View Full Version : Favorite Video Game references

Wolf Kanno
11-30-2016, 10:09 PM
This game is filled with various shout-outs to other RPG series, so which are some of your favorites?

My top favorite is easily the fact each character gets a weapon that is directly tied to one of the party members in Chrono Trigger, many of which are their ultimate weapons like the Rainbow sword or or Valkyrie. Continuing with the CT love, I was pretty overjoyed seeing Frog Squash and learning that good old Frog the Swordsman is an actual fairy tale in the world of Setsuna.

For Final Fantasy, I love that Nidr acquires Cloud's Buster Sword and Auron's Masemune as weapons, I may have to look a bit more carefully at Endir's gear as I'm sure one of his weapons is Cecil's Deathbringer. I love that you get a nice reference to the Magus Sisters as well in one of the optional quests.

Also a shout out to Earthnound was pretty amusing as well.

Any other fun game references you've spotted?