View Full Version : favorite food and booze pairings

04-07-2017, 05:40 PM
beer and wings
white wine and curry
red wine and sausage
margaritas and chipotle

what are yours

04-07-2017, 05:46 PM
Pizza goes with anything you drink. Tastes great and helps level you off if you're a dumbass like me and drink hard liquor like most people drink beers. To be fair, I really haven't been drinking these days.

Now food and, uh, other stuff? The answer is anything.

Citizen Bleys
04-07-2017, 11:32 PM
Gin and anything

04-07-2017, 11:57 PM
Water and Everything. I don't drink alcohol.

04-08-2017, 03:24 AM
Red wines with most any type of beef is awesome. White wine goes well with sushi.

04-08-2017, 05:28 PM
White wine with Chicken

My favourite is beer and hot wings (my comfort food combo)

McDonalds breakfast with the next day hangover. You feel like trout for 15 minutes but it makes you feel better after.

05-20-2017, 09:17 AM
I like booze with whatever I'm eating at the time. :)

I like a beer while grilling chicken.

Scotch with filllet mignon, or a well grilled sirloin flap, is quite nice.

05-21-2017, 01:50 AM
The humid summer is making its way here, and while I don't drink alcohol very often, sometimes there's nothing like relaxing with a cold beer at the end of the day, especially with things like tonkatsu or sashimi.

Darth Ganon
05-21-2017, 04:48 AM
I don't drink either. My family has had enough alcoholics in its history without me adding one more.

Booze aside, my main pairing in general is Dr. Pepper (or any variant of it) and pizza. It's almost a sin to me not to put them together. Also black coffee and sweets like donuts or cookies.

07-25-2017, 07:51 AM
Wings and Beer is obviously #1 for me, but Spaghetti/Pizza and wine are also one of my favorite combos. Can't go wrong with wine and Italian food.

07-28-2017, 03:55 PM
Good cold sake and a big bowl of hot ramen.

07-29-2017, 11:56 AM
Red wine with meat or with a tasty raclette.

07-29-2017, 02:13 PM
I don't normally eat stuff like hot pockets, but when I drink I eat me some motherfucking hot pockets man.