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05-30-2003, 08:33 PM
Me and RikkuYuna89 thought it'd be a good idea to create this thread. It's a story I wrote and posted on the FFX-2 Picture Thread here and RikkuYuna suggested creating a seperate topic so people can add on to it! See what you come up with!!


Lenne: Today, Shuin, we are to go shopping!

Shuin: For the love of God, NUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Lenne: We are to buy me a new dress!

Shuin: And a new thong!

Lenne: I don't buy thongs, Shuin.

Shuin: No, for me!

Lenne: o.O;

Tidus: Can we come too? Yuna wants to buy some new shorts! Smaller ones this time!

Yuna: Isn't it wonderful?

Lenne: Sure.


Shuin: *covers ears* *to Lenne* Does he HAVE to come?

Lenne: Yesh, er, I mean yes. He's cuter than you, anyway.


Tidus: *covers ears*

Yuna: Erm...can we get going already?

In the shop...

Shuin: How about this one?

Lenne: No, I don't like pink.

Shuin: Huh? But girls like you look so PRETTY in a pink dress!

Lenne: What an insult!

[Lenne slaps Shuin round the face]

Lenne: I rather like this one.

Shuin: What? Blue?

Lenne: Aye.

Shuin: c.c Fine.

Meanwhile, Tidus and Yuna were in the other half of the shop...

Tidus: Try these on. I don't like pink.

Yuna: Too bad. I do.


Yuna and Tidus: O.O

Some voice: GET OUT!!!!!! OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT, YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!

[Yuna and Tidus see Shuin run out of the shop, with Lenne screaming bloody murder]

Yuna: Lenne, what's going on?

Lenne: That :skull::skull::skull::skull:er tried to get in the cubicle whilst I was trying on my dress!

Tidus: I did that once. xD

Yuna: Why, that's disgusting! Let's get 'em!!!!

[Yuna and Lenne run out of the shop, and Tidus picks up a pink dress and examines it]

Lenne: Now, listen here, Shuin!

Shuin: Don't have a go at me! You're the one who thought Tidus was cuter than your own BOYFRIEND!

Yuna: She said WHAT!?

Shuin: Oops.

Yuna: You little BITCH!

[Tidus runs out of the clothes shop wearing the pink dress]

Tidus: Do I look good in this thing?!?!

Yuna: Tidus!

Lenne: Aw, he looks so CUTE!

Shuin: LENNE!

Tidus: Pink dresses! Bouncy sheep! Green meadows!

Shuin: Yeah! Tidus had a little sheep it's fleece was as blue as - :skull::skull::skull::skull: you! I hate poetry.

Lenne: I think that came out wrong anyway.


Lenne: *squeal*

Shuin: LENNE!

Yuna: Take the dress off!

Tidus: Hehe, pinky winky!

Yuna: Take it off!

Tidus: What? And flash my manhood to the whole street? No thanks!

Yuna: Then take it off in the store!

Tidus: NO!

[Tidus runs off down the street followed by Yuna]

Shuin: Yay! Now I've got you all to myself!

Lenne: Um, yeah.

Shuin: I wuv you, Lenne.

Lenne: Oh, Shuin!

[They hug, but are soon distracted by Tidus and Yuna]




Shuin: I've had it! X__________X I CAN'T GET ANY DAMN PRIVACY IN THIS WORLD!

[Shuin runs off screaming something about annoying mother :skull::skull::skull::skull:ing Shuin wannabes and playboys]

[Lenne glares at Tidus and drags him in an alley]

Lenne: Good, Yuna lost track of us!

Lenne: Now listen here you bastard, you either take that dress off now or I'll get Shuin to drown you in the blitzball stadium!

Tidus: X_X NO! NOT THAT!

[Tidus throws the dress off]


Tidus: Yeah, I thought it was a good idea since when Yuna caught me she'd of taken my head off, nevermind the dress, so it was best to keep my other clothes on before she...er...

[Tidus starts to sweat]

Lenne: Okay. O_o

Tidus: Lenne, I have something to tell you.

Lenne: What is it?

Tidus: I think you're prettier than Yuna!

[Lenne gasps and bats her eyelids]

Lenne: You ARE cuter than Shuin!

[Lenne smooches Tidus, then Yuna comes around the corner]


Shuin: Hey, that's my line!

Yuna: Where'd you come from?

Shuin: Over there!

Yuna: Where?

Shuin: There!

Tidus: Where?

Shuin: THERE!

[Shuin points at a clothes store and they see Paine and Lulu walking out wearing their goth attire and the baby in punk clothes]

Shuin: Eh...there's something you don't see everday.

Tidus: OMFG!

Shuin: I saw you cheating on my Lenne. ;_;

Lenne: So what?! Tidus is cuter than you!

Yuna: If you say that one more time -

Shuin: We should swap careers! You be a blitzball player and I'll be the singer! I have a new hit comin' on!

Lenne: What is it?

Shuin: Tonight I'm cleaning out my Vengagun! I don't give a shit about youuuu!

[Shuin points at a lady in the street]

Lady: Well, I never!

[The lady storms off]

Shuin: Dammit, it worked on the other hoes.

Lenne, Tidus and Yuna: Oo;;

Shuin: How about this? I am a cheeky bitch, I am a cheeky bitch, you are a cheeky cow, you are a cheeky -

[People in the street start to scream and the alarms go off]

Alarm: Dangerous singing man about! I repeat, dangerous singing man about!


[People start throwing food]

Tidus: I'm getting out of here!

[Tidus runs off]

Shuin: Boom, chica, boom, chica, boom, boom, boom!

[A women falls off the bench she's sitting on]

Lenne: Er - Shuin -


Lenne: O_O

Shuin: Um... I didn't mean you!

[Lenne's bottom lip tremples then she runs off sobbing]

Shuin: *cheesy grin* I'm such a ladies man.

Yuna: o_o

[Shuin rounds on Yuna]

Shuin: SHUT THE :skull::skull::skull::skull: UP!

[Shuin storms off]

Yuna: I didn't say anything...


Lenne: *sob sob sob*

Tidus: o_o I so can't comfort girls.

Lenne: Would you swap with Shuin? He yelled at me!

Tidus: No >.<

Lenne: *wail*

[Suddenly, Shuin can be seen running around the street in...]

Lenne: My songstress outfit!

Shuin: Look! I'm Lenne!

Lenne: @.@!

Tidus: That wig is scary...

Shuin: I'm a lesbian! Really, I am!

Lenne: Oh, no! I'll have a bad reputation for the rest of my life!

[People are now crowding around Shuin]

Shuin: Crazy! I just can't sleep!

Random guy: Hey, dude! Who's your lesbian girlfriend?

Shuin: I'm my girlfriend.

Random guy: O_o

Shuin: AYA! PRIMA! VUDA! MUVA:skull::skull::skull::skull:EEEEERRRRRRRR!

Lenne: I cannot believe this is happening.


Tidus: Wtf. x_x

Lenne: I cannot believe this is happening.


Tidus: ._. I think he's high on crack.

Lenne: I cannot believe this is happening.

[Yuna runs up the road]

Yuna: Uh-oh. Shuin has gone insane, I see.

Lenne: I cannot believe this is happening.

Yuna: Er... Lenne?

Lenne: I cannot believe this is happening.

Yuna: Lenne!

Lenne: I cannot believe this is happening.

Yuna: LENNE!

[Yuna slaps Lenne hard on the face]

Yuna: I think you'd better take a good look at your boyfriend.

[Lenne looks at Shuin, who is now doing the Macarena, then faints]

Tidus: Do you think I should join in?

Yuna: No.

Tidus: Too bad, I am anyway!

[Tidus runs down the road and returns fifteen minutes later in a pink dress and pompoms]

Yuna: *cliched movie scream*

Tidus & Shuin: One, two, three, four! Who's that knocking at your door?!

Yuna: X_X; *faints*

Lenne: *wakes up and sees Shuin and Tidus, then faints again*

Tidus & Shuin: Five, six, seven, eight! Look at that girl and watch her faint!

[Lenne wakes up again]


[Lenne runs over to Shuin and taps him on the back, Shuin turns around and Lenne punches him in the face]

Tidus: Oh, woe is me!

[Tidus falls on to the ground nex to Shuin and sobs loudly]

Tidus: Why me?! Why?!

Lenne: Why me, you mean!

[Tidus look up]

Tidus: Wha'?

Lenne: It's all so unfair! I have a stupid boyfriend who thinks it's funny to act homosexual, and another boy who thinks it's good to cross dress and influences other people to cross dress, then we have Yuna, who knocks me out at everything I say!

Tidus: o_o

Lenne: o.o I just said too much, didn't I?

[Shuin opens his eyes]

Shuin: I feel like shit...

[Shuin spots Lenne and screams like a school girl and jumps on Tidus]

Shuin: Don't hurt me! I'll never act homosexual again!

Lenne: Where have we heard that before...?

[Someone taps Lenne on the shoulder, she turns around and Yuna punches her in the fact]

Shuin: Come, Tidus! We can make our great escape! :x

Tidus: Okay =D

[Tidus and Shuin run off down the street]

[Lenne gets up and sees Yuna is gone]

Lenne: Shuin...

Shuin: *gone*


Some voice: Well, he DID dress in womens clothes.

Lenne: Whatever...

Some voice: Don't whatever me! I do know where Shuin has gone you know!

Lenne: Oh, yeah? Well tell me!

Some voice: My senses tell me he's ran off with a boy that looks just like him, and is in the process of knitting self-made pink dresses.

Lenne: O_O WHAT?! *faints*

Some voice: I only spoke the truth *cheesy grin*

So yes, Tidus and Shuin became the biggest cross-dressers in the world, didn't fall in love for they were both straight despite their cross-dressing habits, but stayed best friends forever and lived together in a mud hut next to the banks of a river.

