View Full Version : SCC results thread

05-05-2003, 03:23 AM
Starting this thread incase people feel the urge to mention their SCC progress.

I guess i should kick things off since people dont seem to want to start things on these threads.

So far I am working on three SCC's, Dancers, Ramza solo, and Knights.

Knights SCC is my newest one, so I am only just finished the thieves hideout, but one thing I am starting to notice that will make this particular SCC difficult is leveling. Anyone who has done a Knight SCC would probably agree, but leveling is extremely difficult, mostly since breaks have too low percentage to hit and counter attacks would kill you quickly, and regular attacks kill monster too fast for more than a level every three battles, and no healing to keep monsters alive, and guess what? Thanks all knights can do! (duh)

Ramza solo SCC i am starting over since i got to lvl 23 and couldnt beat random battles without leveling like 5 times with yell/accumulate.

Dancer SCC I've been doing for almost a month now. I am on the Gemini peaks (I think thats what its called). This is a tough SCC, but I am determined to get atleast to altima. I a lvl 59 with Ramza (gained 20 levels against wiegraf/velius) and like 43-47 with my dancers. If anyone has beated this SCC please post cuz this stage is pissing me off.

If i make any significant progress I will post it, as if anyone cares, but post your results too as some people may like to follow your progress or can give advice. I wont be playing much since I just got Zelda: The Wind Waker, Ocarina of time/Master Quest and Dynasty Warriors 4 :P, plus i got finals in a week or 2. Ill try and keep up with the FFT craze tho :P