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12-06-2016, 11:05 AM

It has been a long 10 year wait. I briefly go over some of the things I have enjoyed early on in the game, as well as the anime and CGI film. A lot of love has gone into this game, and I look forward to what takes place over the next few months in regards to DLC and patches.

01-22-2017, 05:10 AM
I remember dealing with Deadeye back in the day during Episode Duscae. I have to say the fight got improved quite a bit for the main game. Imo it is also one of the stand out hunts within the game. I kinda wish a few other hunts got more attention to the level the Deadeye one had gained. Also, I deal with Nagi that gave me a ton of problems at first. I didn't think that a level 30 enemy should do 9,999 damage to me...but yeah that happened.

THIS FIGHT RIGHT HERE!!!!! This is the my 2nd most hype fight I have played in a FF mainline game. Even though I had six levels on Aranea, I was still getting rekt'd. When she would target Prompto aggressively, he was good as dead. This fight has just about everything I can ask for in a fight. Imo, this fight has the best scripted air combat sequence in the entire game.
Destructible environments..check
Badass boss...check
Epic music...check
1 vs. 1 and team play sections...check

This could have been the final fight in the game, and I wouldn't have even been mad as long as stat adjustments were made. #AraneaBestFFXVWaifu

02-08-2017, 12:01 PM
Sometimes, help comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

I finally got revenge on Aramusha that originally destroyed me when I first went into the dungeon. Also I dealt with something that gave me a flashback to FFVIII.

02-19-2017, 04:01 PM

Chapter 13 pretty much turns out to be like a damn horror film playing out. It certainly is a different take from earlier parts in the game where things are more laid back. I didn't think the emperor would give me problems, but I was very very wrong. Being in a very tight area made evading a bit problematic at times. Ravus.....where do I even start with him. He hits like a damn train! If you're not over leveled/stated for the fight, it takes awhile to bring him down. I enjoyed both of the fights, but neither of them turned out how I originally thought they may have. The more I play FFXV, the less I feel like it's a straight ARPG, which isn't a bad thing at all for me.

02-26-2017, 09:07 PM

As of last week, FFXV got its 1.05 patch that ended the Carnival event. At this point in time, time limited quests will start making their way into the game. The first one consists of dealing with 100 cactuar like mobs. It's a good opportunity to get an easy 150K gil, 333 AP, and some exp. Prompto's Gravisphere is very helpful for this long battle. This is also a good time to max out most techniques that may not be maxed out yet that you may plan on using later on.

03-21-2017, 03:43 PM
I got around to doing the final battle within FFXV's campaign. I loved the music that was selected for this fight. Ifrit is my favorite summon in the series, and I enjoyed that he had a different position in this title.

lv. 140 Dread Behemoth is FFXV's current toughest enemy which is resistant to all weapons and magic except for swords and polearms. It took me like 23 minutes to bring down the foe, but the 999 AP and 9 Oracle Ascension Coins made it worthwhile for me. I also cover my thoughts on the cast of FFXV thus far.