View Full Version : Stairway to heaven?, or Stairway to hell?

02-27-2004, 12:14 AM
I theifed this from another message board <_<;; apparently if you play Led zeppelins "Stairway to heaven" backwards you can hear a*gasp* satanic message as shown here (http://www2.memlane.com/jmilner/stairwaybackwards.htm), thats pretty wild.

Kawaii Ryűkishi
02-27-2004, 12:17 AM
Sad Satan. :aimsad:

02-27-2004, 12:19 AM
Welcome to the 70's, where they said that about every song.

Personally, I find the Beatles 'Paul is Dead' conspiracy much more interesting.

02-27-2004, 12:38 AM
and she's buying a straiway to heaven?
?nevaeh ot yawiarts a gniyub s'ehs and

02-27-2004, 12:44 AM
Robert Plant surely wears chapstick.

The Man
02-27-2004, 12:56 AM
Cherry chapstick, even?

02-27-2004, 12:58 AM
That was stupid.

You can't hear any audible Satanic messages on that backwards clip.

The Man
02-27-2004, 01:01 AM
I'm pretty sure if you played any song backwards you could come up with ridiculous messages that supposedly could be heard in it. Some people have too much time on their hands.

I think the backwards clip might be somewhat edited as well, although I can't be bothered actually ripping Stairway, applying a backwards filter to it, and comparing the two sections of the song. The vocals don't quite seem to match phonetically.

02-27-2004, 01:07 AM
Yeah agreed. I listened to what claimed to be a recording of it, but it was just too weird. Can somebody with even less of a life than I do confirm?

02-27-2004, 01:24 AM
The best clip when played backwards I think is the one you get when you encounter the last boss in Level 30 in Doom II :p

Erdrick Holmes
02-27-2004, 01:27 AM
I played the thing backwards, nothing evil was heard.

EDIT: I hear it now, it makes me laugh so hard. Indeed it does, an...killl the girl.... girl must die

02-27-2004, 01:36 AM
Only Disney does this sort of thing. Don't go around ruining a good song please.

Erdrick Holmes
02-27-2004, 01:43 AM
Originally posted by Guu
The best clip when played backwards I think is the one you get when you encounter the last boss in Level 30 in Doom II :p

Those who don't know what that is then read the spoiler text

Its the creator John Romero messing with a voice recording of him self, if played backwards it says "TO WITH THE GAME YOU MUST KILL ME, JOHN ROMARO." Type in the "idclip" code to wak through walls, go into the demonwall's face, you see John Romaros head impaled on a pike, that is what you have to destroy to win the game.

White Raven
02-27-2004, 01:54 AM
I doubt that very much. But if you play Pink Floyd's The Wall, in reverse at a few parts it says some meaningless thing on purpose.

Anything you hear from Stairway to Heaven is probably some random sounds that just merely sound like random words refering to Satan. It could be the ingredients to a recipie for all we know.

The Man
02-27-2004, 01:56 AM
Tool's "Die Eier Von Satan" actually *is* a recipe. Other than the random reference to Satan, there's nothing satanic about the song :p

02-27-2004, 02:05 AM
Yvan Eht Nioj!

02-27-2004, 02:48 AM
I think the song sounds better backwards then forwards >.> personally dont know why...just does..meh..sounds pimp that way, All i hear is

release my satan, i want him to die for you, release my satan, he was givin to 666, and only he wanted to satan.

thats what i hear..lol

02-27-2004, 02:54 AM
Chances are it only sounded like that because it was suggested to you.

02-27-2004, 02:56 AM
What was sugested to me? i was told it was supposed to say hears to my sweet satan..

02-27-2004, 03:03 AM
The presence of a Satantic message was suggested to you.

We played these things over and over when my cousin lived near me... he had a record player, and together we had original vinyls of most bands, including Zeppelin. We spent hours playing these things backwards, never heard a thing. But the power of suggestion will put it into your head, and you'll start hearing all kinds of crap.

02-27-2004, 03:04 AM
Originally posted by Yamaneko
Yvan Eht Nioj!


02-27-2004, 03:06 AM
I want to play a Britney song backwards now :(

02-27-2004, 03:13 AM
emit erom eno ybab em tih

Kawaii Ryűkishi
02-27-2004, 03:16 AM
<a href="http://forums.eyesonff.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=2003">The Chosen One</a>

02-27-2004, 03:21 AM
I never saved the English to Broomish translator. :(

02-27-2004, 03:21 AM
<font color="#009999">

Dr Unne
02-27-2004, 04:04 AM
<a href="http://www.planetnintendo.com/ff1/broomish.zip">Automatic satanifier.</a>

02-27-2004, 04:06 AM
Thanks Unne. :)

*hours of fun ensued*

*deusne nuf fo sruoh*

:) .ennU sknahT

02-27-2004, 04:19 AM
I didn't look at the lyrics, and I hear "I'm dead sexy" atleast 4 times.

Mr. Graves
02-27-2004, 04:23 AM
I think I heard "Satan" about 3 times, but I also heard "flower" once.

Ah, gotta love hoaxes. xD

02-27-2004, 04:32 AM
By the by, you guys are doing the backwards incorrectly.

Stairway to heaven, the words sung backwards would be:
nevaeh ot yawriats, since you're starting from the back of the song, not individually twisting sentences.

02-27-2004, 07:18 AM
This rumour was quashed many a year ago, from what I can recall. Apparently, an extremist religious group (with nothing better to do) decided to 'have a go' at the song, and came up with the pathetic story that if you played it backwards, you could hear satanic lyrics. Of course, it turned out to be complete rubbish, everyone ignored the extremist group and people began to wonder why they'd even bothered to accuse the poor band in the first place.

02-27-2004, 07:37 AM
Ha, every time I see flashes like there I'm reminded of that one where they had recorded a small girl-child to sing Father our and then use the oldest trick in the book to scare you with, was it now, the girl from the Exorcist.

Too bad there aren't many songs with satanic lyrics, nothing wrong with satanic lyrics. I'm always wondering "What this fuzz about satanic lyrics, satan's a cool guy."

02-27-2004, 10:19 AM
What's this about Doom II lvl 30? How do I reverse a midi? TELL ME

Erdrick Holmes
02-27-2004, 02:19 PM
Its not a midi, that giant monster talks. Just stick a mic next to your speakers and record it, then play it backwards on sound recorder.

02-27-2004, 06:46 PM
It's not a hoax! The end is near!

03-04-2004, 01:50 AM
To me this kind of sounds a bit like Charles Manson's idea that The Beatles were singing songs of prophecy to him about the end of the world in their "White" album.