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11-29-2016, 05:52 PM
Now that mah winter break is almost here, I am going to be gaming a lot again. Like... a lot. Like, an unhealthy amount. Pls send hot pockets.

So for funsies I wanted to do diary entries everyday of my progress and that way people can discuss how amazing I am at gaming and how much money they want to send me.

Really though it'll be fun to write down my progress I think and look back on it next year or whatever. And that way others can also give me tips and advice on games they've played!

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For now, I will catch everyone up on what I'm playing and where I am.

November 29th, 2016: Part 1

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: I am in Chapter 6. Grinding my digimans

Dungeon Travelers 2: Also Chapter 6. Boobies everywhere!

SOMA: Omicron. Terrified.

Rogue Legacy: Forest area, level 109ish (because I'm bad at the game)

Ni No Kuni: Getting Oliver his new clothes in Ding Dong Dell

Princess Evangile: Chapter 2, common route

Megadimension Neptunia VII: Still early on, rescuing Umio

11-30-2016, 03:49 PM
November 29th: Part 2

Ni No Kuni:
Didn't play much because the bf was falling asleep AGAIN. Got the new outfit, went to see King Tom who is lacking some enthusiasm, went to see a kid with an abundance.

Rogue Legacy:
Beat the forest boss! Sir Kotaki II was badass. He cleared the forest, beat the forest boss, cleared a bunch of the Maya, defied death, and kept going for a while before finally having his life come to an end. R.I.P. Sir Kotaki II, MVP of Rogue Legacy so far. Currently at level 121.

Princess Evangile:
Going to do some more of the common route before beds~

11-30-2016, 09:09 PM
November 29th: Part 2

Ni No Kuni:
Didn't play much because the bf was falling asleep AGAIN.

This is me excited for something.


12-01-2016, 02:43 AM
November 30th

Rogue Legacy:
Still going through the tower, level 130ish

Megadimension Neptunia VII:
Cleared the Sakura Park and beat the giant

Princess Evangile:
Currently at chapter 11, still the common route