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Kimera 726
04-11-2003, 07:47 AM
Fighting your own creator is a little disconcerting, maybe. In this game's case, Zidane's going against his own creator: Garland of Terra. His goal was to destroy life on Gaia as to make the planet suitable for assimilation. Through that, he used two 'weapons': Kuja (which aparently gained self awareness and seeked to rule it), and Zidane (who was built to stop Kuja and continue with the mission).

Strange though. Kuja spoke once after the Alexandria Incident that Garland's power was so extreme it can't even be compared to his own. And yet he had the power to capture and torture Zidane and his friends almost without effort, it looks like. How can Kuja, a man of great schemes, toy with somebody stronger than he (in this case, Zidane) and still fear Garland? Is it simply because of power?

I can imagine that Garland would never create a model intent on becoming more powerful than he. He could capture and affect Zidane in ways we probably thought was bizzare and amazing. But then, if he was so powerful, couldn't he have destroyed Kuja himself? Perhaps I'm missing a piece of information though.

But imagine this: Kuja said that he let Zidane do the dirty work for him, which was to weaken Garland...enough for Kuja to actually kick him off the platform. But imagine a different scenario: Kuja would have killed Zidane and his party a long time ago, and when the two planets met, so would Kuja and Garland. Do you think Kuja could have won? Certainly a man of his cunning could foil Garland...couldn't he? What are your takes?

Big D
04-11-2003, 08:20 AM
Garland ruled over the sterile, unchanging precision of Terra and its confined souls. Kuja, however, was made to be adaptable and destructive in the chaotic wilderness of Gaia. Garland was more powerful in terms of sheer force and will, but Kuja had encountered challenges, forces and emotions during his time on Gaia, the likes of which would not have been imagined by Garland. Garland deals in absolutes: straightforward solutions to straightforward problems. 'If Kuja's malfunctioning, send someone to kill Kuja.' When lateral thinking is required, he 'passes the buck' by delegating the resonsibility. 'Kuja's out of control in an unstable world, create someone adaptable who can counter this threat.' This seems to be the rationale behind Garland's creation of Zidane.

So, back to your question... Who would win if the ultimate battle was fought between Garland and Kuja?
Garland's been very powerful sincce the Terrans created him. He's aware of what he's capable of, and has the arrogance which accompanies that knowledge. Kuja's potential is untested. His emotional attitude gives him access to 'Trance', a source of greater power which Garland couldn't unleash. Kuja has had the time and ability to grow, learn adn become more powerful than he originally was.
Kuja would, most likely, win - in my opinion.

04-11-2003, 09:36 PM
Originally posted by Big D
'Kuja's out of control in an unstable world, create someone adaptable who can counter this threat.' This seems to be the rationale behind Garland's creation of Zidane.

I was under the impression that Zidane had been on Gaia for a long while before Kuja went crazy with his power. I thought that Zidane was on Gaia to take Kuja's place when Kuja's life ran out.

But I do agree with you on the battle, Kuja would win because he can trance. This is probably why he was so fascinated with being able to trance, because if he could he would become more powerful than Garland.

Kimera 726
04-12-2003, 01:14 AM
These are all very good opinions, but consider this: Kuja would have never known that he could possess trance power if it wasn't for Mog. What would have happened if they were killed in his palace? Perhaps he would have found out about it over time, but then again maybe not. He would never have found Zidane and party's true power in Trance, and he never would have had trance power to combat Garland. Just another thought of mine. :)

04-21-2003, 12:54 AM
Hey I always thought that when Kuja went into trance mode he was so strong because all of the "stored" souls of terra gave him their power, or will, or energy or whatever. Didn't he say something about them (the souls of terra) wanting to give themselves to a new ruler? I hope that I'm not horribly mistaken. Please let me know if I'm just stupid and had eaten to many ho hos while playing late at night.