To be continued...

05-30-2003, 09:47 PM
So yes, Tidus and Shuin became the biggest cross-dressers in the world, didn't fall in love for they were both straight despite their cross-dressing habits, but stayed best friends forever and lived together in a mud hut next to the banks of a river.

Day 5 of mud hut:

Shuin: umm... Can I borrow your cheerleading outfit?
Tidus: What for?
Shuin: I have a big debut in luca threatre!!!
Tidus:... I thought u were banned from there
Shuin: They didn't mean that... everyone want SHUIN!!!!
*Runs out the door*

Tidus: Be back before supper!

In Luca Stadium...

Shuin in wig putting on lipstick: I'd like to have a concert!
Man: You have to try out to sing in a concert.
Shuin: Ok! Gimme a S! *shakes pink pom-poms*
Man: S?
Shuin: Gimme a H!
Man: H?
Shuin: Gimme a U I N!
Everyone: U I N!
Shuin: Put it all toghter and thats ME!!! *starts to shake the pom-poms in the air*

On stage...

Shuin: Are you ready to rock.. SPIRA GIRL STYLE!?

Shuin: Spira Girl Role Call! *screams prepishly*

Shuin!!! *Dances*
Tidus!!! *Bats eyes*
Wakka!!! *Courtsies*
Auron!!! *Flashes sword*
Shuin: Auron... *gives evil eye*
Auron: Eh... I mean:
Auron!!! *Throws pretty flowers*

All: YEY!!!

Voices: Not so fast Spira Girls!
Spira Girls: Like, What?
Voices: Where the... LUCA GIRLS!!!
*Luca girls do dance*
Wakka: *glares* I knew your guys were girls!

... To be continued

05-30-2003, 10:22 PM
The Luca Girls are doing a dance...

Wakka: *glares* I knew you guys were girls!

Tidus: No one can ever beat the...

Shuin: Drum roll please!


Auron: This is very humiliating. T_T

Tidus: Auron...

Auron: Er, I mean...ahem...*puts on girly voice* no one can ever beat the Spira girls!

Tidus: That's better...

Wakka: Tidus, Shuin, Auron! Cheerleading tactics!

Auron, Tidus & Shuin: Aye!

[They grab their pom-poms]

Tidus: Gimme a T!

Shuin: Gimme an S!

Auron: Gimme a...A?

Wakka: Gimme a W!

Luca Girl: That's it! Attack these assholes!

Some girls voice: ENOUGH EVIL DOERS!

[The Spira Girls and Luca Girls stare at the Luca Stadiums cealing]

Girl: In the name of Yevon, I will punish you!

Another girl: Yevon isn't a religion any more, Yuna.

Yuna: Yeah, but it sounded cool!

Tidus: Yuna?!

Shuin: And that means...

Tidus: The other girl is Lenne!

Tidus & Shuin: *cliched movie scream*

Yuna: You idiot! You gave us away!

Lenne: So what?! We couldn't keep ourselves hidden for that much longer!

Yuna: That isn't the point! I wanted to prove that I wasn't just some sissy Lara Croft wannabe!

Lenne: Oh, shut up! All you've ever done during our trip is complain!

Yuna: I wouldn't complain if YOU left me alone!

Lenne: Well, screw you!

[Lenne and Yuna are arguing in the background]

Tidus: Some crime fighting girls they are...

Shuin: Oh, well! Since they've left us alone, we can get on with the show!

Wakka: Er... The Luca Girls have scrammed.

Tidus: Which means we can get on with the show!

Auron: -_-;

Tidus: Yeah!

Shuin: Yeah!

Wakka: Yeah!

Auron: I can't stand all this girlyness! I'm so sick of wearing velvet dresses with a flowery hat!

Tidus: You signed on to be in the band, Auron!

Auron: No, I didn't! YOU signed me on!

Tidus: Yeah!

Shuin: Yeah!

Wakka: Yeah!

Auron: Stop saying 'yeah!'

Tidus: Yeah!

Shuin: Yeah!

Wakka: Yeah!

[Wakka, Tidus and Shuin begin running around Auron singing a nursery rhyme]


[Aurons runs off making an Auron shaped hole in the doors of Luca Stadium]

Tidus: Oh, well, we're better off without him!

Shuin: Yeah!

Wakka: Yeah!

Yuna: Yeah!

Lenne: Yuna!

Luca Girls: Not so fast!

[They all turn around and see the Luca Girls armed with explosives and guns]

To be continued...

05-30-2003, 10:40 PM
[is continued]

[Screen cracks as a battle begins]

Tidus: Dadadadadadudadudududodu

Lenne: Huh?

Wakka: It's the FFX battle music ya know?

Lenne: Ah

Yuna: QUIET! lets beat these meanie girls!

Tidus: Yeah!

Lenne: Yeah!

Wakka: Yeah! *cough* ya know *cough*


[Auron runs in]

[points at Tidus]


[runs off through auron shaped hole]

Shuin: that was weird

Tidus: yep....*crys*

[Luca girl 1 fires a few round from an assualt rifle]


[Yuna takes out her pistols and fires rapidly in any direction]

Audience: OOOOHHH......AAAAHHH

Shuin: Um yuna?

Yuna: yes?

Shuin: you shot Tidus

Tidus: I hope your happy! the blood is ruining my dress!

Lenne: ooohh your gonna get it now!

Wakka: hehehe Ya know?

Yuna: you know?

Wakka: I know?

Yuna: Do you?

Wakka: who does?

Yuna: Bob?

Wakka: Bob?

[Tidus dies]

Shuin: Wah! * strips tidus and steals dress*

Lenne: Look, the girls are dead!

Tidus: really?

Shuin: hey your supposed to be dead!

Tidus: ah yes, woops

[dies again]

Audience: Encore encore!!!!

[To be continued]

05-30-2003, 10:53 PM
Shuin: hey your supposed to be dead!

Tidus: ah yes, woops

[dies again]

Audience: Encore encore!!!!

[To be continued]

Shuin: *Tears well up in eyes* My BFF!!!! *best friend forever) You killed him!

Shuin: *Shuin Grabs Yuna's pistols* Die... SPIRA GIRL STYLE!!! *Screams prepishly*

Wakka: I will have my vengances!!! Ya!!!

Shuin: I will have to perform the KISS OF LIFE! Wakka u kick some Luca Girl ass!

Wakka: Like Totally yeah!!! *does cartwheel and chases luca girls with blitzball*

Shuin: I like u as a friend but... *kiss*

Yuna: Look! *hops up and down* Shuin is kissing Tidus... O-o-o-o-o!!!

Lenne: First he acts like a lesbian in my singer suit, and now he kisses boys-

Yuna: In my boyfriend's cheerleading outfit!!!

Lenne: This is just too much to bear *runs crying*

To be continued....

05-30-2003, 11:13 PM
Shuin: Lenne! Come back!

[Shuin chases after Lenne]

Tidus: Oooh...my head...and my lips!? Who has touched my lips?!

Yuna: Shuin did!

Tidus: O_O! *passes out again*

Later on...

[Lenne is sat on a park bench crying and Shuin approaches]

Shuin: Lenne...

Lenne: Go away you NUISANCE!

Shuin: >.> Lenne, I love Tidus, but I love you too!

Lenne: You love Tidus?!

Shuin: Er, no I don't love Tidus. I love you, and only you! DAMMIT! I was just peforming the...


Shuin: KISS OF LIFE!!! But I love you, I swear.

[Lenne wipes her tears and looks Shuin in the eyes]

Lenne: Okay, I'm sorry too.

Shuin: You are? For what?

Lenne: For treating you like crap, of course.

Shuin: I know you treated me like crap, but because I am a very nice person I forgive you.

Lenne: Thanks so much.

[Romance music plays and Shuin kisses Lenne]

[Yuna, Tidus, Wakka and Auron are spying on them]

Yuna: Aw, how cute!

[Yuna looks at Tidus and he is on the verge of tears]

Tidus: I'm...I'm so jealous!!

Yuna: Why? o_O

Tidus: Well...he kissed ME! ME! ME! ME! DAMMIT!

[A few birds fly out of a tree nearby and Lenne and Shuin look in the direction of the gang]

[They duck]

Yuna: Don't let them know we're here or I'll have to sudate you!

Tidus: Sorry. --;

Wakka: I think that was pretty cute, ya?

Auron: I thought that was pretty cute too, ya.

Wakka: Ya?!?!

Auron: Er... I mean, yeah?

[Yuna and Tidus are arguing]

Yuna: Shut up! Don't give us away!

Tidus: Why not?!

[Tidus gets out a pair of cymbles and hits them together]

Lenne and Shuin: O_O!

Shuin: Someone has been invading our privacy!

Lenne: It doesn't matter!

Shuin: Okay, it doesn't...

[The gang peak over the bush again to see what the two are doing]

Tidus: Ohmigod, my eyes, MY EYES!!!

Yuna: That's .......ummmmm....interesting....

Wakka: That's sex, ya?

Auron, Tidus and Yuna: ...........O_O

Wakka: Er....ya.

Shuin: There is someone there! >.<

[Shuin peaks around the bush]

Shuin: Tidus!

Tidus: Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Shuin!

Tidus: Oh, Tidus!

Wakka: I knew they loved themselves, ya?

Auron: Yeah!

Yuna: Yeah!

Lenne: Yeah...?

[Shuin and Tidus are hugging]

Lenne: I knew he'd betray me...again...

Yuna: I know a way that will get his attention!

Lenne: Yeah?

[Yuna whispers to Lenne]

Wakka: Girl talk, ya?

Lenne: Oh, Shuin! I love you and I'm carrying your baby!

