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07-02-2017, 10:51 PM
So I recently brought this, and I was fairly cautious because a lot of the reviews were talking about the game being a pretty poor port and crashing a lot.

My experience so far hasn't involved any crashes in the app but I will say that the touch control does lack some finesse. Though nothing that has cost me a mission or anything.

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of few FF games I never got to complete so I'm keen to complete it now that I have the tablet version.

So I'm currently doing a bit of early game grinding to get some basic abilities down in squire, chemist, white mage, black mage but what classes are a power house early on?

Advise me people :)

07-02-2017, 11:23 PM
Early on? Knight is a solid tanky job class and I usually make someone go into Knight so they can take more hits and use their 'rend' powers to lower stats or disable equipment which is useful in neutralising some enemies and make them hit for nothing. At Level 3 it unlocks the Monk class which is a very good job class for Ramza and in general.

The Monk is powerful and strong, and is self-supportive with the Chakra ability which heals HP and MP, with MP being a precious commodity. With high bravery, the Monk can do a ton of damage.

On the support side, I find Chemists to still have use as they can throw instant-healing items over fairly large distances and can control exactly who is healed or not. They're not excellent at combat, though. I tend to give the Item command to another job like the Archer.

The problem with magic is it requires casting time, and enemies can be healed and allies can be damaged depending on the area of effect. Chemists eliminate that problem. Still, white mage abilities are very useful and a Black Mages are nukes. I tend to make someone a Black Mage, learn white mage abilities and give them the White mage abilities as their secondary skillset.

Oh, and I generally make someone a Thief, so they can steal some rare equipment.

My general team in the early game was:

Ramza: Monk (Heavy Hitter/Self-reliant)
Knight (Tanky debuffer)
Black Mage: (Nuke, with WHM Skills)
Archer: (Long-range offence with CHM Skills)
Thief: (Skirmisher)

Of course all that's variable to change, and I'm running on memory. But I definitely had a monk.

The main thing to remember is to always combine jobs and their abilities for the greatest reward. I might not want to use the Chemist job class, but the Item action ability is useful.

Wolf Kanno
07-03-2017, 01:02 AM
I would prioritize learning Stone Throw, Accumulate, JP Up, and Move +1 from the Squire Class for just about everyone actually. The first three skills are great for leveling a class and the last is just a useful ability in general.

I'm going to echo Formalhaut and say that I generally love the Chemist class and it's my usual default healer for my team. They are weak in combat, but once guns become available, they are no slouch. In fact Mustadio is my go to character for Chemist as his Machinist skill set works incredible well with the class. Again, most of the skill set is pretty useful for all characters to learn, especially Phoenix Down and the Potion skills. I also advise learning Auto-Potion as it is a great counter skill for non-melee classes like mages. Move-Find Item is also a great skill for Low Bravery units. Maintenance will also protect your stuff in the early game when you're dealing with the plethora of Knights in the game.

Knights are unparalleled powerhouse, no matter where you are in the game. Their Rend skills are not terribly useful compared to a Thief but their Break Skills are useful for leveling up. Parry is probably the best skill they have since Knights already get ridiculous bonuses for using shields. In truth, Knights have a pretty weak skill set overall, but the class has the highest optimization potential. Skills like Doublehand and Dual-Wield can become game-breaking in the hands of a knight with end game weapons, and their overall great stats and equipment options make them a force to deal with throughout the game.

Archers are kind of in the same boat as Knights. Awful skills not worth learning, but a pretty powerful class in general that can make solid use of other Job Class abilities.

Black Mages are a pretty potent damage user in the beginning of the game, but will eventually get outclassed by Summoner and Arithmetician once they are unlocked. It is totally worth using them in the early sections of the game when they are less likely to get one-shotted by better equipped enemy knights and if you want to use an Arithmetician, it's imperative to master some of this classes high end skills. Toad is also a pretty good spell to learn if you want to level farm. Arcane Strength (Magic Up) and Counter Magic are also surprisingly useful skills. If you plan on having a mage character though, once you master the Arithmetician set, it's a good idea to switch back to Black Mage as they have the highest base magic power in the game. Cloud's Limit Breaks also work super well in this class since those skills are all magic based.

White Mage is surprisingly crummy if you ask me. Again, learn their skills if you plan on having someone use Arithmetician skills later but on it's own, the class is less dependable than a Chemist. This is because magic output and success rate is based on a pretty complex algorithm involv9ing the Faith stat that makes it very possible for your White Magic spells to miss. Which can be really annoying when you're trying to revive someone. Items have a 100% success rate. Arcane Defense and Regenerator are also not as useful since equipment can cover the first one and Auto-Potion is a better skill than the second since it's effects are immediate.

Monks are pretty OP in this game. Barring their low defense and crappy equipment, they are overpowered fighters who have probably the best skill set in the game. Aura Fist and Shockwave are brutal skills with great range, and Chakra, Revive, and Purification are super useful healing skills. In fact the only issue with revive is that it only works if you're next to the fallen comrade and only if your are on the same type of square. Counter is a must for any melee class as well as First Strike. Brawler is also pretty OP in the hands of a Ninja or Knight. The rest of their skills are situational at best but overall, it's a wise decision to have at least two people go through Monk if not the whole team.

Thief is a deceptively useful class. In a way, they are kind of the opposite of Knight where the class in itself is pretty useless from a stat/combat role but their skill set is invaluable. Stealing the various equipment not only weakens the enemy, but gives you the gear as well including some of the rare stuff only bosses have. Charm is super useful when used correctly and I would advise making at least one female unit into a thief to capitalize on this skill. The two movement abilities are also super useful and great upgrades from the Squire/Archer ones. The two useful but often overlooked skills are Catch and Poach. Catch is a great skill once you start dealing with Ninjas in the later chapters and becomes positively invaluable in the optional dungeon where Lv. 99 Ninjas love to throw end game weapons like Excalibur and Chaos Swords at you. Poach can be ignored (especially if you bother using Luso) but it allows you to transform defeated monsters into items, many of which are hard to come by without it.

Hope this helps.


07-03-2017, 03:22 AM
If you want to use some of the more potent spells then a time mage will help for their don't move spell, as well as for their ability to shorten charge times. The time mage class itself is not great, but time magic is very strong support.

Also if you want a dancer you need to have a female character get up to level 5 if I recall correctly in dragoon and geomancer. For a bard you need a male to do the same with orator and summoner.

Always have someone who can revive characters. You don't want your units to turn into a crystal because they will be gone forever if they do.