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05-24-2003, 04:02 AM
ok, i asked this before but does anyone have a good idea for some people for my team. i got a bunch of space and i just finished rasing a goemance and archer i got from deep dungeon. any ideas. try to mix jobs. here's what i got already
black mage/ summoner
white mage/ time mage
worker 8
teple knight/ mediator

well, any ideas. please, all help is apriciated

The Amazing Spiderman
05-24-2003, 04:44 PM
For the Geomancer, I would prefer a mage with geomancy.

For an Archer, I would choos breaking or chemist.

Or mustadio with chemist or charge.

05-24-2003, 08:03 PM
For the Geo, you can go with a Geo with magic, or a mage with Elemental skills. Geos have good stats all around & access to lots of MA raising equipment: Rune Blade, Aegis Shield, Flash Hat, robes, gaunts. They can be very effective with magic & have much better HP than mages. They can even attack for decent damage if they have to. Since enemies tend to go after low-HP units first, this is a great way to make a battle-sturdy mage. [For better magics, use MagicAttackUp. For better physical attacks, use 2Swords with Rune Blades.]
If you want a mage with Elemental, stick with the Priest
class. The equation for Elemental damage relies on both PA & MA, so low-PA mages will be ineffective with these skills. Priests have better PA than other mages, and the Elemental skillset is a good compliment to the defensive White Magic: when you don't have time or MP to cast a Holy, use Elemental.
I prefer the Geo to the Priest mostly because if I want a no-charge, no-MP offensive secondary skill for a mage, I go with Draw Out. It also has no reliance on PA and a better range of skills. I highly recommend training your mages in the Samurai skills.

I say ditch the archer. The lower charges aren't very powerful & the higher ones take too long, especially since Short Charge doesn't work with them. Switch to a gun-user & you can still use Charge as a secondary if you want, but I prefer Battle Skill.

Reis has crazy-high MA; take advantage by training her in some magics. Anyone can use Item.

05-25-2003, 12:14 AM
i'm not worried about the goe and archer. i just want good combos. that i haven't used. but thanks any ways

Ferril Shadow
05-25-2003, 08:32 AM
Try a geo thief... I like thieves because charm is great when you have an opponent that you can't beat and have low health, or mediator (mimic darvon is also a life saver.) Also I didn't see calculator anywhere on your list. My Oracle/Calc is unbeatable. I can cast any status effect over the field and she is protected from just about all of them (octagon rod, and any other accessory.) plus she is fast and the rod does a lot of damage especially to a sleeping target, but the are very hard to train. Try it.