Shuin: What? Already? But we only had it off a few minute ago! Did you hear that Tidus, I'm going to be a father!

Tidus: I'm so happy to you!

Yuna: Knew that'd work *cheesy grin*

Tidus: I can't believe I'm going to be a mother!

Lenne: O______O WHAT?!

Shuin: Yeah, I'm going to be a father of your baby, Tidus!

Wakka: They are damn screwed up, ya?

Auron: Um...yeah...

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Shuin!

Tidus: Oh, Tidus!

Wakka: Oh my god, ya? I mean, two men are in love with each other, ya? That's called gay, ya? They are having their own baby, ya? But that's technically not possible for two men, ya? Mabye they're adopting a baby, ya?

Auron: Um, yeah.

Lenne: *cliched movie slow motion* NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

To be continued...

05-31-2003, 01:33 AM
*Reads Scandalous' next part and cracks up* Oh god ^.^ Funny...

Lenne: *cliched movie slow motion* NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Yuna: Will I be the godmother!?
Rikku: *pops out of bush* My love Tidus has been taken!! NUUU!!!! My dad says boys are evil ^^ yey yey yey, and guys guess wh-

Auron: *temple pulsing* Rikku, I have a present for you! *throw something in macalania lake*

Rikku: Wahoo!!!! *jumps in and drowns*

Wakka: Thank god... ya!?
Auron: Ya ya! I mean... yes

Yuna: Anyways! I wanna plan the wedding! And-
Lenne: *sobs at sound of wedding*
Shuin: The Spira girls will play at the wedding!!!!
Spira Girl Rolecall!

Spira Girls:Ok! *Spira girls start to do handsprings*

Shuin!!! *hands out pink baby shower invitations*
Tidus!!! *Bats eyes and blows kisses to Shuin*
Wakka!!!*Does backflips while thinking up baby names*
Auron!!! *Prepishly screams*

Yuna: O.o... I was gonna say that I'm gonna invite Emin-

Spira Girls: EMINEM!!! He's such a HOTTIE!!! *all faint from loving eminem*

Lenne: Wah! Shuin prefeers cursing rappers over ME!!! *sobs*

Wakka: *recovers from faint* I need a makeover for the wedding! I have to look my best for EMINEM! *sighs happily* Come on Spira Girls! We need to go to the MALL!!! *screams prepishly*

Spira Girls: The MALL!!! YEY!
Auron: I need to get my nails done *bats eyes*
Wakka: And I need a new dress to match my pretty eyes! *screams prepishly*
Shuin: And I need mommy clothes!!!!
All but Tidus: O.o
Tidus: Our baby will look just like us Shuin! Aww... a chip of that old block ^.^
All: o.O!!

To be continued (this fun!!!)

05-31-2003, 11:49 AM
[2 years later]

shuin: *sigh* remember when eminem came and laughed at us like......2 years ago?

Tidus: yeah hun but thats in the past, we have little baby shudus to keep us happy now.

Shuin: Yay!

[The floor starts to rumble]


Tidus: dammit, not again *Breastfeeds*

Shuin: wonder what that is?

Tidus: HOLY SH *Gets rammed by wakka, auron, lenne, yuna and rikku riding chocobos*

Shuin: HEY! you woke my baby!

Wakka: hhheyy hold your chocobos

shuin: was that supposed to be funny?

Wakka: no ya know?

[Tidus looks up from chocobo shaped footprint hole]

Tidus: y....you know?

Lenne: I know

Auron: do you?

Lenne: no

Yuna: then who does?

Rikku: Hmmm *looks around suspiciously* <.<

Tidus: i dont know *dies yet again*

Shuin: do i?

Yuna: *shoots shuin* no, you dont

Lenne: does yuna?

[chocobo poos on yuna]

Yuna: eeewww

Lenne: *laughs* no..hehe i guess she doesn't

Wakka: do i know?

Lenne & Rikku: NO! you know?

Wakka: i know? Ya know?

Rikku: casts fire on wakka

[wakka runs away screaming like a little girl]

Lenne: its between you and me *spits* Rikku

Rikku: *charges* yyyyyyaaaaarrrr


[a pretty curtain falls over this horrible scene]

To be continued ya know?

05-31-2003, 12:31 PM

Tidus: This isn't right, I am a man and so is he so how in the name of CRAP can I breastfeed?!?!

Shuin: You ask me.

Yuna: Mabye that baby was supposed to be Shuin's and Lenne's afterall.

Lenne: Mabye.

Auron: Mabye.

Wakka: Mabye, ya?

Yuna: Or mine and Tidus' *blush*

Shuin: Oo;;; What's that you say?!

Tidus: There is only one way to find out!

Yuna: Hospital abounds!

At the hospital...

Lenne: I just noticed something, Shuin.

Shuin: ...?

Lenne: This baby of yours has my nose.

Shuin: What, an invisible one? I can see his nose quite clearly from here.

Lenne: No, you ass! I mean, it's the same shape and everything.

Shuin: You're just saying that so you can get everyone to think you nailed me in!

Lenne: X_x No, seriously!

Wakka: Look, ya? I have a baby with Lulu, ya? Well, ya, I thought it was Yuna's baby at first, ya?

Yuna: YOU WHAT!?!

Nurse: Ah...can I help you?

Shuin: We need to know who the mother is of this baby! *shoves Shudus in the nurses arms*

Nurse: Ah...okay. Hold on a sec.

[The nurses leaves and returns two hours later, the gang are half asleep]

Nurse: I can't say this.

Lenne: Er....why not?

Nurse: It's a sin. >_<

Tidus: Tell us!

Nurse: *takes deep breath* AAAAAAGGGGH! I CAN'T SAY IT! DAMMIT! SUDATE ME!

All: O____o;;;

[A doctor runs out and drags the nurse in a door]

Doctor: I'll say it. The mother is...

Yuna: ....

Lenne: *waits*

Tidus: *doesn't care*

Doctor: Lenne!

Lenne: *whistles* Who's Lenne?

[Everyone turns to look at her]

Tidus: Ne'er in my life have I heard such lies!

[Tidus walks over to Shuin and punches him in the face]

Tidus: I knew there was something wrong with me being a mother.

Yuna: There's something wrong with you living.

Lenne: *sobs* I'm so happy!

Shuin: I'm not...

Lenne: Why?!

Shuin: Well, DAMMIT, I love Tidus and not you! Okay!

Lenne: *eyes well up*

Tidus: That was pretty insensitive!


[Lenne runs out of the hospital]

Shuin: Lenne! *chases after her*

Tidus: He can never hold himself back.

Yuna: Tidus...I hate to say this now, but, I think I'm pregnant.

Tidus: You what?!?! X.x

[Tidus passes out in fear of it being his baby]

Wakka: I knew he loved you, ya?

[Lenne is about to commit suicide]

Shuin: Come here, I'll help you with that!

Lenne: Go away, Shuin! Just let me die in peace!

Shuin: No, I don't want you to die in peace! I want you to die in pieces!

Lenne: *sobs*

Shuin: Look, I was only kidding! God.

Lenne: That's not the point! First you run around pretending to be a lesbian, kiss Tidus, join a band that has a reputation for cross-dressing and prostitution, harass Auron and Wakka, as well as that, say you don't care if we have a baby or not!

Shuin: Well, it's been two years. And all those two years I've been living with Shudus and Tidus.

Lenne: Shudus?!

Shuin: That's the babies name...

Lenne: Oh. Well, we're gonna have to rename it.

Shuin: Yeah, let's go rename it! Just drop the gun first!

Lenne: Yay! Okay!

[Lenne drops the gun and jumps into Shuin's arms, they hear a man scream nearby]

Lenne: What was that!?! O.o

Shuin: That sounded like Tidus!

[Lenne and Shuin run forward to see Tidus having a bad reaction to...something]

Wakka: He's in shock because Yuna is pregnant with his baby, ya?

Lenne: Really?!

Shuin: Well, then, we can all live in pieces - er, I mean peace!

Wakka: Ya, cap'n!

Shuin: Cap'n? o_O Do I look like a blonde man in a blitzball outfit -

Wakka: Ya.

Shuin: With a white moustache...?

Wakka: ......no.

Yuna: Tidus! X.x


Yuna: Calm down!

Tidus: *breathes* Okay, I'm calm again. Hey, where's Shuin?!?!?!

Shuin: Tidus!

Tidus: Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shu -


Wakka: Don't start this again, ya? I think Lenne and Shuin make a nice couple, ya? I think Yuna and Tidus should just have the baby and settle down, ya?

Yuna: Wakka speaks!

Wakka: Auron has been awfully quiet, ya?

Yuna: Auron?

[They see Auron sharpening his sword on a tree nearby]

Yuna: What are you doing Auron?

Auron: What does it look like?

[Suddenly Rikku jumps down from the tree]

Rikku: Auron!!

Auron: Oh, dear God, no -

Rikku: AURON!!!!!!!

[Rikku jumps on Auron]

Yuna: *sigh* They make such a nice...er...father and daughter type thing.

Wakka: Aint it the truth, ya?

Rikku: I love Auron, he loves me! We're all a happy family!


Wakka: That's Barney, ya?

Yuna: Don't sing that, Rikku! We're all straight here! I think...

[Yuna eyes Tidus and Shuin]

Auron: I've had it! *Auron flashes his now polished sword*

All: O_____O!

To be continued...

05-31-2003, 01:47 PM
Auron: I've had it! *Auron flashes his now polished sword*

Auron: I have something to say so listen up! ... I'm going solo!!!

All: what?

Auron: I'm gonna have my own band! Called... *drum role*

Auron and the Ronsocats!!!

All: O.o

Kimahri: I have my debut!!! *screams prepishly*

Auron: Auron and the Ronsocats rolecall!

