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05-04-2003, 05:24 AM
Dear Reader, Please help me!,

Mostly everyone knows that there will be a FFX-2 coming out. From my friends, who are like me, gamers, I have heard different things regarding FFX-2. The internet and magazines don't seem to be much help, so I figure that not many people know alot about it. Although, I could be wrong. If you have any information, any at all, about FFX-2, please tell me! I'm sorry I'm not very specific on what I want to know. I just want someone who actually knows anything about the game to tell me a little. (spoilers are okay) I'm sorry I'm so clueless, and I know I don't sound like much of a fan right now, not knowing anything, but really, I am. Information is just hard to find. Thank you so much for you time! You're reply is very helpful. Remember, any FFX-2 information is useful to me! Again, sorry I am not more specific.


PS- Thank you to Cyan_Lightning, if you are reading this. Your advice for "The Second Time Through", was very helpful, and I beat the game again! I'm embarrassed I didn't think of that before.

Thank you everyone, for your replies! :)