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09-19-2020, 06:41 AM
Thread title says it all, are there any summons, or Icons this time around, you hope to see in the game?

We already have seen Phoenix, Ifrit, Shiva and most likely Titan already. :jess:

I would LOVE to have Alexander return, either as a fortress or a giant death robot like the Giant of Babil.:bigsmile:

09-19-2020, 07:30 AM
So I think itís safe to say thereís gonna be more of them than we had in XV (6 - 7 with Garuda), but I also donít think thereís going to be a whole lot of them, considering it looks like theyíll mostly be manifesting as different combat styles for the MC. Weíll definitely see a lightning one, but whether itís Ramuh or something else is yet to be revealed. Agreed that Alexander would be cool, and I think Leviathan and Bahamut are like a given at this point. Also, judging how itís by the XIV team, I wouldnít be surprised if Garuda made it there.

As for old summons Iíd like to see return, Iíd love to see Diabolos, Fenrir, Maduin/Madeen, and Odin, whose absence in XV was noticeable (I really was hoping Regis would become him, but him forming Knights of the Round with the other kings of Lucis was neat too). Gilgamesh would also be cool to see, but I imagine his cameo wonít happen as an Eikon but just as a regular character. Other than that, I hope we also get some new summons. References to previous titles are great, but itís been a while since weíve actually had new summons added. Letís add more creatures to this roster.

Also, Zona Seeker could be funky, perhaps?

Wolf Kanno
09-19-2020, 09:36 AM
Alexander and Odin would make me happy. For more obscure summons, Fenrir and Midgar Zolomn would be interesting too. Course, with this being the XIV team and the heavy Matsuno influence it's giving off, I can see Belias or Zodiark making an appearance as well.

Judge Mandolore Shepard
09-19-2020, 04:04 PM
One summon I would love to see return is Asura

Lone Wolf Leonhart
09-19-2020, 04:42 PM
I'd like to see Fenrir, too.

I'm interested to see how they approach size variations. Will they all be colossal titans or can you have like a pocket Carbuncle.

09-19-2020, 10:50 PM
give me Ghost Train or give me death

JJ Strife
09-19-2020, 10:51 PM
So I think itís safe to say thereís gonna be more of them than we had in XV (6 - 7 with Garuda),

I thought the reason there weren't many in XV is because they had that much bigger role in the story, and so it required a lot more work on each of them.

The same rationale might apply here too, if they're playing big roles in the story and have epic cutscenes based on them.

Lord Golbez
09-20-2020, 04:43 PM
Summons have played a big role in the stories of lots of FFs.

09-21-2020, 11:17 PM
Ixion needs to make a return one day.

09-22-2020, 07:27 AM
He did in XV. As Ramuhís staff

09-22-2020, 09:01 AM
give me Ghost Train or give me death
Only if you can suplex it :bigsmile:

09-24-2020, 02:49 AM
Ixion needs to make a return one day.

Edit : I forgot that he's around in FF14, but still.