AURON!!!*Puts on Ronso ears*
SHUIN!!!*Bats eyes at auron*

*role call music stops*

Auron: Shuin your not part of this band...
Shuin: WAH!!! I'm rejected... AGAIN! *grabs his baby and takes him hostage*
Mwahaha! *screams prepishly*

05-31-2003, 02:07 PM
Lenne: Our baby! Shuin, have mercy!

Shuin: It's my baby so I get to hold him...

Yuna: I'm having major stomach pains!

Wakka: Oh my god, ya? Yuna is going into labour, ya? This calls for hospital abounds, ya?

Auron: *screams prepishly* RONSOCATS GALORE!


Tidus: Yuna! X.x Ohmigod, I'm going to be a father *passes out*


Lenne: Shuin! Hand me our baby!

Shuin: NO!


Kimahri: Kimahri is happy!

Yuna: *in pain* Why, that's new isn't it!!!

Kimahri: Kimahri is hurt...

Tidus: Stop talking in third person, you quer!

Kimahri: Quer?

Lenne: What's that?

Shuin: I don't know?

Wakka: Really, don't ya know?

Shuin: No, do you?

Wakka: 'Fraid not, ya? Yuna?

Yuna: *in pain still* No, I don't...

Tidus: *no longer passed out* Don't you know?

Yuna: I know I'm in pain!

Auron: Really, do you?

Rikku: Auron!!!

Auron: No!!

Rikku: DADDY!

Tidus: Daddy!?

Shuin: Is she talking to me, or...

Auron: I am not your daddy! Get away, you damned child!

Rikku: Daddy! Auron!!

[Rikku is trying to hug Auron]


[Some soldiers run up to Auron and shoot Rikku]

Auron: *phew*

Shuin: Oops, I just dropped the baby -


Some voice: Fear not, lady!

Lenne: Eh?

Some voice: I am super O'aka! I am at your service!

Lenne: Super what?

Shuin: O'aka?

Tidus: Mr O'aka! Been a long time since I've seen you!

Super O'aka: Ah, Tidus! What is wrong with...Yuna there?

Tidus: It's a long story.

Super O'aka: Hmm....well, I must be off!

Lenne: Hey -

Super O'aka: Farewell!

[Super O'aka flies off]


To be continued...

05-31-2003, 02:42 PM
[Super O'aka flies off]


To be continued...

Super O'aka: I finally have a baby of my own! I can share him with Wantz ^.^ *laughs shrilly*

At super O'aka's lair...

Wantz: Oh my, O'aka is late for supper!

Back with shuin and friends...

Shuin: He's got MY BABY!!!

Auron: This looks like a job for AURON AND THE RONSO CATS!!! *popy prep music playing*

Auron&Kimahri: *Sing* Auron and the Ronsocats! Long tails and ears for hats!

Auron: Lets get them!
Kimahri: Kimahri CD turn platinum status in one day.. I mean... Ok!
*runs to catch an airship*

All: O.o;;

Wakka: Thats a groovy band, ya know!?
Yuna: I know?
Tidus: You know!
Shuin: How u doing! Spira girls say: How u doing!
All but Tidus: O.o
Tidus: I love u, Ya know!?
Shuin: I know?

Back at O'aka's Lair:

Super O'aka: Hunnie, I'm HOME!!
Wantz: Your late! I slave over a stove and and you come late!? *nags*
Super O'aka: But HUNNY! I have a surprise for u!
Wantz: Ah! A baby! I'm gonna be a MOTHER! I need mother clothes!
Super O'aka: O.o

To be Continued...

05-31-2003, 03:06 PM
At O'aka's home...

Wantz: My precioussssssss......... (this is not a LOTR rip-off)

Shudus: O_O X_X T.T

Meanwhile, the FFX-2 gang are discussing how they are going to get Shudus back...

Lenne: My baby! *sobs*

Shuin: Don't worry, Lenne! We'll get our baby back!

Lenne: Oh, Shuin!

[Lenne strangles Shuin]

Lenne: This is all YOUR fault! If you hadn't pretended to take Shudus hostage he would of NEVER been taken hostage seriously!

Wakka: I say we get going, ya?

Tidus: We must find Shudus!

Yuna: What?! I'm in labour here!

Tidus: Eh...I'll stay behind with Yuna.

Wakka: Okay, ya?

Auron: I'll come too. That O'aka guy really grated on my nerves.

Rikku: Can I come?


Wakka: She was supposed to be dead, ya?

Rikku: Hehe, daddy! Please can I come?

Auron: x.x Fine.


[Rikku hugs Auron]

Yuna: Gah! My stomach!

Tidus: I wish I could come, Shuin...

Shuin: Nah, we'll be fine! Right, Lenne?

Lenne: Hmph.

Wakka: So let's go, ya?

All: Ya!

Wakka: YA!!

At the Al-Bhed's Home....

Cid: Curses!

Brother: What's wrong, dad?

Cid: Rikku is going to save the baby of Lenne and Shuin! Wait what's this...

Cid: CURSESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cid: She's calling that lump of Auron 'daddy!'

Brother: How cute!

[Cid hits Brother around the head]

Cid: I am her dad! Not him!

Brother: Are you jealous?

Cid: An Al-Bhed tribes leader is never jealous!

Cid: Sure...

At O'aka's home...

O'aka: Wantz, is the baby cooking?

Wantz: He's just fine! My preciousssss..........

O'aka: ..... Okay.

Wantz: Diaper alert!

O'aka: Okay!

The FFX-2 gang are travelling...

Rikku: My feet hurt!

Shuin: Shut up.

Rikku: I'm hungry!

Lenne: Shut up.

Rikku: I'm thirsty!!

Wakka: Shut up, ya?

Rikku: I'm tired!!!!!!!

Auron: SHUT UP!

Lenne: You shouldn't of let that brat come!

Rikku: Brat?! *cries*

Lenne: -_-

Wakka: Let's just keep going, ya? We're almost at the top of the mountain, ya!

[Everyone looks up to see a huge distance to walk]

Lenne: *sigh*

Wakka: We must venture on, ya?

Auron: Whatever. As soon as we reach the Chocobo Farm we are renting Chocobo's.

Wakka: That's a good idea, ya?

Shuin: How far away from the Chocobo Farm are we?

Auron: Um...I'd say eight miles...

Wakka: Eight miles, ya?!?

Shuin & Lenne: EIGHT WHAT?!?!

Rikku: Teehee, I think I saw a frog in that lake!

Shuin: Lake!?!!?

[Shuin dives in the lake...only it isn't a lake]

Rikku: Teehee, got ya!

Shuin: My head...

Lenne: >.<

Wakka: Let's go, ya?

Shuin: *muttering* I wish Tidus was here...

Lenne: What's that?!?

Shuin: Er, nothing!


All: Ya!!

Wakka: YA!! *screams prepishly*

All: o_O

To be continued...

05-31-2003, 04:35 PM
Back at Al-bhed home...

Cid: Is Rikku traveling with TEEN BOYS!?

Brother: Yeah so?

Cid: What do u mean yeah so!? I'm the over-protective al bhed father. If those blonde pretty boys even looks at her *temple pulsing*

Brother: *sigh*

Cid: Ah! they looked at her! Over-Protective father to the rescuuuuuuuueeee!

Brother: ... I'll get the keys to the airship

Back with FFX-2 Gang...

Rikku: Auron Auron! Aury! Aury! Papa!

Auron: O.o *tch* I can't take it anymore!!! *Shakes hangs in air*

Wakka: Watch out! You might break a nail!

Kimahri: Kimahri's ears are burning from Rikku

Shuin: *breaks down a cries* Wah! I need Tidus! *takes out picture of him and tidus* Oh... I remember it just like it was yesterday... I stole his cheerleading outfit...

Lenne: You cheater! It WAS yesterday!

Shuin: I will sing a song for Tidus! *

Ooooooo, Tidus!
Remember the times we spent together cross-dressing?
Oooooooooooo, Tidus!
But some women had to take you away from me...
Oooooooooooooooooooooo, TIDUS!
I thought it was our baby but I guess I was wrong

Wakka: Shut up,ya? I'm gonna break a nail! *cries*

Voice: Hold it you pop singing, Teen boys!

All: ?

Cid: Rikku!!! I'll save you from the teen boys! Over protective daddy to the rescuuuee!!!

Shuin: Wah! Stop dissing my singing over-protective father man! *sniffle* no one understands! *walks away*

Rikku: Come back!!! I luv u!!! Shuiy Shuiy!

Shuin: rikku is my own true friend at the moment!

rikku: *blush*

shuin: of course no one can ever be as good as tidus...

Cid: Ah!! stop hitting on my daughter!!!! *hisses* my precioussssss, my daughter being hit on! it burns!!!!

Rikku: shut up!!


Wakka: *Cries* Your screaming is breaking my nails!

Rikku: Ha Dad! Watch this! *hugs shuin*

Lenne: *hiss*

Cid: Ah! *eyes burn* I'm meeeeeellllting.... *bubble*

Wakka: *puts on fake nails* how cute...

Auron: No body loves ME!!!! *wails* Come back Rikku

Kimahri: Kimahri loves Auron *Smiles showing scary teeth*

Auron: *Dies*

Kimahri: I will have to perform the KISS OF LIFE!!!

To be continued...

05-31-2003, 06:48 PM
Auron: *alive* NOT THE KISS OF LIFE!!!! Rikku, come back and bother me!

Rikku: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW........*drooling over Shuin*

Shuin: Nu! Only Tidus is allowed to do that!

Lenne: Oh, so I'm not!?!?!

Wakka: We should be going, ya?

Auron: If you say ya one more time -

Wakka: What's ya problem, ya?

