View Full Version : Could the "VR Missions" from 'Metal Gear Solid' work as a type of real-life sport?

12-28-2016, 08:58 PM
I have always seen potential in the "VR Missions" training stages from the game 'Metal Gear Solid' as an actual activity in real life, and I am sure that this could work pretty well, and even be highly enjoyable.
Obviously, a real-life version of these stages would have to be adapted to a real-life environment, but the general concept is totally realisable;
basically, you could have a type of maze where you are supposed to make it from the starting point to the end, and then there are people who work as "soldiers" and patrol certain routes.
The soldiers might carry a form of laser rifles (kinda like the ones that you use during Laser Tag) and a participant might wear a form of light vest with sensors that activate when they are hit by the laser rifles, and once the participant is hit, it's game over, and you are commanded to leave the maze (possibly with the help of arrows on the floor that show the way to the exit).

I feel that an attraction like this could be kind of like a form of hide-and-seek, except you are always on the move and you try to get to a certain destination.

12-28-2016, 09:41 PM
As a sport? No. It's not really a team-based activity, nor is it much of an individual competition outside of being timed.

The concept of a "player" progressing through levels with obstacles already exists in entertainment in the form of Takeshi's Castle.