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Vincent, Thunder God
05-20-2017, 03:04 PM

I noticed some people talking about this in chat, and since I'm a big fan of the book series, and there didn't seem to be a thread for this yet, I decided to make one. I'll save my thoughts on the trailer until I hear from you guys - what did you think of the trailer? If you're a fan of the books, what do you think the film will be like in comparison?

EDIT: Well, since no one has posted I guess I'll share my opinion. xD

Tbh I was pretty disappointed by the trailer. I feel like the heart of the story has been traded for a more generic action movie plot to make it more accessible to a wider audience, which is disappointing. Also that may well mean that a lot of the best Roland character moments may be jettisoned for action scenes (though granted, the original book, which the movie seems mostly based on, was a bit sparser in Roland's characterization than the rest of the series). I'm OK with Elba as a choice but I always felt that it would be really hard to portray the more subtle side of Roland's character - I could never really imagine what actor could pull that off, or what writer/director could adapt his character, and I think that's a testament to King's writing - Roland and the rest of the DT ka-tet are among my favourite King characters ever, so to have them well-portrayed was huge to me... I guess only Jake and Roland were going to be in this one anyway though, and I have no idea how they'll address Susannah in possible sequels. Back when Ron Howard was going to make these films the plan was to have TV seasons in between and I think that could have been a really cool way to round out the story and have some more character moments - also the Lost guys were considered before that and they could have been cool too. I know this is reading into the trailer quite a bit (it could just be highlighting the more action-y moments) but that was my take.