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12-30-2016, 05:06 PM
For all of my nerdiness, I have never been much of a comic book fan. BUT I've purchased a few here and there over the past year and I'll be trying some more, so I figured I would share my adventures in to comic books.

We went to the comic book store in search of Killer Frost comics because I wanted to know more about her after playing Injustice. The only one they had was expensive (but I'll be getting a collection next week), so instead I picked up three comic books of characters I'm interested in. These were based on what the cover looks like just to get a feel for the characters, so I'm starting all over the place. (I'll also add random images to break up the text)

The first one is Supergirl #25 from 1998 called Will the REAL Comet please stand up?

The first page says DESPERATE TIMES in a very visible font on the top, and we see Supergirl surrounded by a newscrew. It seems the KKK has endorsed Supergirl and she is being branded a racist. We find out she's heading to the police station to give a statement. The police tell her she should have come in through the window, but she says she should be able to go through the front door like any other citizen. Some good character building here, she's already less of a pushover than I expected (for some reason??) So there's been some city controversy. Apparently the mayor was evil. Supergirl confirms this testimony.


Next we see some redheaded dude named.... Dicky... talking to a woman on a motorcycle named Andy Jones, I think. I don't know who these people are. But Miss Jones tells Dicky how she likes some woman named Linda. Like... A LOT. Like in a love making way. Dicky, meanwhile, is confused. God (yes, THE God, the one you may or may not believe in) walks by with his bowtie and bowler cap and... baseball bat and informs Dicky that Miss Jones is gay and has a thing for Linda.


Back at the police station, Supergirl is talking to her dad the police officer(?) who is maybe considering divorcing his wife? Then a woman comes up and accuses Supergirl of being a racist and Supergirl is all "I just save people" etc.

Next we see a brunette lady named Linda talking to an older couple, she calls the woman Ma (I think her grandparents?), and apparently she's been venting. The man turns on the TV and the news is talking about how Supergirl has been endorced by the Neo-Nazis. Linda leaves but see's bowler hat God and rushes out of the house in a huff (she sees a pink blur fly by that she calls Comet). She goes to beat up God who informs me that Linda is Supergirl (which I was expecting by this point) and she asks God to resolver her mother's spiritual crisis and reveal Comet's true nature. God scolds her a bit and says if he does this he won't help her when something else happens later.

She also says something about being human but I thought she was Kryptonian? Human-Kryptonian? I don't know.


After that some dude who works for the papers throws a computer at his boss for reporting that Supergirl is a racist and then gets, understandably, fired. God then appears to Linda's mom, talks to her about faith and God, Supergirl rescues a kitten from a tree, and then runs in to Comet. After Comet leaves, Supergirl stalks him/her by using weird... imagination vortex powers? Supergirl then home invades Comet, who steps out of the shower to reveal... ANDY JONES !!!!

That's this edition. I rather liked it. A bit preachy but it was entertaining enough and easy enough to follow considering I picked it up at issue 25. I think I will read more Supergirl comics.

Up next: Astonishing X-Men

01-03-2017, 07:20 PM
Astonishing X-Men #18, printed in 2006

I picked up this one because it had Emma Frost (who shares the last name with Killer Frost) on the cover. It actually has many Emma Frosts in various outfits, which seems right up my alley.

This one is much harder to jump right in to. One of the Emma Frosts seems to be laying on the floor after being shot. Someone crazy talks about having lost his mind. He has the X-Men jacket on. Meanwhile, a brunette lady is being growled at by a blue beast man. Professor McCoy, apparently. He seems to have gone feral. The lady has a plan though, she was given a metal box by Prof. Summers in such a case. It has a yarn ball in it.


MEANWHILE, two bad guy looking dudes go busting in somewhere. One is bluish and mechanical looking and the other looks almost zombie like with a piece of metal on his face. The blue one is apparently mind hacking the computer or something and the other one is smashing stuff.

Some dude wakes up, named Peter, and calls out to the guy with the gun, named Scott. Pete remarks on the shootingness of the situation and is assured by Scott that he is an X-Men and does not shoot people. As he shoots some shadowy figure.


