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Agent Proto
07-02-2002, 03:47 PM
Happy July 2nd. xD

07-02-2002, 10:09 PM
Dear Diary,
nothing has really happened...just the usual
-go to school
-come home
^^...boring really...i'm really looking forward to the summer holidays^^


Del Murder
07-03-2002, 06:54 AM
Internet's down again. I really dislike my service. It seems as that I can get to work through our network so it only works on one computer. Bah!

Sarah's going to live with us. Should make for some fun times as long as we don't get on each other's nerves. We'll look for apartments Sunday. Can't miss the prom! *doesn't know where/when he will be posting for the prom*

Bond out

07-03-2002, 04:11 PM
Dear Diary,
i'm gonna see i can sack my art teacher for banging a door in my back twice really hard and not even saying sorry...(that really hurt)

um...oh! and someone at school was really up set today cuz their best friend was hit by a car and when she woke up from the coma the persons dad forced her to eat something which caused her to choke and die...


Del Murder
07-05-2002, 04:47 AM
My roommate stole my crackers and my plastic wrap when he moved out. Then he told me 'tell me if I take anything of yours.' and I made smoe snide remark. How could he not know what was his or not? I rememebr every single piece of food in my apartment and even when I bought it.

Why can't everybody's memory be like mine? Actually, I wouldn't wish that on people.

07-05-2002, 05:50 AM
I revolutionised modern cooking :D

07-05-2002, 08:56 PM
I finally know how to ride a bike. Go me.

Del Murder
07-06-2002, 12:03 AM
Well, he took the plastic wrap too. And my Glad-loc containers. Lousy little...

So I need to go to the store. I asked my friend but she made a fuss about driving people around and stuff. I understand, but jeez, I'm her friend, and it'll only take 30-40 mins anyway. And it's for groceries, the stuff I need to live! We were both in a bad mood that day.

Oh yah, Bond's leaving soon.

Bond out

07-07-2002, 01:39 PM
Dear Diary,
My dad got bored with his wallpaper on the computer...so i made him one...he likes it ALOT!!!!^^(i thought he'd hate it...but he's kept it)

anyway...my friend has moved to wales we had a massive party...i feel so sick from eating sooooo many sweets^^
we're gonna keep in touch...(maybe i could get her to come here...)

um...nothing else happened today really...


07-07-2002, 02:11 PM
Another boring sunday evening for me. It's been raining all weekend! I can't go out. Luckily, I've got a new computer!:p Pentium 4 totally rocks! Now all I have to do is learn that blasted photoshop! *dies*

Well, I'm glad we won't be having classes on monday because of this rain.:D

~ Krystle

07-07-2002, 04:35 PM
dear diary,
today, i got very angry at a friend of mine, and i may end up breaking up with my boyfriend now...
other than that, i have just signed up to this site..
also a note...i hate peeps that pretend not to be mad..even tho they are!!

Del Murder
07-07-2002, 06:42 PM
Prom was a grand old time. Also, Bond died. What a relaxing weekend.

Del out

07-07-2002, 08:59 PM
Dear Diary,
I tried to get some money off my brother by making a casino(i cheated so i would get his money)
in the end he was asking me the same question over and over again..."what part-time jobs are there?"
i ended up kicking him out of my room...^^at least i got money^^

well...i'm gonna be spending alot more time here cuz the other forums i go to are down for pruning...um...i'm looking forward to the new austen powers movie...it looks cool^^


Black Mage
07-07-2002, 11:56 PM
Hmmm, this doesn't seem to be as popular as it use to be. That's alright.

Sunday, July 07, 2002
Music- Tsuki no Gotoku (Love Hina)

Anyway, Today was like most days, boring. I woke up at 8 am today so I could make it to the 8:30 mass. After that, I came home to my broken computer monitor. That's been tons of fun, so I had to borrow an extra one someone I know had until I can get enough money to get mine fixed.

Well, I finished watching Hand Maid May, excellent series might I add, and I actually got teary eyed at one point. I found that strange, I don't cry. That was as close as I want to be to doing it. Anyway, I was on the computer for awhile and when I got off, I was pretty tired. That was about one o' clock, so I took a nap. And now, here I am.

