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11-01-2003, 07:56 PM
The game says is doesn't "recognize TnL hardware," so I suppose it's my graphic card =), but I'm not sure. My graphic card is this (as far as I can tell):

64 mb DDR SDRAM Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics

Don't know if it's not right for the game or not. Any ideas?



11-02-2003, 07:24 AM
Never heard of that graphics card before... maybe you need a bit of an upgrade?

11-02-2003, 10:12 AM
Try the benchmark and see what score you get. I think you'll get a pretty good idea of if you can run the game or not.

Super Christ
11-02-2003, 05:32 PM
I don't know about that, my All in Wonder pro wouldn't work for the game - it definitely met the minimum requirements listed on the box, but it didn't support Hardware TnL, whatever that is. The only reason I wasn't super ultra mega pissed about having to replace it in order to play is because I intended to build a new computer in a month or two anyway, so it isn't too big of a deal if I buy the video card for it now.

Black Mage
11-03-2003, 03:17 AM
Your Graphics card will not work.

Intel Extreme Graphics Controlers do not support TnL lighting effects, which FFXI uses.

Your card is probably integrated into your motherboard.

I would assume you get a Direct 3D error when running the Bench, and so, probably cannot check your score.

It looks like you'll need a new Graphics Card.

Try http://www.bestbuy.com