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11-01-2003, 10:18 AM
Hey all. Anyone do this mission? It's the one where you need to go to the east ruins and find some guy doing experiments. I found the secret passageway but the monsters there are SO strong! I've read you should be able to beat the mission at level 4-5 solo, which is crazy since some of the monsters down there deal 30-40 damage a hit! But then again, I read that you don't even need to go that deep into the cave to beat the mission. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

11-01-2003, 12:37 PM
Well I heard from Lionx (who I believe did this in the beta) That being level 6-8 is best and bringing a white mage or warrior for back up would be a good idea.

If your on the siren server though I can help you out a bit on that, I'm currently getting leveled to go there.

11-01-2003, 07:28 PM
Yea you can go and just kill it solo but bringing one or two guys(either WAR or WHM is good) is best, it minimizes unexpected deaths.

When you go into the Ruins, they are in EastSarutabaruta the north east one, go in and then the place will be like a square inside, go into the back area and into that cracked wall, but not where there are gizmos, that isnt ur area yet, once you go in talk to the black wall, go through cutscene, but remember to keep some ppl not in the scence, or you can be mobbed once its done, keep one guy at least to fend of everything if it respawns, then go to every gizmo and find an orb, its random so check it all, after that go back to teh Orastary and then the guardhouse, ur done.

11-01-2003, 07:44 PM
Ahhh... thanks! I've been going through the gizmo cracked wall this whole time and just getting wailed on. Thanks for the help.

Oh, and I'm on world Garuda, so we can't team up. Sorry!

Nakor TheBlue Rider
11-03-2003, 09:13 PM
Ohh lvl 6-8 with ppl.....

I tried to get there at lv2 Warrior solo and died from a Giant Bee

I am looking for WLA members but dont see any....:cry:

11-04-2003, 03:13 AM
Where is the secret passage? Or maybe I talked to the wrong guy at the Orastery.

11-04-2003, 11:17 AM
The secret passage sorta stands out. Just keep searching for a target until you find the cracked wall.

11-06-2003, 06:00 AM
I'm a level 8 monk and I get dominated in the caves. The Beetles just lay into me and I don't stand a chance. More mindless leveling for me.

11-06-2003, 11:14 AM
Your in the wrong tower. The one your suppsoed to go to has no beatles. Mission one is done at a tower in East Sarutabaruta, the coordinates of it on the map is J-8. No beatles there, just some stronger bats and goblins. Should be easy by level 8.

11-07-2003, 02:39 AM
Actually i think he is at the right tower, just he went too far in, when u see cave markings u went in too far.

11-07-2003, 02:53 AM
I was able to figure it out, I was doing just about everything wrong. It's the same tower, but I don't think I could get back to those beetles even if I wanted to, I have no idea how I got there.