View Full Version : How do I make my own avatar?

final boss
07-31-2003, 01:13 PM
I was looking to see how I can make my own avatar. How?

07-31-2003, 01:22 PM
Having a graphic making program helps, most would suggest you'd try Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. I personally use Photoshop. From there, just learn how the program operates, it's commonly said that Paint Shop Pro is easier than Photoshop. Then find the picture you want to use as an avatar, and size it down to appropriate dimensions and get it how you like it, save it, and upload it onto your EoFF account.

Citizen Bleys
07-31-2003, 02:24 PM
YES, PSP is easier than photoshop.

I spent 2 hours in front of photoshop trying to draw a line. Yes, just a straight, black line, with no textures or anything, that only drew where I told it to and not wherever the hell it felt like it.

All I wanted was a straight, black line. That's all. Couldn't do it. I wound up drawing the line in MSPaint and then pasting it into a photoshop document for the transparent background.

07-31-2003, 06:48 PM
That's for Photoshop 6, but my guess is that it's the same for Photoshop 7.

Citizen Bleys
07-31-2003, 07:44 PM
That's exactly what I was using, which leaves a freaky dappled line

07-31-2003, 07:53 PM
Try turning the anti-aliasing off. In PS6, it's at the top with the opacity settings, I dunno where it is in PS7.

07-31-2003, 08:14 PM
Fireworks beats them all for anigifs :D

07-31-2003, 08:30 PM
*uses Animation Shop for anigifs* =P

Citizen Bleys
07-31-2003, 11:21 PM
I wasn't making an animated gif. I wanted to make a "V" shape on a transparent background. That's all.

(Not the letter V, or I just would have used the text tool.)