Shuin: HELP?!

Rikku: TEEHEE!

[Rikku starts tickling Shuin]

Shuin: No....hahaha....no..hahaha...HELP ME!....HAHAHAHAHA...

Lenne: Rikku is molesting my boyfriend!

Kimahri: Kimahri loves Auron!

Lenne: Get off, Rikku!


Auron: ENOUGH OF THIS :skull::skull::skull::skull:ING CHAOS!!

[Everyone freezes and looks at Auron]

Auron: Ahem...

Wakka: Let's go, ya? I think we're almost to the Chocobo Farm, ya?

Auron: Shut up with the ya's.

Wakka: You shut up, ya!

Auron: Ya, ya, ya! All you ever say is ya!

Wakka: Well what am I saying now!

Auron: You can say something without using ya then?!?!

Wakka: Ya! I mean yes!

Some voice: MUWHAHAHAHA!

All: ...?

Some voice: I have your baby, Shuin!

Lenne: My baby! *breaks down again*

Some voice: He's in the oven!

Shuin: O_O

Wakka: Dammit, ya?

Auron: Grrrr...

Shuin: Oh, dear! I think we should all go save Shudus and forget about the chocobo's!

Rikku: Aw, I wanted to ride a chocobo...

Lenne: *throws Rikku a dirty look* What's more important?! Riding a chocobo or saving the life of a poor innocent little baby?!?

Some voice: Well, actually...

[A man jumps out of the darkness]

Tidus: 'Tis I!

Shuin: Tidus!

Tidus: Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shu -

Lenne: SHUT UP!

Wakka: Umm...ya. How'd you get here, ya?

Tidus: I left Yuna with the nurse. She recovered after having a mental breakdown about telling us who the mother of Shudus is. She's having our baby.

Auron: Dammit, that'll go missing next...

Rikku: Teehee!

Shuin: Man, I'm happy for you.

Tidus: Thanks, Shuin!

Shuin: I've missed you. ;_;

Tidus: I've missed you too. ;_;

Lenne: Tidus, you should be ashamed! You're going to be a father in at least two hours time and you're hitting on another man?!

Shuin: Whatever, Lenne.

Wakka: We should go, ya?

All apart from Auron: Ya!!!

Wakka: YA -

[Auron punches Wakka in the face]

Auron: Ah, I feel better now.

All: O______o;;;;

Some other voice: MUWHAHAHAHA!

All: O_O;;;;;;;;;

Wakka: *wakes up* I hear a noise...!

All: o.o;

Some other voice: I have your baby!

Shuin: e.e It's probably some other physco pretending to be O'aka...

Some other voice: No, really, I have your baby!

Tidus: Prove it!

Some other voice: Fine, I will! You shall all be teleported to my base!


Auron: AH!

Rikku: I want an ice cream!

Auron: I'll get you one later...


Some other voice: o.O Yes...anyway, I will transport you to my base!

[The gang are transported and land on a stone floor]

Shuin: Ouch! My backside! Hm?

All: O_O

Some other voice: Welcome to my humble abound!

Lenne: This is your HOUSE?

Some other voice: Well, yes, isn't it cosy?

Shuin: Whatever! Show yourself!

[The man speaking shows himself and is...]


Wantz: Yes, I have your baby.

Wantz: I am O'aka's brother.

Wantz: Yes, I have your baby! MUWHAHAHAHA!

Lenne: Give me my baby! *summons Valefor*

Shuin: Um, Lenne, there are no Aeon's anymore...

Lenne: ;_; My baby!

Auron: *flashes sword* Look, give us the goddamn baby! I just want to go home and drink liquor!

All: ............

Tidus: I didn't know you liked to drink liquor...

Auron: Yes, right, are you going to give us the baby or not?

Wantz: Not without a fight!!

Auron: -_-; Dammit, I need my liquor...

Wantz: I will now summon...YOJIMBO!!

All: O_________________________________O;!


Wantz: Oh, er...yes...you're right. Ahem.

[Wantz tries to find his sword, Auron zaps him with thundaga]

Wantz: Eh heh...burn baby burn....

[Wantz dies]

Lenne: =D MY HERO!

[Lenne hugs Auron]

Shuin: Now we have to find Shudus.

Tidus: And avoid O'aka...

Auron: And buy some liquor!

Rikku: And an ice cream!

Wakka: And peform as the Spira Girls, ya?

All: Ya!!

To be continued...

Brian The Pink Shark
05-31-2003, 07:47 PM
Rikku: Can we go see the chocobos now

Auron:Enough with the Chocobos Ya

Wakka:That's my line Ya

Auron:Sorry, it's because you keep saying it

Lenne:Excuse me can we just get going, I have my baby, Tidus has Shuin and Rikku and Auron...

Rikku and Auron:?

Lenne:Are very nice people

Auron:I guess that is acceptable

Rikku:But my Ice cream!

Shuin:Let's just go back and see Yuna now she needs us, we can get Ice cream, booze and chocobos later

Rikku: (pouts)But I want chocobos now

Lenne:Stop being such a Shoopuf

Tidus:Come on Shuin let's just you and me go back and leave these guys to argue

(To be continued...)

05-31-2003, 07:59 PM
Auron: *Mutters* I can't believe Rikku got a shoopuff...

Super O'aka: Not so fast!

All: O.o

Super O'aka: You killed Wantz! I loved him... like a brother!

Rikku: He is your brother... like Kimahri is my brother Wother! Kimmy! I love u Kimmy Kimahri! *Hugs Kimahri*

Kimahri: *Temple pulsing* Kimahri had enou-!

Wakka: *cries* My nails! Your breaking them more! *opens up nail repair kit*

Wakka: *Painting his nails pink* This will be that fianl battle, ya know!?

Auron: I know!?

Kimahri: You know?

Lenne: Shut up!

Shuin: This looks like a job for... THE SPIRA GIRLS!!!

Tidus: Wait! I have something to say... When we kill O'aka... I'll... dissapear

Shuin: *tears in eyes* what!? NUUU!!!! My love!

Lenne&Rikku: I'll be your love! *start cat fighting each other*

Shuin: Why!? Who will I share cheerleading outfits with?

Wakka: Who will I paint nails with every friday night!?


Wakka: Blitzball I choose U!!! *hits O'aka*

O'aka&Wakka: NUU!!!

Rikku: Whats wrong Wakky Wakky!?

Wakka: *cries* I.. I broke a NAIL!!

Kimahri: Save some for KIMAHRI!!!! *Jumps in with a spear with the Auron and the Ronsocats logo on it*

Shuin: *steals Tidus' cheerleading outfit* Alright! Gimme a K! Gimme a I! Gimme a M! Gimme a A! Gim-

O'aka: AH!!!!

Shuin: *Singing* La La La! I said A not AH!

O'aka: My ears! Your singing is killing me! *dies*

Shuin: No one understands me!!! *cries*

Wakka: Lets all go home, ya! *mutters* I have to fix my nails

Tidus: *looks at hands than looks up at Shuin*

Shuin: *shakes head* No

Tidus: I have to go... *walks away*

Shuin: *runs through tidus and crys on the floor*

Shuin: ... I love you

Lenne: *cliche movie scream* NUUUU!!!

Tidus: *goes to give shuin a hug while Lenne claws at him*

Tidus: Bye

Back at Yuna's House...

Yuna: Where Tidus? He has to see the baby.

Auron: eh... he's a great guy

Wakka: I'll miss him *cries*

Yuna: what!?

Shuin: ...

Rikku: O-o-o! Yuna Yuna guess what... I got a shoopuff and Tidus disapeared! Yey!

Yuna: WHAT!??! *shakes* No...

To be continued...

05-31-2003, 08:23 PM
Note: Lol, thanks for replying Squinn! You can go up on the story! I'm posting this on my website! ^.^

The Ending...

Shuin: After Tidus disappeared everything changed. Yuna looked after her baby alone, and accidently lost it one day. Me and the gang were looking all over the place for it.

Yuna: *screams*

Auron: Yuna, what's wrong?!

Yuna: My baby has gotten lost!


Shuin: Wakka did what he always wanted to do, fix nails. He got a job in the local nail salon and wore pink whilst fixing peoples nails for them...

Wakka: This is good buisness, ya?

Lady: Oh, you are a natural!!

Wakka: Why thanks, ya. I love fixing nails, ya...but one day I will become a giant nail myself, ya?

Shuin: Lenne became a hermit because I switched between her and Tidus.

Lenne: What?!?!?? Oh, Shuin, you said you loved me!

Shuin: Well, I lied! We can still be friends though!


Shuin: Cid went completely insane when he found out Rikku had been hit on by teen boys, and jumped off a cliff last September.

Cid: My daughter is being hit on!! My life is worth living no longer! GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!

Shuin: On the subject of Rikku, she was adopted by Auron but he went completely mad within a week of living with her and shot himself in the head with Yuna's gun. He spent a month in hospital having his brain fixed, but he came out alright in the end and happily drank his liquor.

Rikku: Hehe! I feel like a pony!! I want a pony!!

Auron: GAAAAAAAAH! *shoots himself*

Rikku: Daddy! Hehe! What's this red stuff here?!?!?!

Auron: *twitch twitch*

Shuin: Kimahri went back to live with the Ronso's and peformed as the Ronsocats. Kimahri won two awards for shittiest band of the year.

Kimahri: Kimahri has shiny award.....oooo........*drools* Kimahri love award......

Shuin: As for us doing stuff together, we all performed as the Spira Girls and realeased an album. It's a new hit in Spira music stores. Of course, Tidus will be missed forever. We all love you Tidus!

Shuin: Are we ready to peform yet?!?!

Auron: Not really.

Shuin: The crowd is getting impatient!

