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07-11-2021, 03:19 AM
FINAL FANTASY 16 UPDATES FROM YOSHI-P https://twitter.com/aitaikimochi/status/1413720331550740482

-Voice recording for the ENGLISH version is almost complete
-All scenarios set in stone
-Development going well, but they might not be able to show it at TGS
-He wants to show it at utmost quality so people can watch and think "INSTANT BUY!"


remember when we were betting when it'll come out

Wolf Kanno
07-11-2021, 05:24 AM
Well at least he's being honest and frank with the fans. Honestly, I feel its a safe plan to come in with something with more pop considering how much of a dud the initial trailer seemed to be among the FF fans I talk to.

Del Murder
07-11-2021, 07:41 AM
I respect him for not stringing us along with incremental updates. I'm actually more excited for the game based on how he is handling it.

07-12-2021, 12:42 AM
With the way he has handled FFXIV, I trust yoshi p to be honest about the development process. I am looking forward to it.