View Full Version : Made a bet, need to dance with a princess

Aerith's Knight
12-29-2016, 10:22 AM
So I'm going to a Disney type of park on newyears with some friends. They made a joke about an event called: "Dance with the residents"

Long story short, I made a bet where I have to dance with a Disney Princess. Not a real trouble for me :cool:, but the dancing might be.

So I've learned myself how to do the basic Waltz, with the reverse turn, because it seems the most appropriate. She is a princess, after all. :D

Now the question: Will it be majorly different when dancing with a person. I would be leading, after all. Anyone have experience in fancy dancing?

Oh, and just for you Paul: 71546

Yeah, I kept it. You can't close it down with your communistty fist!