View Full Version : Is Parasite Eve Our Resident Evil Beater?

05-06-2003, 10:39 AM
I started this topic on a Capcom forum :grr: (which was hometown to Resident Evil) and I obviously got most replies on the side of Resident Evil being the better game. To be honest though I've always preferred Parasite Eve since I started playing it due to it's stronger emphasis on combat.

What do you guys think?

05-06-2003, 07:50 PM
I like Parasite Eve it has better developed characters in my opinoin. Ya Know?

05-06-2003, 09:46 PM
I did think that Tetsuya Nomura's character design was a little disappointing though compared to his work in Final Fantasy.

05-07-2003, 07:49 PM
Hey partner in crime I see you decided to do the same thing here. Try the official forum for SquareEnix as well.....whenever the hell that's going to be back online that is.

Khaeos Drao-Kin
05-07-2003, 07:59 PM
Resident Evil is a good game if you like a countless bloodbath with millions of enemies and shotguns and rocket launchers and such.

Parasite Eve is more a strategy version of RE, with a limited maount of enemies and actual character development as well as "magic".

I myself love both, but I prefer Parasite Eve 2 a LITTLE bit more...

05-07-2003, 08:44 PM
Resident Evil.

I might not be saying this had Parasite Eve 2 not sucked so much. They took a great game like Parasite Eve which should not even be compared to games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and created a load of crap that does not play very well.

*looks at signature*

Was there any doubt I wasn't going to say Resident Evil?

05-08-2003, 06:49 AM
Originally posted by edczxcvbnm
I might not be saying this had Parasite Eve 2 not sucked so much.

He made me sell mine. I sleep better now.

05-08-2003, 09:21 PM
No. Parasite Eve 2 got rid off the turn-based combat in the first one. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy turn-based combat, but it's not suited to that survival horror format.

05-08-2003, 10:36 PM
I think Parasite Eve beat Resident Evil, Resident Evil was good but it repeated itself in story every 10 minutes. I've never played Parasite Eve II so I don't know about that.

05-09-2003, 05:23 AM
You people just suck and are a bunch of square whores!

Kawaii Ryűkishi
05-09-2003, 05:26 AM
Ahh, I hate both of them. :aimsun:

05-09-2003, 05:45 AM
Originally posted by Kawaii Ryűkishi
Ahh, I hate both of them. :aimsun:

And this is why Kawaii is so awesome.

05-09-2003, 09:08 AM
Well, Kawaii Ryukishi is awesome for many reasons, but that's another thread entirely.....

I like RE better 'cause it scared me more. The first time I played through RE2 and the licker crashed through the mirror I just about pissed myself. When that whateveritwas crashed through the mirror in PE, I just laughed at them for copying RE. It wasn't really scary either, 'cause it's not like you had to rely on things like "timing" or "reflexes" in that game.

05-09-2003, 09:38 AM
I give this to you, the MASTER OF UNLOCKING.
Resident Evil owns your souls.

05-09-2003, 10:22 PM
Well, in "scary-ability", RE wins but I still think PE has the story advantage. I'm more of a story person than a I-almost-pissed-my-pants-that-was-so-****in-scary person.

05-10-2003, 09:43 PM
Originally posted by edczxcvbnm
You people just suck and are a bunch of square whores!

Don't be so mean, that's like me calling you a Capcom whore just because you prefer RE... I would actually opt for Resident Evil on the whole, because as a series it has been very revolutionary. I also thought the third one was a particularly excellent game. But as time has gone on and my tastes have become more and more RPg specific, I've been unable to really play the REs anymore, while I can still give Parasite Eve a whirl anytime... So on the whole I'm not really sure which one I prefer.

And I didn't really find either scary, being that I have this irrational fear of drowning, and mild claustrophobia, I actually got much more freaked out by some of the later levels of Tomb Raider 2.

05-11-2003, 05:05 AM
Revolutionary? I think this is deserving of a rant.....

Resident Evil wasn't the first survival horror game. That honor goes to Alone In The Dark. The title describes the game perfectly. You're alone in a very dark house... or are you? Not only was it the first, but in a lot of ways I liked it MORE than RE. For one thing, RE gives you like 50,000,000,000 chances to recover health. AitD gives you about 2. Resident Evil had lots and lots of shooting. AitD had monsters constantly entering from the same hole in the ground until you pushed a rock on top of it or something. Resident Evil had weird mutant zombies. AitD had haunted paintings that threw axes at you. Just everything about the game was creepy. The music, the environments.... everything. I clearly remember one point where the PoV shifted to outside of the window of the room I was in, and everything was all reddish... I had no idea what I was in for.... And when did the game come out? If memory serves...... it was 1994.

Bahmant zero
05-12-2003, 06:50 PM
i prefer resident evil, most people here are biased anyway. I thought the story was good if you actually took the time to play a few games which most of you probably havnt. theres far more options, and most importantly resident evil is a HORROR game, pe dosnt scre crap all.