Lenne: I'm the hermit of the band, so I say we get rockin'!

Wakka: Lenne speaks, ya?

Shuin: Okay...let's go!!

Spira Girl rolecall!!!

Shuin!! *dances*
Lenne!! *poses*
Auron!! *throws pretty flowers*
Yuna!! *blows kiss*
Wakka!! *courtsies*
Rikku!!! *bats eyelids*



Tidus: This is gonna be the hardest thing I've done in a while! Ouch!

[Tidus trips over on his cloak]

Tidus: Blasted thing!

Man: Hey son, what you doing?

Tidus: O.O!

Man: Trying to break into the stadium, are we?

Tidus: No! Er...I'm looking for somebody!

Man: Yeah, like who?

Tidus: He's called Shuin!

Man: Shuin? Of the Spira Girl band? I think you're pulling my dick fat there...

Tidus: Your what?!

Man: I honestly think you're pulling my leg there.

Tidus: No, honestly I'm not!

Man: Yeah, yeah...come with me son.

Tidus: No! NO!!!

[The man drags Tidus off]

In the stadium...

Commentator: An excellent peformance from the Spira Girls yet again!!!

[Everyone cheers]

Another voice: No! No! This isn't over yet!!

Commentator: What?!!? Hey, boy, do not steal my microph -

Another voice: Shuin?!!?!?

Spira Girls: .......

Shuin: ....Yes?

Tidus: It's me, Tidus!!!!!!!

Spira Girls: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!

Rikku: Oh, Tidus is back! YAYAYAYAYAYA!

Yuna: Tidus!

Wakka: Ya!

Auron: Oh, no...

Lenne: Hmm...

Shuin: T-T-T-TIDUS?!?!

Tidus: Yeah, it's me!

Crowd: O_o;;;;;;;;;

Shuin: OH!

[Shuin runs off the stage to the doors of the backstage]


[The Spira Girls follow Shuin, Shuin has made it to the commentating room]

Tidus: SHUIN!

Shuin: TIDUS!

Tidus: Oh, Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shuin!

Shuin: Oh, Tidus!

Tidus: Oh, Shu -

Lenne: Hold it right there!

Shuin & Tidus: O_O!

Lenne: I want to say...hi, Tidus!

Tidus: *phew* I thought you were gonna bitch for a moment there...

Lenne: Nope! I'm not jealous anymore! Shuin can go to hell!

Shuin: Why thank you...

Rikku: Tidy!!! I've missed you!!!

Auron: ....

Wakka: Welcome back, ya?

Rikku: Teehee! We must tell you all about the things that have happened whilst you've been gone!

Yuna: Yeah!

Lenne: Yeah!

Shuin: Yeah!

Wakka: Ya!

[Yuna looks at Auron]

Yuna: Auron?

Auron: What?

Yuna: Auron...

Auron: Uh! Ahem. I mean, yeah!

Tidus: Yaaaaaaay!!

Wakka: Let's go home, ya??

At home...

Shuin: So yeah, me and Lenne did not rename the baby in the end.

Tidus: Cool! I've missed so much...

Shuin: We've missed so much too!

Tidus: Eh??

Rikku: You!! Teehee!

Auron: Argh...what cheese...

Yuna: Have a cheese sandwich, Auron!!

Auron: X_X!!

Tidus: Yeah, so like, five years ago I did not see Yuna's baby.

Yuna: Oh!!!

Tidus: What did you call him?

Yuna: Er...I forgot.

Tidus: o_o

Yuna: Hold on!

[Yuna runs into the baby room]

Shuin: She's clueless.

[Yuna runs back out, screaming]



[The screen goes black]


06-01-2003, 12:16 PM
Epilogue so soon? Mmm.... I'm still haven't enough on this :D funny:D story. Ha ha ha.... *Laugh rolling around*

06-01-2003, 01:35 PM
That was pretty funny, but it lacked a certain something.

Wakka:Nuclear warheads for life, ya?

Now that is perfect :D

(If you didn't understand that, click Here (http://www.eyesonff.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29433&perpage=30&pagenumber=2) and you can see a sort of FFX version of this, featuring Nuclear warheads :D)

06-01-2003, 01:57 PM
Lol me and scandalous love that story. Wakka must have nuke nail polish! ^.^

06-01-2003, 02:50 PM
Nah...Nuke is his idea lol ^.^ We're gonna do the next part of the story here, so I'll post up the first one when I'm done! Glad you liked it. ^.^

Me and RikkuYuna are like comedian partners! Lol!! XD

06-01-2003, 05:13 PM
Ok, lets start a new one! ^.^ Yey Scandalous helped me think then beggining up...

2 years since Tidus came back

In Tidus' and Shuins' mud hut in front of T.V

T.V. News Reporter: I'd like to interupt
this program for a News Bulletin. They're is a dangerous babynapper on the loose. Be on the look out! *sketch of baby napper on T.V*

Tidus: *knitting new cheerleading outfit* Did you meet that guy when you went to prison, Shuin?

Shuin: *Smoking pipe* No! They sent me to the female prison, remember? We should tell Yuna and Lenne about this guy.

At Lennes House...

Shuin: *kicks door open* Lenne, Lenne I-

Lenne: *kissing another man*

Shuin: O.o I thought you were a hermit!

Lenne: Shuin!? Tidus!?

Tidus: *points at the man Lenne kissed* Look Shuin it's your boyfriend from prison thats on T.V!

Shuin *pouts* He's not my boyfriend!

Wakka: *pops out of nowhere* Shuin's got a boyfriend, ya!? Can I paint his nai-

Shuin: Wah! I don't have a boyfriend!

Rikku: I'm his girlfriend, LA LA LA!!! Right Shui Shui!?

All: O.o

Tidus: *Lip quivers* I thought I was your boyfriend... *cries*

Shuin: Aww... Tidus of course you are!

Wakka: YAMAN!

Man Lenne Kissed/Babynapper: AH! I can't take it anymore. *points at Wakka* Jamaican me crazy!!!! *steals baby Shudus and runs*

Lenne: My baby! WAH!!!

Wakka! My nails! Your hurting my precioussssss nails!

Auron: *Walks into Lenne's house* No one gives a dayum about your nails so shut up! Jamaican me crazy!

Wakka: Stop making fun of me *Cries*

Shuin and Tidus: Don't pout, we'll cheer you up... SPIRA GIRL STYLE!!!!

*Drumroll* Spira Girl Rolecall!!!!

Shuin!!! *batts eyes at Tidus*
Tidus!!! *Blows kisses*
Wakka!!! *repairs nails*

Every boy and every girl SPIRA up your life!!!

Lenne: *sobs* That won't work... we need Shuin's worst enemy! We need the cops!

Shuin: *gasps* No... me and Tidus wil be the cops! *crime fighting pose*

Wakka: Me too, ya?

Shuin... we'll be... Shudus' Angels!!!!

Tidus: I'll sew the costumes!

Shuin: I'll get the make-up

Wakka:.. I'll get the nail polish!!! *Screams prepishly*

To be Continued...

06-01-2003, 05:59 PM
Lenne: I still don't think you'll do a proper job!!!

Shuin: Don't worry, us...Shudus Angels will do a great job!

Lenne: x.x

Auron: I still think ShuTiWaAu would make a better name.

Wakka: This is the second time Shudus has gone missing, ya?

Auron: Yes, Yaman.

Wakka: Yaman?

Rikku: Teehee! Yaman!

Wakka: Shut up with the Yaman!

Rikku: Teehee! Get it? Ya and man! Teehee!

Wakka: >.< Jamaican me crazy!

Wakka: That gave me a song idea!

Jamaican me crazy
I just can't sleep!
I'm so excited
I live too deep
It's not funny
But I feel alright
Yaman keeps me up all night!
(By the way Britney Spears sux)

Shuin: O___o;

Tidus: I don't think that'll quite make the cut.

Lenne: I think you should go and look for Shudus now!

Shuin: Good idea!

Auron: Yes.

Tidus: *screams prepishly*

Shuin: We also need a different way of screaming...

Tidus: Okay! *screams schoolgirly*

Shuin: Not that! X_X;;;;

Lenne: Get going!

Wakka: Ya!

At Yuna's house...

Yuna: La, la, la, la, la...hm?

[The phone rings and Yuna picks it up]

Yuna: Hello?

Man's voice: Hello, sweety.

Yuna: Sorry, I don't currently have a boyfriend. I think you've got the wrong number -

Man's voice: No, sweety, what you doing?

Yuna: Um...watching a movie.

Man's voice: Really? What like?

Yuna: A scary one.

Man's voice: You like scary movies?

Yuna: Look! We are not looking for a Scream rip-off here!

Man's voice: I know, but do you like scary movies?

Yuna: Some.

Man's voice: Like...?

Yuna: I'm sorry but my baby is crying.

Man's voice: Baby?

[Yuna hangs up]


Yuna: Hush, baby. Rock-a-bye-baby...eh?

[The phone rings again, Yuna answers it]

Yuna: Hello?

Man's voice: What you doing?

Yuna: Look! If you're looking for buisness ring a prositution hotline or something!

Man's voice: Okay, sweety...did you say you had a baby?

Yuna: Yes.

Man's voice: What's it called?

Yuna: I'm sorry I can't tell you that.

Man's voice: And why not?

Yuna: Because I don't even know you?

Man's voice: I'm watching you, sweety.

Yuna: Eh?

Man's voice: I'm watching you and I'm going to find you and rip you open.

Yuna: *yawn*

Man's voice: I'm going to tear you up with my double-edged butchers knife.

Yuna: Why?

Man's voice: To see what your insides look like.

Yuna: Listen, bastard! My ex-boyfriend and his boyfriend will be around in a minute and kick your ass!

