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Darth Ganon
09-26-2017, 07:18 PM
GameStop was selling this new on clearance online, so it ended up being the first Wii U game in my "topping off" collection. I was concerned going in since I haven't played Xenoblade Chronicles yet (or any Xeno- games besides -gears a little bit), but was reassured that it wasn't necessary to understand the story. So far true.

After I had begun I was also informed that the game doesn't do a good job at telling you how to do things, apparently despite the tutorial heavy beginning. However I feel I caught on fairly well on my own, but was also given some pointers from my fellow Backloggers. Still I don't feel super confident.

If there are any veterans that can give me tips while I play through this it would be great.

Right now I'm just about to begin Chapter 4 with these stats:

Lv. 13 Interceptor
Rank 3 Samurai Gunner

Missables for 100% always make me paranoid. I already know about the BLADE Report achievements that will disappear when Miiverse does. Anything else?

Party management, upgrading, and general online use have me a bit overwhelmed as well.


I wish it was as easy to take screenshots on the Wii U as it is on PS4 and Switch.

09-26-2017, 08:00 PM
The most baffling thing about this game is the ridiculous font size. I may be short sighted and astigmatic, but even with my ultra glasses on I have to lean in and squint

Darth Ganon
09-27-2017, 12:48 AM
I completed the original Dead Rising 100% on an SDTV. Everything else after that feels like ease of access font.


I've been focusing on mechanical field skills since it's required for probing, but is that just for Primordia? I took my first steps into Noctilum and judging by the lush flora it wouldn't surprise me if biological skills were needed there.


I also don't fully understand what I assumed were "alert" icons above enemies. It seems that they'll attack me if they have one, but not always. Like this guy who was in my way earlier. I decided to try hauling ass past him, but he just ignored me as I ran by.

09-27-2017, 09:55 AM
See? Even on those screenshots, I can't see shit!

But man, you are making me wanna play this game so bad, but my brother's Wii U is 500 km away :(

09-27-2017, 05:31 PM
I enjoyed what I played of this game... I really should try to beat it someday. I just hated how it handled the silent protagonist thing.

Darth Ganon
09-28-2017, 06:34 AM
See? Even on those screenshots, I can't see trout!

But man, you are making me wanna play this game so bad, but my brother's Wii U is 500 km away :(

Thanks to the squatty Miiverse size. It's a lot easier to see on my TV.

I enjoyed what I played of this game... I really should try to beat it someday. I just hated how it handled the silent protagonist thing.

And he/she has amnesia. It's the whole package!

To begin tonight I got the second BLADE Report achievement. I think there were only the two, so my file is set for the end of Miiverse.

Next I made the small mistake of starting "The Repair Job" mission. Mainly because I had to go out of my way into Oblivia for some items, but I enjoyed the sights while I was there.

Like this glorious unicorn dragon thing.


Then I needed White Cometite which I had to look up because I didn't know what it was (no area was given for it). It turns out that this is a waiting game part of this quest. Mining probes are needed for it and nothing can be done besides having them at certain spots. FN 115 and FN 118 specifically in Primordia. 115 I already had set up, but I needed to activate 118.

But where is it?

Oh, it was hiding in the mountain. Of course.

I set that one up and begin screwing around for a while.

After a while, nothing. I notice I can get another Field Skill level and return to New LA. Upon arrival a message pops up for receiving White Cometite x2, bumping me up to 4/5. Nice.

And that's it for tonight. I'm going to try and play at least an hour every night after work and one battery charge worth on my days off. This is definitely a game I see just falling out of for no reason and given how much there is to it I definitely don't want that happening.

Darth Ganon
10-03-2017, 04:34 AM
There are so many things that come to mind while I play this. Elements that strongly remind me of Robotech, Pandora from Avatar, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII, and a little Phantasy Star Universe.

The World Ends with You comes to mind a lot, too, because one of the themes to New LA reminds me of Thre Minutes Clapping.

ANyway, I finally messed around long enough for A Repair Job to end. The final White Cometite.

Then I was able to finally continue on to Chapter 4 where I ran into this thing... and died.

Then I ran into this thing and can't believe I didn't die.

I got lost and just could not find a path around the mountains to reach the objective. So I begin hunting everything.

I find my way at last and discover that the antagonist is the Diva from The Fifth Element.

Chapter 4 is wrapped up and I follow it up with an Affinity Mission, where I meet this big talker...

...who dies...

...and dies...

I guess he was dreaming that he was helpful while unconscious as I fought a giant lizard on my own.

I continued to another Affinity Mission required for Chapter 5 in which cleaning toilet seats with tongues was mention. Moving on with the story tomorrow.