View Full Version : Favorite and Least Favorite location in every FF you've played.

Wolf Kanno
09-30-2017, 08:39 AM
What it says on the tin, what are some of your favorite locations from your favorite FF titles, and then which ones did you dread going to. Can be a town or dungeon.

09-30-2017, 01:14 PM
FFIV/After Years
Least fave: Antlion's Den

Fave: Floating Continent
Least fave: Cultists' Toer

FFVII/Crisis Core
Fave: Nibelheim
Least fave: Corel Prison

Fave: Balamb Garden
Least fave: Tears' Point

Fave: Black Mage Village
Least fave: I'm sure there's something, but I can think of anything ?

Fave: Macalania Woods
Least fave: Thunder Plains

Fave: Eruyt Village
Least fave: Henne Mines

Fave: Gapra Whitewood
Least fave: Archylte Steppe

Lightning Returns
Fave: Yusnaan
Least fave: I can't think of anything

Fave: Altissia
Least fave: Pitios Ruins

09-30-2017, 06:01 PM
Favorite : Changed my mind; the Great Desert - Dinosaurs! >: D
Least Favorite: Marsh Cave - Hardest dungeon; annoying enemies

Favorite: Pandemonium - Someone stuffed Borghen's dead body in a box.
Least Favorite: Whatever dungeon has the most doors in it.

Favorite: The Dark World -- I assume that is what it is called, anyway; the final area of the game. I love how it looks and finding the bosses and ribbons and whatnot.
Least favorite: The Ancient's Maze -- I haaaaaaate having to go through this place to get to or away from the Crystal Tower.

Favorite: Feymarch -- I love the idea that all of the summons have their own town.
Least Favorite: Uhh . . . Mist, maybe? I mean, I blew it up, so I probably didn't like it.

Favorite: Pyramid of Moore -- I'm a sucker for pyramids, and I love the enemies and treasures you get here. And you get to unlock legendary equipment for completing it. :D
Least Favorite: That desert you cross to get to the moogle village. Much follow the right path. >:I

Favorite: Zozo -- I love the music and flavor of the place, and there are a ton of great steals and morphs here, and free invisibility if you confuse the wrench guys.
Least Favorite -- The esper world -- Maduin's section of the game is a contender for my least favorite part of any Final Fantasy game -- it was great for story the first few times, but now I just throw my head back and sigh when I get here while I wander around and click and wait for it to ennnnnnnnnnd.

Favorite: The Nibelheim manor -- This place oozes atmosphere, from the look and music to the flashback scenes and monster-in-a-safe. I love it.
Least Favorite: Corel Prison -- The story elements are cool, but nothing else about the place is.

Favorite: The Ragnarok -- Who left random color coded space monsters in a free-floating dragonship? I don't know. But I like them.
Least Favorite: The world map -- it is huge and dead, with almost nothing interesting about it at all. Bleh.

Favorite: Treno - I adoooore how this place looks, and you get to visit a man who is at least 30% nose here, which is awesome.
Least Favorite: Lindblum - The place is actually pretty neat, but I don't especially like navigating it.

Favorite: The monster arena - I spend all of my time here making super bosses! :D
Least favorite: Macalania Cloyster of Trials - I spend all of my time here hating my life! :D

Favorite: Golgollada Gallows -- I love the fight here, and that it is the site of Ajora's execution. Gives the place a nice, weighty feel.
Least Favorite: That random waterfall where you get powermugged by an army of chocobos.

Favorite: Dalmasca Estersand -- Someone with a sense of humor left a dinosaur here. Everyone hit it their first time playing the game. EVERYONE.
Least Favorite: Ogir-Yensa Sandsea -- Someone with a sense of humor left giant balls of burning death here. No one hit them their first time through the game. Except for me.