View Full Version : Spoilers up to the end of 'Streets of M' chapter / getting 'Ash to Ash' achievement

Loony BoB
06-27-2023, 04:37 PM
This thread can be used to freely discuss the game up to the point where you receive the 'Ashes to Ashes' achievement / end the 'Streets of Madness' chapter.

You can feel free to post unmarked spoilers about this portion of the game in this thread.


Imagine being a resident of the Crystalline Dominion, man. What a time to be alive. Still, could be worse, could be a resident of Ash. I don't think there are any humans left there, apparently? We saw two, one died, one left. That's it. Ouch.

Okay, so my theory I had really early on (what with the fallen airships) of Ultima basically being an alien was at least partially accurate. I'm cool with how the plot is developing, overall. The Ultima fight was brutal, but ended kind of quickly, and I guess that was the point that I became certain there was going to be another chapter. And a New World? Paradise? Really? How very Sephiroth of you, Ultima.

It's cool to see "the band back together" but then we didn't get to experience it, they were just like "nah you guys go ahead" and I was all "aww". That would have been a cool massive fight. Honestly I'm all here for the fights that are large numbers of us fighting off endless waves. It's more fun than fighting a big fat dude, feels more epic to me anyway.

Still no Lev :mutter: But hey, there's still time, right!? Just like all those minigames, definitely still time left for that. Sigh. I've culled down the hunts that aren't S Ranks, but I'm not sure what to do to locate the S Rank hunts. Hmm.

Del Murder
04-01-2024, 04:31 AM
I be liked Dion in this chapter. He had a nice comeback to be plot relevant again. Not much else to say since things are mostly wrapping up here. End game!