Back to the baddies, they get attacked by a woman in some big seethroughish armour. Wolverine shows up and decapitates the blue dude. Kitty wakes up and screams "NO!!" and seems to be with those Scott and Pete dudes. Apparently Kitty thought she and Pete had a son, but they were tricked and it's just a blob. I wonder what's going on there? Kitty is told she must find "her" or the green blob will destroy them all. Apparently "she" is Emma.

More fighting with Armour girl and Wolverine vs blue man and brute man. Blue man put his head back on, btw. The Beast man comes back in a fancy suit and pins the two baddies to the ceiling using a "big magnet". Wolverine and Beast banter a little bit, then they talk about some group called Nova, something about Emma zombify Kitty. Apparently old school looking Emma.


Cut to Emma Frost laying in what looks like a cave or a ditch or something. She looks pretty dead on in the inside when an angel shows up and she says she belongs down below. Maybe she was burried or something, I dunno. The angel turns out to be Kitty who pulls here up. Maybe she was in her own head because now she's with the rest of the group. Apparently people have been hallucinating or something. Because of some woman named Cassandra Nova? I'm really confused at this point. It seems Cassandra Nova has been infecting Emma's brain or something, using Emma's guilt against her for some bad stuff she did. Apparently she has survival's guilt and thinks she's evil.


Kitty, meanwhile, wants to shoot her for sticking three years of horror in her head but Scott talks her down, saying Cassandra is really at fault. He then tries to plead with Emma to break free of her mind control. Then the baddies break in, some fighting happens, they get... beamed up in to some spaceship plane thing and uhh are gone. The brunette girl who rescued Beast apparently has no eyes and says the X-Men have gone far away and not all of them will be back.

So uhh... I think I really need more context for this one because it was just a major ball of confusing.

Next time: More X-Men!

01-07-2017, 03:58 AM
X-MEN #33

This'll be a much shorter post thanks to the nifty explanation in the front. I picked this one because of the awesome looking Storm on the cover.

So this dude named Michael Gray is reviving old, pre-plague mutants. Storm and a few other X-Men go do their own thing trying to stop him and learn more about their history. The baddie shoots himself and they debate finding more evidence and whether or not they should inform Cyclops and the others. Psylocke especially is shaken about the new things she's learned about being a mutant.


01-07-2017, 05:00 AM
I would very strongly recommend reading all of Whedons astonishing X-Men run. One of the best ever as far as I'm concerned.

Depression Moon
01-07-2017, 10:27 PM
I didn't know Killer Frost had her own comic.

01-08-2017, 04:52 AM
She doesn't, really, as far as I know. She has a new origin comic, but she's heavily featured in a series I just picked up yesterday

01-09-2017, 07:32 PM
Just an FYI: There's a new Justice League of America comic starting the week of February 22nd. It looks like it'll be a team lead by Batman and Killer Frost and some other odd league choices will be in it. No idea if it'll be any good or not but maybe you'll want to check out a couple of issues. I haven't read much of that writers stuff before but what I did wasn't bad.


01-20-2017, 04:15 AM
Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S., The New 52 #1

Gosh comic book titles.

So anyways, Killer Frost is supposed to be in this series. But not stylish Injustice Killer Frost, stupid not stylish Killer Frost :colbert:

The Justice League has gone missing! Some evil group of baddies called the Society did something to them.

So we have our new hero, Steve Trevor, former Air Force man. He was romantically involved with Wonder Woman about 6 years ago. About 5 years ago, President Obama uhh the new President explained that he doesn't trust the superheroes and so he formed A.R.G.U.S. which is Advanced Research Group Uniting Super Humans for Steve Trevor to keep an eye on.

Fast forward to the present, the main woman is Etta and she's the more composed and down-to-earth of the two. Unfortunately, the Society has killed A.R.G.U.S. units all over the globe. The Steve gets a call to go rescue Mr. President from Deathstroke.

Um, yep. Oh and then a man made of LIGHT or something starts yelling.

To be continued...

