her but the presentation is certainly no SquallxRinoa or SnowxSerah.
Nevertheless the two absolutely save the ending for me with the post credits scene of spirit Luna and Noctis together.
Ardyn is a character I first simply disliked because I think his hat and weird arm-wing outfit is just not appealing for me. Also he feels very forced "flamboyant to an irritating extent and the charming character instead of the badass one". I like him without his hat, I think he should not wear it. And his backstory made him somewhat to be pitied. A bit.

Overall the story definitely succeeded in being an emotional one where you feel with the characters. However, I my 2nd most favourite game of all time is Nier of the Drakengard series and Drakengard is overall very dark. So not even some plot twists are that new or overly shocking for me. Sad sure but nothing new. The final battle was a traditon breaker. It was an epic and stylish battle but no super final ultimate forms battle - which I really would have waned. The end might be a bit of a shock for some people and I think it is very risky but at the same time I like what we got a lot. I would not have felt satisfied with it if it weren't for the absolute last scene in the game post credits that suddenöy transformed it into one of the best endings of Final Fantasys for me.

So overall: a great little story with a lot of room of improvement where I do like what we got, especially the very last scene.


The graphics are beautiful and very often look amazing. However, when I played the Last of Us I noticed that everything that looks realistic is much easier and real looking to make than everything else in a satisfying way. Nonetheless they have done a great job. It definitely feels like a "fantasy based on reality" just as they said. Eos is a very beautiful place and so this is nothing less than a fictional masterpiece graphic-wise. However, I will not lie, when it comes to characters for example I feel you notice that it was supposed to be for PS3 and afterwards graphically updated. The character models very often look less like what they could look like. Sure, Noctis looks awesome. Gladio as well. They look all great. But especially when I have seen characters like Ignis sometimes it felt for me like "okay, that could look even better". This is definitely not all the PS4 can do.


Shimomura Yoko is just the Hans Zimmer of video game composers. Really everything she makes feels epic and emotional. Final Fantasy XV needs that and while it already is epic and emotional I think it would not half be as highlighted without her music. Absolutely fantastic score. Also that you can buy old Final Fantasy tracks and listen to them in the Regalia or in a portable player that you can buy in the Regalia shop is great. Especially when youn explore and listen to stuff like the Prelude or the Final Fantasy I Main Theme. Stand by Me is a very nice little song tha I liked a lot.
What I absolutely loved is how the ultimate scene was highlighted by the Final Fantasy Theme. This scene made an ending that I would not have liked that much to one of the best endings in the franchise as mentioned above and the music did its own respective part for it.


A great new Final Fantasy. With a lot of room to improve. I seriously hope we can see more for it sometime. Maybe something that makes good use of the final scene. That I would really wish for. However, by all means, it is not "the best Final Fantasy of all time", not for me. It was obvious that it wouldn't become that but it is also just in my Top 5 with a lot of effort and only thanks to the final scene as that one really means a lot to me.


11-28-2016, 11:19 AM
Post updated and updated in the future.

Depression Moon
11-28-2016, 04:46 PM
I'm surprised about the game looking great. Whenever they showed off screenshots they had this weird blurry look to them.