Man's voice: What? You mean the one who plays in that rock band and dresses like a women?

Yuna: How do you know...?

Man's voice: Look behind the curtain.

Yuna: *gulp*

[Yuna pulls the curtain back and see's Tidus tied to chair]

Tidus: Help me! Help!

[Tidus suddenly pulls himself from the chair and grabs the phone from Yuna]

Tidus: Look, you ass! Me and my boyfriend know what you are, you babynapper!

Shuin: And that was turning into a copy of Scary Movie.

Yuna: Babynapper?! My baby! I didn't lock the doors!

[Yuna runs to the room her baby is being kept in to see that the cradle is empty]

Yuna: No! My baby!

Shuin: Look at the door!

[They all look at the door, which is wide open. Wakka pops his head round the corner]

Wakka: Hey, ya! That nice man who just ran through here offered to do my nails for me next Friday night, ya!

Tidus: Wakka, you niv! That was the babynapper!

Wakka: Babynapper, ya?!?!? Come to think of it he was carrying a black bundle, ya...

Yuna: No!!! *has a mental breakdown*

Shuin: Time for the Shudus Angels to get to work!!!

Tidus: *whisper* We haven't even started looking for Shudus yet...Lenne is gonna kill us...

Shuin: *whispers back* I know, but we didnt' expect this to happen. We just came to warn Yuna at first.

[Tidus and Shuin run out the door to see Auron fighting with the babynapper on the lawn]

Auron: En garde!

Babynapper: The babies are mine!

[Babynapper spots Shuin and Tidus running across the lawn and casts stop on them]

Shuin: I can't move!

Tidus: Me neither!

Auron: O_O!

Yuna: My baby! Auron, get my baby!

Auron: Give back the baby!

Shuin: Where is Shudus?!?!

Babynapper: Shudus is safe and sound, don't worry.

Tidus: But we are worrying! *Mutter* Only because Lenne will kill us if we don't get the baby back...literally.

[Auron casts Haste on Shuin and Tidus]

Shuin: Cool, I can move again!

[Shuin jumps on top of the babynapper. The babynapper stabs him with his knife]

Babynapper: I guess I did get to see someones insides afterall!

[The babynapper jumps on to the roof of a nearby building with Yuna's baby and out of sight]

Shuin: Help me, I'm bleeding to death!

Tidus: Noooo! *jumps on top of Shuin and peforms the Kiss of Life* Live!!! LIVE!!!

[Yuna runs out on to the lawn]

Yuna: He got away with my baby!

Tidus: I am totally crushing.

Shuin: Yes! You're totally crushing me!

Tidus: *Sob sob* He killed my love!

Shuin: Tidus, I'm okay. He stabbed me with a plastic knife.

Tidus: Oh!

[Tidus gets up off Shuin]

Yuna: You let that dolt get away! The world is so unfair to me, first I lose Tidus and now I lose the baby -

Shuin: Hold your chocobo's, Yuna. He got away with Lenne's baby as well.

Yuna: What?!?!

Shuin: Yeah, he steals babies.

Auron: Who'd want to do that? What with all these babies crying and screaming 24/7...and I thought adopting Rikku was bad.

[Rikku suddenly appears out of no where]

Rikku: I saw a man! He had a baby with him! Yey, yey, guess what da -

Auron: *breathes*

Yuna: Where did you see the man?!?! Tell me!

[Yuna shakes Rikku until she's dizzy]

Rikku: Eh...I saw him...on a red roof...

Auron: Oh, that really helps! There are tons of red roofs in this city!

Shuin: Red roof? What was it shaped like?

Rikku: It was pointy!

Shuin: The hospital!

Tidus: He will try and steal new born babies!

Yuna: *sobs* The cruelty...

[Wakka suddenly walks on to the lawn]

Wakka: Where's that man, ya? I want him to paint my nails! Do you like my new colour?

[Wakka shows them his nails, which are now red]

Auron: That's no good! We need to find the babies he's taken!

Wakka: Well, I think it's hella tight.

Shuin: C'mon!

Tidus: We must make our way to the hospital!

Rikku: Me too, hehe!

Auron: Ugh...

Tidus: Okay, we can go now!

Wakka: Ya!

To be continued...

06-01-2003, 07:04 PM
Note: XD this is so funny!!!

Outside Hospital...

Shuin: We have to go under cover

Tidus: I have a idea! Shudus' Angels huddle!

*all come together*

Tidus: *whisper, whisper*

Auron: O.o

Wakka: YAMAN!

At Hospital...

Shuin: *carrying Tidus disguised as a pregnant women*
My wife is gonna have a baby!!!

Nurse: Oh my! Let me go get the doctor! *runs*

Tidus: He he, told you it would work!

Auron: I can't believe you stooped so low just to get into a hospital... I mean you could've pretended you were a sick kid or something.

Tidus: It's my hobby, how could I NOT want to dress like a lady!?

Wakka: YAMAN!

Nurse: Ok! A room is set... *looks at Wakka and Auron* Who are these two?

Auron: I-

Shuin: He's uncle Aury and that's *points to Wakka* Aunt Wakkina

Wakka: Do you like my nails? I did them this morning!

Nurse: Ok... Let me have your wife... what's her name?

Tidus: *looks alarmed*

Shuin: Eh... her name is... Tina!

Nurse: Ok Tina... Practice your breathing!

Tidus: Wah! Don't make me go! *is taken away*

Wakka: *shouts* don't forget to polish the baby's nails for Auntie Wakkina!

Shuin: Ok angels, lets go! We have to save the babies!

In baby room

Wakka: *Screams prepishly* Look at all the babies waiting or their nails to be done!!!

Auron&Shuin: O.o

Wakka: *whips out nail polish* This will be fun! *nail painting frenzy*

Auron: gr... Jamaican me crazy! We have to find the Babynapper!

Nurse: *runs in* Your wife is having the baby!

All: O.o

Shuin: That's my wife! *runs like a girl to Tiduss' room*

In Tidus' room...

Doctor: Congradulations... It's a... it! *holds pillow that Tidus used as a disguise under his dress*

Shuin: Thats my... it!

Wakka: Aw! Look at it! So beautiful... *whips out nail polish* give it too me!!!!

Babynapper: Give it to me! *grabs and runs out of room*

Shuin: C'mon angels! Lets get him!

*All cartwheel out of room except for Tidus who trips on his floor long maternity dress*

Tidus: Wait for Tina!!!

To be continued

06-01-2003, 07:57 PM
Outside the hospital...

Shuin: Stop right there, you babynapper!

Babynapper: This stupid thing is just a pillow.

[The Babynapper throws the pillow on the floor]

Babynapper: Hahahaha!

Wakka: What you laughing about, ya? It's breaking my nails!

Auron: Shut up about your nails!

Babynapper: As you probably don't know, I have set a time bomb in the basements of this hospital. If my memory serves me, it will be going off in a matter of...*looks at watch* twenty minutes! All these babies will go BOOM! MUWHAHAHAHA!

[The babynapper jumps on to a building and out of sight]

Wakka: We must save the babies, ya?

Shuin: C'mon!!!

Auron: Sigh...

Rikku: Teehee! Oh, what about Tidus!!

Auron: He'll catch up with us.

[They all run back in the hospital just as Tidus is running out]

Tidus: Hey, wait!! Where are you going!?!?

[He trips on his dress again]


In the hospital...

[Shuin runs up to a nurse]

Shuin: Which way is it to the basement!?!?!

Nurse: Go left, then down the stairs near the boiler room.

Shuin: Thanks!

[They all run off]

Nurse: Why do you want to go down there anyway?!?!

Shuin: No time to explain, lady!

[They all turn left toward the boiler room]

Shuin: There are no stairs!

Auron: We've been cheated!

Wakka: Uh-oh, ya?

Rikku: O-o-o-o!!! *jumps up and down and points to a door knob*

Wakka: Rikku is a genius, ya?

[Shuin runs up to the door and opens it]

Shuin: Stairs!

[They suddenly hear a rumbling noise]

Wakka: I hear a noise...!

[They all wait at the top of the stairs as the rumbling gets louder]

Wakka: Hurry up, ya? The suspense is breaking my nails!

[Suddenly an ostrage runs up the stairs]

Shuin: WAH!

Auron: HOLY SH *thrown into the wall by the crazy animal*

Rikku: Teehee! Aww!! Cute!!

Ostrage: I am here to serve you.

Rikku: It talks! Yaaaaaaaay!

[Rikku hugs the ostrage]

[Auron falls down from the wall leaving a deep Auron-shaped dint in the wall]

Ostrage: I am sorry about that, good sir.

Auron: *muffled because he's face down on the floor* That's quite alright.

Ostrage: We must hurry! The time bomb is ready to go off any minute!

Shuin: C'mon Angels...follow the damn animal!

[They all run down the stairs after the giant bird]


Auron: A pit of boiling hot lava...

Shuin: The babynapper must of put all these traps here.

Wakka: I was just about to say, ya, this is one damn screwed up basement, ya?

Auron: ........... Shut up, Yaman.

Ostrage: I will help you on your way!

Rikku: Teehee! Can I get on your back!?!

Ostrage: Certainly!


[Rikku climbs on the back of the ostrage]

Shuin: Ahem.

Ostrage: Yes, grab hold of my legs, men.

[They all each grab a different leg]

Wakka: Amazing, ya? This is just like magic!


[The ostrage lands on the ground and they see a set of spikes layed down on the floor]

Shuin: Oh, great. Time to have our guts ripped out. Just what I always wanted.

Wakka: We must get over, ya? But the spikes might break my nails!

Ostrage: Grab my legs.

[They all grab the ostrage's legs again. They end up being thrown over, for the ostrage accidently let go and fell into the spikes]

Shuin: Damn, that musta hurt.

