View Full Version : How Domesticated Are You?

03-27-2017, 04:55 PM
I am very domesticated lately. I already super enjoy cooking, this is my second year gardening, and now I'm learning to sew! I also have gotten very excited about using a planner and putting all types of fancy stickers and washi tape on it :jess:

How much traditional home-bound things do you do? How domesticated have you become?

03-27-2017, 05:05 PM
Compared to Mr. Carny, I definitely am. When guests come over he's content with mess being there and I'm like "Nooooo we must clean the whole house" and I set about doing it. I'm also more interested in the aesthetics of the house as well: setting photo frames up and making sure we have some flowers on display.

Not to say he doesn't care for those things, but I'm more anxious about it than he is, especially when we have guests coming round.

03-27-2017, 05:21 PM
i still have trouble not peeing on carpets and in plants but getting there

03-27-2017, 05:49 PM
Kinda now that I have a big house and I own it. When I was renting I didn't care as much.

03-27-2017, 05:56 PM
I like to leave Rob dead birds on our doorstep as gifts.

03-27-2017, 06:16 PM
Uhhh well I know how to do the dishes and sometimes I remember to take out the trash

OH and I can take the laundry downstairs to the washer and dryer

03-27-2017, 06:30 PM
I can do everything I need to if I need to (as long as I don't have to mend clothes) but I'm not much of a cook or cleaner or anything else. And how the hell do you iron a shirt? It doesn't make sense. I JUST IRON THE CREASES INTO IT

Mr. Carnelian
03-27-2017, 07:25 PM
Apart from cooking - which I tend to do most of -, not really.

Lyndis Highwind
03-27-2017, 09:00 PM
I enjoy doing home-making things. I cook, clean and I do some sewing. And I actually enjoy ironing, which seems to be a weird thing to enjoy haha. I really want to get into growing houseplants too.

03-27-2017, 09:04 PM
I'm mostly house broken.

03-28-2017, 10:23 AM
Not really. I clean if I expect guests, and I make food because it's cheaper than buying prepared meals or eating out.

Citizen Bleys
03-28-2017, 03:07 PM
I cook a lot more since I discovered German food and consequently doubled in weight, but my organisational skills amount to keeping a bit of space between the piles of detritus.