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05-11-2003, 11:46 PM
well my slow-wittedness has gotten the better of me agian. throughout the game i thought the max amount of charecters u could have was 12. now i see the forth row, as my red dragon's rabbit like breeding habbits show me otherwise. so to my question. any ideas on what kinda charecters i should use? i have already:

samurii/ knight
lancer/ monk
white mage/ time
summoner/ black mage
ninja/ theif
holy swordsman/ chemist
dragoner/ chemist
temple knight/ mediator
worker 8/

any sugestions on some charecters would be apricaited as i just don't care who i get. well hope to hear from someone.

05-12-2003, 08:39 AM
Well my own personal way was this:

Ramza does a bit of every job, but focuses on the fighting jobs like Knight, Monk, Squire, Ninja etc.

One male person ONLY does fighting jobs.

One female person ONLY does mage jobs.

Mustadio does whatever is needed (probably a chemist).

Agrias does Holy Knight, then Knight, then White Mage with equip sword.

That's how I did it, but at the end of the game I had Orlandu, Worker 8, Cloud, Ramza and my male left of my original team. And that's presuming you want to use characters in your party. I'd say focus on 5 people and re-equip/class them when they need it on whatever battles occur. I'd say out of all the chocobos, just keep your highest level red one, and as for your dragon just discard the weaker ones. Unless your dragon is named 'Reis', you might want to hold onto that one. I find the best trick is to not let your characters hog one job. I got a Wizard and totally mastered 50% of it's spells during chapter 1, but that Wizard was completly useless later on, and had no way to heal. Just get the useful abilities from any single job, level the job up to around 4 (so new jobs become availiable) then move on, cause knowing every variation of Fire, Bolt and Ice is useless.

05-12-2003, 09:06 AM
I disagree with your logic of knowing every version of bolf fire and ice is useless. Ive found in many situations, using lower level spells is needed to make sure the character doesnt move by your allies or have a chance to heal, while the higher level spells are essential in the later game. It doesnt take much more effort to get all level spells and its worth it in the long run.

As for the male/female logic, I completely agree. The game is kinda sexist and girls tend to be weaker (and for some reason cheaper) even though it says they are equal in ever aspect (bullshit).

If this is your first time through the game or just wanna have fun, its good to use the special class characters (orlandu, reis, etc.) but if you want a challenge, and its even more fun in my opinion, just make your own characters and ditch the special ones. The special ones are harder to level too since they dont have accumulate.

Also i disagree with leveling to only level 4 in job class and only useful skills. Its always nice to have the *Master next to alotta job classes, and you never know when you may need a skill or wanna use it for fun.

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05-12-2003, 02:06 PM
I agree with the idea of ditching your character members. When I beat the game with my all star party, I felt like I had cheated somehow, even though I only used what the game let me have. Nothing was a challenge like it was during the former half of the game, though back then people like Mustadio and Agrias were useful enough, but not too useful.

As for the mastering jobs, that's fine when you don't want the member to learn any more jobs (such as fairly indecent jobs like Bard) but, in my experiance, combining job abilities was the key to the game, rather then sticking to a single class. Such as the Ninja, they have some great abilities like Two Swords and Move on Water, but learning all their throw abilities isn't really necessary to beat the game. It'd make much more sense to learn whatever you need from the Ninja, then moving onto something else before going back to the Ninja.