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01-15-2017, 10:59 PM
It's very enjoyable, bright, vibrant, funny (the one way street and car horn bits in particular), looks amazing, great songs, great acting from Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and yet...even though we're only two weeks into January, I feel like I would be very surprised if this winds up being in my top ten films of the year come December. It maybe doesn't help that the two best songs are in the first fifteen minutes or so of the film, it's hard for the rest of it to live up to that.

A few more random thoughts:
- All the rest of today's showings at the Picturehouse Central were sold out! Even though I didn't love it as much as some I hope it carries on doing really well, we could do with more original film successes to go alongside Arrival, Fences and Hidden Figures of late.
- I can see why the Academy are likely to eat this up with a big spoon, it's a throwback to 'classic' Hollywood and pokes fun at the film business, but not so much that it might upset the voters.
- There's been some people online who have criticised the film for having Ryan Gosling as a white saviour who 'saves' jazz. I don't know what film these people were watching but it sure as hell wasn't La La Land.
- There is something strange about a flat where Emma Stone is only the fourth best-looking resident.

So, who else has seen it?

01-23-2017, 10:59 AM
Saw it at the weekend, what a letdown. Had high hopes for this after Whiplash, but it's just bright and well directed. Gosling's character is an elitist prick (and possibly the definition of a manic pixie dreamboy) while Stone's character is relatively believable but a huge trope.

the singing and dancing is nothing remarkable either.