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01-11-2003, 03:22 PM
<font color="aacfff" size=1> I just got my hands on a Pentium 75 and it was barely working. I formatted the hard drive and attempted to install Win95 with a CD. Unfortunately, the CD drive wasn't being recognised. I installed DOS, still no luck. I then installed Win 3.1 (with floppy disks) thinking it would have CD support, but it doesn't seem to. I just need a quick way to get this CD drive working. I tried looking for specific drivers for this CD drive, but I know nearly nothing about this drive. Is there some sort of universal CD driver? Thanks for any help in advance. It's much appriciated. </font>

Dr Unne
01-11-2003, 09:40 PM
To get a CD drive working in DOS you need to use mscdex.exe and a CD-drive specific device driver. mscdex you can run from in DOS or put into autoexec.bat, but the driver you need to load in your config.sys file using DEVICE=whateverthedriveris. You'll need to find a driver on the internet or check and see if there are any on a disk somewhere. Try searching Google for the name of your CD drive or the manufacturer's name / website. If you don't know who made it maybe take your computer apart, there's probably a label on it somewhere.