07-07-2017, 04:02 AM
Oh look, I'm back! Sorry for the extended hiatus~

Today we are reading

Black Canary: Wedding Planner, Issue #1

The comic starts out with Black Canary and Green Arrow apparently arguing about their wedding while apprehending a criminal. Then we get a wedding checklist which includes an unlimited budget. Ollie (Green Arrow) only has to ask his buds to be groomsmen because wedding planning is woman things amirite?

Also I would like to point out that literally every second page is an add

Anyways, later that night our heroic couple is half naked and in bed and Green Arrow points out that Ms. Canary is not super happy about wedding planning. She tells him to mind his beeswax and gets mad when he suggests a wedding planner because she had one recommended who liked glitter or something. She then throws his laptop out the window

I can already tell how successful this marriage is going to be

They get a call about some superhero business and Green Arrow keeps asking her questions about their wedding and she tells him to shut up because who is he to be interested in their wedding?

Literally how she looks at her future husband

We skip the superhero stuff because this is about WEDDINGS and we find out that she forgot to book a hall on time so there's only like this mega castle left. She asks some... computer girl to rearrange other people's wedding schedules so she can go somewhere she wants

Because apparently she's a good person like that?

She yells at her fiance some more. He offers to help her with the list and call up Batman for some help. She responds with contempt

They then go tasting for a menu. Green Arrow helps her out with that which she isn't happy about because he understood more about the food than her

She then goes to try on wedding dresses with her gal pals. She tries on a bajillion dresses while fussing that she wants the wedding to be a come as you are event. She eventually settles on one that her friends fawn over despite the fact that it makes this thin, in shape woman look rather pregnant. But whatever


She then gets a call about some baddies and as she's changing in to her typical absurdly tight leather (complete with gratuitous butt shot) she gets an idea

Next scene she's training with Green Arrow, talking about weddings and honeymoons. She says she wants to go to an island and he seems reluctant about this. Probably if you know the character this makes more sense but it isn't explained to me at all. She then ditches him to go lingerie shopping. We also get Wonder Woman in lingerie because why wouldn't we?


Black Canary then gets called to the roof by her fiance for some stargazing. Apparently by stars he means rising star criminals

And uh

That's where that ends

Suffice to say I didn't like this a ton. It's actually probably more my speed storywise (if it was written better and less sexisty), I don't seem huge on the whole superhero fighting thing (may be why I don't like superhero comics that much) but the character of Black Canary was a bit... I don't want to say bitchy, but definitely bitchy

This comic can be summarized as: Woman doesn't want to plan wedding, refuses to hire a wedding planner, bitches at her husband when he tries to help, and boobs & butts

Stay tuned for next time! I'll try to update this more often!

08-03-2017, 07:05 PM
I appreciate the intent and effort of this thread but my brain just screams that youre not supposed to read comics this way any moreso than watching random episodes of a story heavy TV show.

Also I could talk comics all day

08-03-2017, 07:43 PM
I gotta find something I'm interested in so I can start at the first one! Unlike TV shows the first issues are not always accessible at my comic book store

08-03-2017, 07:50 PM
I've just started reading a chunk of comic books through marvel unlimited, which is basically Netflix for marvel comics. They have a huge selection, but new stuff usually isn't posted until 6 months after release. For 9.99 a month it might be worth looking into if you want to look at a bunch of different characters and series to see what you might like. D.C. doesn't have anything like that though, unfortunately.

08-03-2017, 07:58 PM
I just started Marvel Unlimited myself and it's mostly awesome. You can currently get a month long free trial.

But I love physical books more than digital and own shelves full of them.

If you like physical books too Omnibuses are a great way to read.

I could help you find a good place to start reading based on your supposed what you want but I only really know Marvel not DC

Depression Moon
08-04-2017, 02:04 AM
I just finished the first volume of Bitch Planet and will start reading the Jem comic when it arrives at the library.

08-04-2017, 07:41 AM
I was never intrigued by comics until I watched the film Unbreakable. I'm curious as to what I would think now. I've considered buying the Firefly ones to try.

08-05-2017, 01:18 AM
I was never intrigued by comics until I watched the film Unbreakable. I'm curious as to what I would think now. I've considered buying the Firefly ones to try.

i like firefly but the comics are pretty meh