But in whole, lately I've been feeling empty. I think it has to do with Anime... I've been watching all of these series that end in happy endings for the people in love, and it's quite depressing. Ah, but thats enough of my rambling. Good day, all.

07-08-2002, 08:18 PM
Dear Diary,
On thursday all the class(including me) will be going to Chessington. We're allowed to take mobiles and CD walkmans...so i'm making a disk with tunes on...also i'm recording on tapes...all the class r gonna be texting each other 'round the park so it'll be cool^^


07-09-2002, 03:51 AM
WoW! Another day off! School's out for the second time! Damn.... I'm lucky. It's rather boring at home though... Well anyways I just wanted to share that. /endofentry

07-09-2002, 03:57 AM
Dear Diary,

My first time posting here. It'll be nice to pi$$ and moan about my day, because it's been a hell of a weekend.

My wife got the rental car today, and her car will be towed to the shop tomorrow morning. Thank God the insurance is paying for nearly everything, because the last thing we need right now (with us closing on the house in two weeks) is another big expense. I'm just afraid to see the insurance bill next month.

Speaking of the house, we finally got to see it today, and it looks great! The tile is done, the cabinets are all installed, and all we're really waiting on is the carpet, the appliances, and some cosmetic work (the workers made a mess!) I just hope they can get it ready for us to move in on the closing date, because we're cutting it awfully close to the end of our apartment lease. I'll just be glad when this is all over. I'll probably sleep three days straight to make up for lost time over this past month.

But enough ranting from me. I feel better now. Thanks!

07-09-2002, 07:20 AM
Day 1
decided to post here just for the fun of it :D

Went to summer school and was subjected to mind numbing lectures.
stupid teachers

Dance practice was cancelled today.
Was surprisngly disappointed at this sudden change of plans

Had 3 hours extra free time than expected
Used this time to randomly surf the internet and lurk on the board

posted a few times today.
go me

the board amuses me much, although this pesky 'newbie' status bugs me.
must devise a way to get rid of it


Agent Proto
07-09-2002, 01:13 PM
Journal, I don't like myself. Whenever I see Tatum online, I always feel terrible, and hated. Why? I want to get this over with, but it's hopelessly not, and I still want to be friends with her, but she wants time away, so I here I am. I haven't spoken to her for quite awhile. I do fine, but when I know that's she's on, I feel uneasy and terrible. I hate this. I want to stop feeling guilty each time. I hate it. I just want to go away and never come back. I've considered resigning, but I've been convinced not to, I want to hurt myself, but that's no way to end my life. I don't want to hurt myself, or anyone, but.... I've been feeling more pessimistic lately, and it's all this damn thing's fault. >=( No one reads my LJ, no one takes a look at me. I feel empty and void. *sigh* I am so hopeless, I lost a friend that I had cared for, but recklessly act foolish around with. Now I'm regretting myself, I'm doubting I'll ever be forgiven, I doubt she will ever be friends with me. I am such a *&*# idiot. why do even bother making fun of myself. ;_; Self-pity am not goal.

I hate you Jeff.

07-09-2002, 09:18 PM
Dear Diary,
Today i was soooo bored that i got my mom to play piano versions of final fantasy songs...she thoght they were "cool little tune". also my form tutor(who i hate) is burning a cd for me...hehe...he doesn't realise i dun like him...but meh...it's nice that he's doin' it for me^^

Nova Dragon
07-10-2002, 05:39 AM

Well here I am at Delhousie residence with Matt and Paul in Halifax after a night of drinking before we head home tomarrow. Been one hell of a trip but I am looking forward to getting home. Should probably make this entry short; too bloody hard to type in my current state! WEEEEE! FUN FUN SILLY WILLY!

Shattered Chest
07-10-2002, 02:28 PM
Oh, I thought a certain Nova Dragon had already come back from his trip, and I panicked. I haven't even e-mailed him yet. Weee, I still have time.

