View Full Version : YouTube Videos Pixelated.

04-13-2017, 06:31 PM
Edit: I'm not sure what happened (though I did fiddle with the quality and then turn it back) but it seems fixed now.

Again, sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I can't see anywhere else to post Help Topics anymore.

Some YouTube videos, specifically ones that contain gameplay footage or a blend of live action and animation it seems come out pixelated when I watch in full screen. This only happens on my computer, as my tablet shows them perfectly (but I prefer to watch them on computer). I have searched for tutorials, and so far haven't found ones that I can use.

First of all, I am using Internet Explorer, which I know is considered a joke amongst many now, but it has genuinely been very reliable and has never really caused me problems (until now?), is there a way to fix the problem on Internet Explorer, or do I need to get something else?

I would personally prefer to keep Internet Explorer, because I genuinely like it, but if it's impossible to fix on it, then I understand (my tablet uses Chrome, which, like I said displays YouTube Videos fine).

I would greatly appreciate any help, please.