View Full Version : Can't read private messages on mobile

Vincent, Thunder God
09-12-2021, 07:01 PM
I received a private message recently and only have access to mobile Internet. When I click on the message I just get "No mognet message selected." The button doesn't do anything either. I know this is kind of a big ask given how inactive the forums have been (and the mobile version of the site being wonky to begin with) but is there anything that can be done to help me access the message?


EDIT: Nvm I opened it in a new tab and got the message. Thanks

03-10-2022, 07:08 AM
Wow, you are still getting private messages? Dun think anyone private message me in aeons. :bigsmile:

Quindiana Jones
03-10-2022, 02:18 PM
People are too intimidated and/or shy.