05-14-2003, 03:01 PM
Originally posted by Elhaym
Don't be so mean, that's like me calling you a Capcom whore just because you prefer RE

I am a nintendo whore...not a capcom whore :D

Anyways I said that because it seems no matter what there are those people on this board that think damn near every game square does is good and is better than what another company does.

Resident Evil was revolutionary. There were games like Alone in the Dark on the Atari 2600(I have one damn it). Resident Evil brought it out and made it big by doing things that had no really been done in the aspect of its movie type presentation...even if it was bad.

I would also like to state that none of the games mentioned so far are scary at all...to me that is.

I also played alone in the dark 4...that game was horrible. Not that bad of a concept and everything but it wasn't done all that well which is why it lacked and turned out to be pretty bad.

Also the best Resident Evil game = Code Veronica best puzzles and it is also the most non-linear RE game yet.

Pure Strife
05-18-2003, 02:48 PM
Resident Evil rules over all other survival horrors. It has an almost believable story, which is nice. See, the zombies and monsters aren't magical creatures from some other dimension, they're genetically engineered bio-weapons.

And while the games are similar, Capcom always do something a little different with them (RE2's scenarios, RE3's random-ness, nemmy, lots of stuff in CV/X) which is cool. And all the games are great, there isn't a "bad one" (or an RE version of FF8, which lots of people hated), at least as far as I know*. The only one in the series I have a problem with is Zero. Two characters at once took away a lot of the scare-factor, but it was something new at least.

Also the best Resident Evil game = Code Veronica best puzzles and it is also the most non-linear RE game yet.

Nah, REmake beats them all hands down. You're alone(pretty much) in a creature infested mansion with just a Handgun and you're wits. And the whole Crimson thing added tension because you had to dodge most zombies rather then filling them with horrific amounts of lead. Dodging does get a little annoying at times, but it means that a lot of areas generally aren't safe or clear, which means you always have to be careful wherever you are. But CV:X is a very good game.

* Survivor and Gaiden don't count! They never happened!!!

Big Ogre Umaro
05-18-2003, 06:05 PM
Pure Strife: If you'd notice, explaining supernatural events with science is just a Japanese Horror device that thankfully hasn't etched its way into American gaming/movies. Look up the original plot to the Japanese The Ring series if ya don't believe me. I think it really sucks, myself. :aimwink: It's much more scary if it's unexplained, or unexplainable. The nerd in us wants to fill it with science to destory the mystery so we can sleep at night, but the best horror experiences just tell us "this is the way it is."

That's why Silent Hill is my favorite horror game. Even when you get into the deep underlying forces that are controlling the game, it's still intensely supernatural. The whole situation freaked me out ever so slightly. You're this writer who moves like a TRUCK, you're looking for your daughter who disappeared into the mist (draw rate-enhancing plot line) of this GHOST TOWN and you're being attacked by little zombie babies and freaks. I remember when I first played it, there really WAS an eerie feeling to it. It wasn't exactly scary, but it was the most creepy that any video game could ever be, and that's why it's the best. >=D

Pure Strife
05-18-2003, 07:22 PM
BOU: I don't like that supernatural angle. I'll admit it can be creepy as hell, but I'm not expecting just find myself in some ghost town anytime soon. However, the idea of a few renegade scientists (or hell, even a few of Uncle Sam's or Adolf's or whoever's government boys) to be messing around with human genetics.

And that thing can be at least mildly chilling. Especially when you here how the people doing it describe it. They just don't seem to care.

I don't know if you've played Resi-CV:X, but there's a part of the game where you wander into a bunk house where prisoners were being kept. In there you find a diary belonging to a dead inmate that describes people being taken to a certain building and never returning. Later in the game you go to said building, and you find another diary, this one belonging to the guy who runs the building. It's about a doctor who thinks he's sort of possessed and tortures people for fun, and a need to. For me, the whole psycho-mutilation-happy doctor is much creepier than ghosts and that kind of thing because it's just more possible. I don't think I've explained this as well as I wanted to, but I think you get the point.

Sin Harvest
05-21-2003, 04:52 PM
many thanks to DJzen, alone in the dark truly owns over all. aitd 4 freaked me out more than RE did and it gets my vote. though on the RE/PE2 i go pe2. better storyline and combat system type thing. not to mention when that green gas mask guy drops down when you at the top of the tower in the first stage. i truly jumped 1000 miles in the air then. but for anyone who hasnt checked out alone in the dark, go rent it. not the first of course. good luck finding it, but number 4. tis great.

05-24-2003, 11:17 PM
AitD 4 isn't a patch on the first two games in the series, and they are still the only horror survival type games I'll willingly play. I've finished Resident Evil 1 and 2, Parasite Eve 2 and Silent Hill 1, and while they are graphically superior to Alone in the Dark 1 and 2, they just don't match them for atmosphere or pant-crappingly-scariness, let alone the sheer intelligence you have to exhibit to get through those games. I tell you though, the final section of AitD 1 annoyed the hell out of me, but damn... and the intro to AitD 2 is amazing with the... well, I'm not gonna spoil it, though I doubt any of you guys can actually play the games anymore =P