Sam Sam :mog:

07-11-2002, 07:49 PM
Dear Diary,
Today was sooooo cool!!!
we were at chessington and a friend kept on asking out all these total strangers...most of them said fuck off...but one said yes and now they're going out even tho they live nowhere near eachother^^
i can't believe it!!!they kissed^^

also...i was too scared to go on samurai...but i went on...dragon falls, the wierd swing thing, run-away train...umm can't be bothered to put 'em all down^^

the down-part is that i lost something and i got sunburnt^^;;
well...anyway it was still fun^^


07-13-2002, 02:59 AM
I'm going to the beach today...
yes :D

DJ Seph Man
07-13-2002, 04:19 AM
I seem to have hit the dumps this time..... I seem to have lost my life again due to an overflow of stress.... dealing with these things are hard but I never knew that they would be this containing and harsh to even think about the past that bothers you more and more...... the idea of feeling lonely haunts my dreams every night which wakes me in a horror of never to be loved like others are.... I look around and I see couples.... everywhere.... and then I think to myself.... why can't I be like them.... the first answer that comes to my mind is usually one that I do not come up with on my own.... something like You have no feelings if you don't have that, why do you want to love or be loved? the second thing is that I've been told many times that I'm not good enough for anybody, which makes me contradict that I am officially a loser..... not your loser who ends up with a girl in the end cause she's a loser too, I'm a loser. Period. nothing goes on in my story. I feel so bad about myself sometimes for thinking these things but they are true....... every last word is true.....

07-16-2002, 07:49 PM
Hi, first post here so be nice,
today these army people came into school so we had to (of course no had to tell me twice about the weapons :D) I got the best score on the target range 9 in 30 seconds go me! We were on the net part and we were on artificail turf, word of warning sand on knees, teamed up with sunburn...kills!
Oh well after running about practically all day (we had a whole-year group cricket tournament afterwards, 5th ain't THAT bad)

Overall fun.

07-17-2002, 11:23 PM
I'm hate of life.
Life sux.....
Every 1 hatez meh.....
I don't now what to do.......to like ppl.
And my english sux.
Also,i hear metallika all damn day,that makez meh more angry
I'm by doin an stupidity.....:mad2:

Johnny Mac
07-18-2002, 02:09 AM
it tookme 3 years but I've finally quite all drugsbut pot which is way better than everything else I was doin. I'm happier now

Nova Dragon
07-19-2002, 12:49 AM

Busy busy busy busy busy today at the store. 1 1/2 tractor trailers of stock came in; then on top of that all the paper products didn't arrive until an hour before closing. Oh well, that just means that tomarrow won't be a boring day like Wednesday.

The post counter seems not to be working on EoFF right now. All the accounts are at 0 posts and 0.00 posts/day - I wonder what the problem is...Oh well, whatever it is probably isn't any of my business!

Wonder how Sammy is enjoying her trip to Hawaii...I think tomarrow I will send her an e-mail. I am not exactly sure when she is getting home but I want to get the mail off before she does.

The trip was AMAZING! Got back this past Saturday; rather than go into any major detail now I think I will make a thread about it (and other peoples trips so it doesn't get shut down.:p )

Guess that's about it for now.

07-19-2002, 04:21 PM
Dear Diary,
OMG!!! i'm going on holiday TOMORROW!!!
i'm gonna miss u all...
the down thing is that i've gotta get up mega early...

me and my family are spending a week at a beach^^
it's gonna be great!!!


07-19-2002, 04:25 PM
Dear Journalmabober,

I love you, I really do. This saves me the time and effort of making a blog.

Also, RO is a very deadly game, by deadly I mean laggy, by laggy I mean frustrating.

07-19-2002, 05:54 PM
Diary:yesterday i did a total stupidity.
In meh school are some geekz arround...,every 1 hitz,stole and spit on them,and almost lookz like thiz guys are the school's ground.