Rikku: Oh, the poor thing...

Wakka: Nevermind, ya? We must find the time bomb, ya?

Shuin: Yeah, and what if theirs another trap up ahead?

Auron: We have no time for idle banter. We must preserve!

Shuin: .........Right.

[They carry on, and Wakka is pulled up into the air by a leg trap]


Auron: O_______O!

[Shuin spots the time bomb]

Shuin: There it is! Auron, smash it with your sword!

[Auron draws his Masamune and attempts to smash the time bomb. Nothing happens]

Wakka: That is one strong time bomb, ya?

Rikku: Teehee, you're supposed to be panicing!


[The time bomb now reads 00:50 secs]

Shuin: We have fifty seconds to think of something!!

Auron: Er...*casts all the spells he can think of on the time bomb*

Rikku: Teehee! I'll panic too! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

[Suddenly the time bomb stops counting down]

Auron: Huh? So the screaming of a little brat stops the explosion?

Wakka: Guess so, ya.

Auron: ...Interesting.

Rikku: Oh, so I'm a little brat now am I?!?! Well, I'm sorry if I acted ditzy, I don't know why I did!

[Everyone is stunned]

Rikku: Er...teehee!!

Wakka: Knew it wouldn't last, ya?

Shuin: Let's get going.

Wakka: Er...Shuin, ya???

Shuin: Yeah?

Wakka: Help me down, ya?

Shuin: Oh, right!

Outside the hospital again...

Shuin: *phew* That was close.

Wakka: Ya.

[Suddenly the hospital explodes]

All: O______O

Shuin: Oh, well, it blew up anyway.

Rikku: Teehee, Tidus was still in the hospital!

Shuin: O.O! NOO! MY LOVE!

[Shuin falls to his knees in front of the hospital which is now a big crater in the earth]

Rikku: ^.^ I was only kidding, Shoe-y! He's right there!

[Rikku points to Tidus who is out cold, sprawled out on the floor near the bustop]

Shuin: My love!

[Shuin jumps on top of Tidus and tries to get him awake by slapping his face]

Wakka: Heads up, ya?

[Wakka crabs a bucket of ice cold water and Shuin moves away from him]

Wakka: YAMAN! *throws water all over Tidus]

Tidus: O_O! COLD! BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Er...it's you.

[Tidus looks at the crater]

Tidus: The hospital exploded?!?!?

Wakka: Ya.

Rikku: Soooo sad....

Auron: Um.

Shuin: We gotta focus on catching the Babynapper though.

Rikku: You're right, teehee!

Shuin: Okay, Angels! Let's go!

All except Auron: Ya!!!

To be continued...

06-01-2003, 09:22 PM
Back at Lennes house:

Lenne: You didn't get the baby back!?!?

Shuin: Sorry but-

Lenne: I knew you cross dressing cops couldn't do it!

Tidus: *stumbles on dress* We have names you know!

Wakka: Yeah! I'm aunt Wakkina!!! *polishes nails* and he's *points a auron* is Uncle Aury!

Auron: I'm NOT an uncle, and if any one calls me aury again, I- *sees Rikku's eyes light up* Ah! NU!!! Wakka you've created a monster!

Rikku: AURY AURY AURY!!!! I luff you aury! Will you be my papa?

Auron: *temple pulsing* NUU!!!

Wakka: *shrieks* My nails! My beautiful nails! My preciousssssss nails. You killed them! *foaming at mouth*

Kimahri: Kimahri luff auron too! Kimahri protect!

Auron: AH!!! *leaves Auron shaped whole in wall*

Kimahri: SAVE SOME FOR KIMAHRI!!!! *Chases*

Tidus: O.o You don't see that everyday...

Shuin: I wish Shudus was here... :( I remember the days when I'd take him to Cross-dressers R Us with me... I will sing a song for him... SPIRA GIRL STYLE!!!

Ooooh Shudus!
Remember the days in mud hut?
Ooooh Shudus!
Remember when I held you hostage?
Ooooh Shudus!
I Luff you!!!

Tidus: *is crying* Thats beautiful! I miss the little tyke...

Wakka: Lets look for him, ya!? We can't give up... were Shudus' Angels!

Lenne: Then it's settled! Go go go! *chases with stick* scram! Out of my house until you have my baby!

To be continued

06-01-2003, 09:57 PM
Wakka: So, ya, we are out in the cold and dark, ya.

Rikku: Brrrr....It's cold *shakes*

Shuin: I think we should throw a party!

Tidus: Why?

Shuin: I don't know. I think it's gonna be a suprize, and it'll take Lenne's mind off the baby for a while.

Tidus: And Yuna's mind off her baby.

Rikku: Yesh yesh.

Auron: Eh?

Rikku: Nothing.

So, in the end they had a party...

Lenne: This music is too loud! They'll wake the neighbours!

Kimahri: Kimahri want food

[Kimahri opens the fridge and breaks the door off]

Yuna: My fridge!!!

Tidus: What's the big suprize, then?

Shuin: You'll see in a minute

Kimahri: Kimahri hungry, no good food in fridge

[Kimahri see's a chip packet on a chair]

Shuin: Hey! Git your paws off it! They're mine!

[Shuin hands Kimahri some cheesy poofs]

Shuin: Have these.

Kimahri: Kimahri not like cheese

Wakka: I'm like, painting peoples nails, ya?

Auron: Shut up, Yaman.

Wakka: Let me paint your nails! *Points at a lady sitting down on a chair*

Lady: Ok!

Wakka: This is good fun, ya?

Tidus: Can you tell me what the big suprize is NOW?

Shuin: Sure. Come to Yuna's room with me.

Tidus: Oo;;;

Rikku: Teehee!

Shuin: Eh?

Rikku: Go do your buisness, teehee!

[Shuin hits Rikku then drags Tidus into the room and shuts the door]

Shuin: I'm not doing this in front of everyone else. It's embarrasing, especially with Rikku there.

Tidus: Er...

[Shuin takes out a small box]

Tidus: OOOOOOOOO?!??!

Shuin: I want you to marry me! =D

[Shuin opens the box and shows Tidus a wedding ring]

Tidus: Oh, yesh yesh, I will!

Shuin: Yay!!

Rikku: *giggle*

Shuin: O.o

Tidus: o.O

Rikku: *giggles even harder*

[Tidus opens the door]

Tidus: RIKKU!!

Rikku: HAHAHAHA....*runs away*

Shuin and Tidus: HEY - !!

[They run out, but freeze just like everyone else is freezing, and see that the door is wide open with five coppers standing in the doorway]

Officer 1: We are looking for a man named Shuin.

Officer 2: For he blew up the local hospital.

Officer 3: That is a bad thing.

Officer 4: We must take him away.

Officer 5: Now.

Shuin WHAT?!??!

Tidus: No!

Officer 1: Are you Shuin?

Shuin: Yes, I am!

Officer 2: Come with us.

Tidus: No!

Officer 3: Come, now.

Tidus No!

Officer 4: Come -

Tidus: NO!

[Tidus picks up an ornament and throws it at the police man]

Wakka: All this crap is breaking my nails!! My nail polish is drying up, ya!!

[Shuin is being dragged away]

Tidus: No!

[Tidus reaches for Yuna's gun on the side and shoots the officer in the head]

All: O_____O!

Officer 2: Come.

[He begins dragging Shuin out again, Tidus shoots him in the head]

[Officer 3 begins dragging Shuin out, Tidus shoots him in the head]

Yuna: Tidus! Stop! You're breaking everything and commiting a crime by killing others!


[Everyone turns to look at Tidus]

Tidus: Er...

To be continued...

06-02-2003, 07:33 PM
Tidus: Hey don't look at me, I didn't kill anything

Lenne: But we just saw you shoot all those officers...

Tidus: Sure you did, but explain why Rikku is wearing a "I killed all those Officers with a Machina Pistol" T-shirt

Lenne: Don't be ridiculous, Rikku isn't wear-

Tidus Dresses Rikku in a "I killed all those Officers with a Machina Pistol" T-shirt

Lenne: Touché

Wakka: Yeah, he's got you there, ya?

Yuna: But we still all did see him doing it

Shuin: Oh really, then why are you all wearing "We all saw Rikku kill all those officers with a Machina Pistol" T-shirts then?

Yuna: Uh... we're not?

Shuin Dresses Auron, Yuna, Wakka and Lenne in "We all saw Rikku kill all those officers with a Machina Pistol" T-shirts

Wakka:Now you guys are becoming predictable, ya?

Shuin: Oh yeah, and that comes from a guy that says "ya" after everything he says?

Wakka: I don't do that, ya? oh damn, ya?

Officer 4: Oh yeah, by the way, you didn't kill me.

Officer 5: Yeah but he killed me!

Officer 4: You're not dead, fool. You're talking

Officer 5: Sorry, I forgot

Tidus: Hey, I didn't kill anybody! except maybe a couple of those Nu Yevon nutters that always come knocking on the door, but they deserved it.

Shuin: Yeah, I mean look! Rikku is wearing a "I killed all those Officers with a Machina Pistol" t-shirt and those guys are wearing "We all saw Rikku kill all those officers with a Machina Pistol" t-shirts I think it's pretty conclusive who killed your colleagues

Officer 4: Yeah, I guess you're right

Officer 4 and Officer 5 begin to drag Rikku away

Rikku: Noooooo!!!

Auron: I know who can sort this mess out! Kimahri!

Auron opens the Kitchen door, and sees Kimahri rolling around on the floor wrestling with a melon. He quickly closes the door

Auron: Oooooo-kaaaaay

To be continued...

06-02-2003, 09:13 PM
Suddenly Gau jumps in and says:

On going story threads are a no-no! :aimmad: