View Full Version : Image Mapping How-To's Welcomed

09-25-2002, 03:44 AM
I'm im the process of redesigining my website, and thought I'd use a decent sized image map as the main navigation. I didn't know there was such a drawn out process to it. How do you designate different areas as links? Preferably the links wouldn't be simple rectangles, but I'll take what I can get. To be more specific, I found a really old medieval world map, and I was going to have the different continents go to different pages. Thanks in advance for any help.

Dr Unne
09-25-2002, 07:34 AM

09-26-2002, 03:43 AM
Thanks! That was just what I needed. Now the image map is up. Tons of work, image maps are, and I messed the thing up a million times, but it's all overwith. If I had done this three years ago, maybe I'd even be state of the art. Ah well. On to figuring out Flash.