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Red Wizard
06-07-2002, 05:19 PM
Receently, at a LAN party, some friends and I were going to play Jedi Knight II Multiplayer. My friend handed me a copy of the CD he had burned, and I installed the game, and loaded up the multiplayer program. Later, when I went to join the game, the game reported that it was unable to find the CD. (Technically it said the game CD wasn't in the drive, but it's the same thing)
Here's the problem. The CD was in the drive. Heck, I even tried putting the CD in my DVD drive to see if the game was using the wrong drive. That didn't work either. So this was really ticking me off. I couldn't join in the game, all because the game didn't like the CD. My question is this: is it more likely that this is a problem with my friend's copy or my computer?

06-07-2002, 05:25 PM
If the copy works in another computer, it's most likely Window's auto-insert notification feature messing up. Best solution is to reboot the PC with the disc in the drive, it will detect it for certain then :)

If it doesn't work, perhaps it has copy protection of some sort, and whoever copied the disc didn't use software capable of duplicating protection methods perfectly such as CloneCD or CDRWIN. Programs like Nero and Easy CD Creator won't do the job.

06-08-2002, 12:52 AM
You can always go and find a crack for it.

My computer used to be very faulty (still is, kinda) and sometimes, it wouldn't be able to detect the CD (even though it was in the drive). So I would just get cracks and it would work perfectly.

06-08-2002, 02:37 AM
Gettings cracks for software to make things work doesn't indicate how "faulty" the PC itself is :)

Dr Unne
06-08-2002, 02:52 AM
Yeah, try to find a fake-CD program Red, Wizard. I wonder what kinds of things a software company does to a CD that makes it protected like that? I read that back in the olden days, when games still came on disks, sometimes the company would physically poke a hole in the disk in a certain sector and the game itself would try to read from that sector, and only continue if it got the funky error you get when you try to read from a hole in a disk.

06-09-2002, 12:47 AM
Originally posted by crono_logical
Gettings cracks for software to make things work doesn't indicate how "faulty" the PC itself is :)

Yeah, I know. I'm just saying that you could use cracks to work the game. I didn't say that getting cracks will indicate how faulty the PC is.

Red Wizard
06-10-2002, 03:02 AM
I got it to work. My friend 'burned' the CD by copying all the files to his hard drive, then copying them to a CD. Hehehe... I had him do an image burn, and it worked. Thanks for the help, though.