Also some of the grilz get fun by talking to them,like that their boyfriends cam hit them whit some reason.
But yesterday they goed the hell...........
There it waz some of theze guys,whit it's art work,some idiot pushed him down,and it's art work went broken.Thiz guy went really berserker,and gived us a real surprise:Gived that idiot a so-horrible beat that i think it allmost killz that idiot.But.....the other guy(not the geek)falled trougth the window,and broked himself an arm.
So,this guy(the geek),went suspended.But he waz not caring a damn about that,cauze he gained some respect,of coure that it waz what he trougth.......
At the exit,there it waz an entire gang ,they gived him in the backhead whit an pipe or something like that,he falled to the ground,and no 1 did nothing."He haz to stay in ti's place",they said,but ya now what i think about that,also some friendz o' mine,
So,we went in and started up a hell of a figth,almost all of us ended up at the police station,and the guy that hitted him is in trial now.......

I have to go say some crap in a few hourz,so............

Did i wrong or did i rigth,now i have a houe prob whit my mum cauze of some guy i dont now........:mad:

VarzaEl the Fallen
07-21-2002, 10:36 PM
1st Entry
Dear Journal-like entity,

Tonight I had a big walk in town.I took roads that led to rarely seen neighbourhoods,deep within the maze of the city.It was as I suspected:the wole setting was surprisingly different than the one you would notice in the areas at the centre of the city.The houses had little yards with plants and lil children were playing in the narrow streetwalks.It was as if I had walked into a gate to another place.I found it..nice.

Someone had said that people are the same everywhere.I guess he didn't like big city walks.The more you distance yourself from the modern way of life the more human-like your surroundings become.The feeling I got in those far-away neighbourhoods is that the neighbours actually knew each other!It was like a village!How different from the bored and tired people of the centre.And I just moved just a little within my town.Logically thinking thre more one travels the more social/cultural and other diversities he meets with.

I wonder what the science of Urbanomany has to say about this diversity within a city...

07-24-2002, 10:16 PM
Hi there. There's something wrong with DC++ and I can't fix the problem unless I can't do something about the task manager thingy, but to do so I need some NT-based system, but to do so I'll probably need more RAM to run it properly so I have to buy more RAM, but I don't have money which means I have to get a job. But I promised to teach the kids until the end of the holiday which means I don't have time for a job and that I'll have to wait for a long time before I can't go search for a job. Who knows if I'm being punished by aliens?

07-27-2002, 07:31 PM
Dear Diary,
i got back from france today...it was very hot and i now have a headache>.<...awww well^^
we vistited le mont saint michel on wednesday...here's a pic...
the down part is that i had to clime that...(some good advise: never climb anything while wearing sandals...IT HURTS!!!)
we also went to the beach...it was really nice^^...
i'll be posting some holiday snaps when they get developed...


Shattered Chest
07-27-2002, 10:04 PM
Got back from Hawaii. Hated it. Must e-mail people. Tired. Need entertainment.

The Model Citizen
07-29-2002, 07:54 PM
Here's something I was tossing around in my mind a couple nights ago while lying in bed.

Dammit, I can't sleep. This headache won't go away -- I'm tired as hell -- but sleep just won't come. I'd get up to write but I'm too lazy. Staring at the ceiling is somewhat soothing. The streetlight outside casts a pale light in through the window. I like it.

Somebody open up that window. I feel trapped in here. OK, I will. That's nice. Back to the bed.

What the hell? Is my light flashing on and off? Oh, I get it, it's just lighting.

I wish I wasn't sober right now. That'd be real nice.

I think I'm getting headaches because I'm not eating enough. I wake up at 1, and even if I'm hungry, I can't stand the thought of eating. My mouth... too dry. Maybe I'll eat some bread. So I eat dinner later, and that ends up being the only meal of the day. Yeah, that's why I'm getting headaches.

Another random though enters my head, stopping my smooth flow into sleep. I've got too much on my mind with nothing to think about. What does that add up to?


To be continued.

Nova Dragon
08-01-2002, 12:44 AM

Got my computer fixed today and there don't seem to be anymore problems! Yay!

Found out that I am going to move into residence on August 24 and I have decided to pay for and to go to the orientation week.

The FFX walkthrough I am doing for EoFF is going very well and I am really enjoying doing it!

Guess that's about it for today.