View Full Version : *spoilers* How to beat Ex-Death and Neo Ex-Death

08-24-2003, 06:16 PM
Mime class helps a lot, if you don't have it, you can exit the N-zone at ANY time, even, when X-death has transformed into a tree, and before you fight him. Mime class is useful here, if you don't have it, go and get it, after that, go to the save point where Necrophobe was, and battle nere that area, so you can save after every battle. Then, with one person, master Samuria, white mage, and theif they should have the abilities drink, $toss, and White, with the mime job. with another person, master white mage, time mage, and theif. with the third person, master summoner, black mage, and theif. with your last person, master time mage, samurai, and theif. The setup looked like this for me:

Bartz: Mimic
jobs mastered: Samurai, white mage, and theif
abilities:drink, white, and $toss

Faris: Mimic
jobs mastered: time mage, thief, and samuria
abilities:$ toss, time, and drink

Reina: Mimic
jobs mastered: Black Mage, Sumoner, and thief
abilities: Black, summ, and MP + 30 %

Krile: mimic
jobs mastered:White mage, time mage, and thief
abilites: White, time, and MP + 10 %

for Ex-death: have Faris, and Bartz drink giant drinks(Faris should use quick, to do haste 2, and drink in the same turn), while Reina summons golem, and Krile, using the quick + protes/shell on two people, sets up defenses. When your defenses are set up, use meteo, and mimic is, X-death should die quickly, heal if needed. there is a 5-1 chance he will white ball someone, but with this setup you don't have to worry, becuase there jobs will be covered.

for Neo-Exdeath: When he transforms, he is vunurable, so just use $toss and mimic, until he starts to vibrate a LOT, then, keep doing it until you get to bartz or krile, then stop ad do nothing, and wit for him to finish the turn with all his body parts, then heal acordingly. Then summon bahamut and mimic it, then when he shakes do the same thing as last time, if he uses grand cross, you can recover quikly because you have two white mages, and a black mage(for toad status). if he uses dispel he won't dispel the afects of giant drink, but just set up defenses again, and repeat, should reina run out of mp, use $ toss instead, when you here a dieing noise, justkeep atacking relenlessly, because 1 part has just died, 2 attacks after, 2 more parts should die, then, use quik and 2 $tosses with Faris because if you let the last part live for two long, it willl use meteo, so finish it quikly, because it will only have 5000 hp left after all the other parts are dead.

09-06-2003, 05:29 AM
or, you can use coin toss and just heal and not worry about the rest of that crap.

you can also just fight.