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White Raven
03-03-2004, 12:41 AM
My room here on campus is really nice. I would even go to say that its better than mine at home. My computer is here, my bed and my music...the only thing is that there is no TV, but thats in the other room.

So what's your room like?
What's your favourite part of it?
Least favourite part?

(I took a quick pic of it for you all... It's sorta a bad pic of my room but meh...:))

Erdrick Holmes
03-03-2004, 12:55 AM
So what's your room like?
Small, about 7x8 feet by my guess, I can barely fit my computer desk and my dresser in it, you can even lie flat on your back on the floor. Sorta smells like old stale pizza rolls.

What's your favourite part of it?
My computer desk, its the only place where business and pleasure can take place in one location

Least favourite part?
The bed. Its to small for me, I have to sleep in a fetal position to get comfortable, and even then it sucks the matress is old and bent so it puts a curve in my spine.

---- Normal matress

~My matress

03-03-2004, 12:58 AM
Take another picture, the flash ruined The Dark Side of the Moon poster. :(

I'll take a picture of my room later. It's quite boring since I only sleep there.

White Raven
03-03-2004, 01:00 AM
Originally posted by Yamaneko
Take another picture, the flash ruined The Dark Side of the Moon poster. :(

Yay! Someone noticed! I have 4 Floyd posters and 1 Floyd calender throughout my room for your information.

Erdrick Holmes
03-03-2004, 01:07 AM
Well I can't take pics of my room because the camera I use has no flash. But I did take this picture of the posters on my ceiling. Hot anime girls whenever I look up, how I love it

Ace Protorney
03-03-2004, 01:19 AM
This is my room. Quite small.

03-03-2004, 01:22 AM
I like the satellite imaging, Proto. :D

Tokki Wartooth
03-03-2004, 01:26 AM
I used to have much better pictures before my computer reformatted itself. I know you can't really see anything but that's not MY problem. >:( But at least you can see my dog. :D

03-03-2004, 01:27 AM
Let's see... I have a bed on the right side of my room, with my desk somewhat next to it, where I keep all my loose papers and other crap.

In front of my bed, I have my TV in front of it, with my Gamecube, Playstation 2, and NES all hooked up. And I have my DVD Player under the TV on a shelf. I have a few controllers on top of my DVD with something from my Prom my senior year, and uhhhh... that's it for there. I also have my NES games on the side of my TV stand.

I have a little billboard thingy where I put my friends pictures that they took at Prom, and the article years back of Alliyah's death. Then on my walls, I have a signed picture of Tyrone "Mugsy" Bouges, and I love that picture, since I got it signed on my birthday way back.

And I have shelves of different trophies ranging from Karate, Baseball, and Bowling.

And I have a CD Shelf thing where I keep some of my CD's. The others are just lying around my desk.

03-03-2004, 01:42 AM
Here's a shot of my room. These rooms are meant to accomodate three people, but I got luck and I only have one roommate. His bed is the one in fron, and mine is the bunkbed.

03-03-2004, 01:43 AM
I 've got my computer desk next to the door to my bathroom. Over to my right is my couch, and in from of that is my table and my tv. Then to the right of that is my game chair, and bhind that is my trashcan, and a pile of empty cans and boxes. Next to that is the doorway that leads to my sleep-room which has my bed, my dresser, and a nightstand with a lamp. Normally you can't see the floor, but someone came in and cleaned while I was asleep today.

Erdrick Holmes
03-03-2004, 01:50 AM
Docfrance, can I come sleep at your house, that bottom bunk looks comfy. Maybe it will flatten out my spine.

I will put up more pics when daylight arises so I can take pictures.

Kawaii Ryűkishi
03-03-2004, 02:27 AM
I love that you call your room "the Raven Nest."

03-03-2004, 02:32 AM
Originally posted by Joel
Docfrance, can I come sleep at your house, that bottom bunk looks comfy. Maybe it will flatten out my spine.

I will put up more pics when daylight arises so I can take pictures. It's not a house. And no.

03-03-2004, 02:39 AM
Here's my dorm room. It's fairly crappy, but it serves it's purpose. My section is the one on the left.
And yes, the flying cow in the upper right hand corner is mine!:D

Mr. Graves
03-03-2004, 03:19 AM
So what's your room like?
Hmm...it's got a weight bench that's neglected. I have my PS2, Gamecube, and My sis' X-box hooked up. I have a DVD player hooked up too. I call it the "Gaming Asylum". My floor is wrecked right now, and I have a bunch of boxes in front of my clost full of old magazines and junk. The way is barred. My bed is next to the doorway.

What's your favourite part of it?
The Gaming Asylum. See above for details.

Least favourite part?
The overall messy-ness, right now.

03-03-2004, 03:26 AM
My rooms ok. I have a computer on one side and my TV with PS2 and GameCube on the other. I have posters of GTA3, GTA: VC, LoZ: WW, Soul Caliber II, Final Fantasy X-2, and Gran Turismo 3.

03-03-2004, 04:06 AM
I drew up my room cuz my webcam just won't reach a good angle to take a pic. The best I can typically do is get some of my keybard, my bed, and my comp, but not my anything else.

03-03-2004, 04:09 AM
I made a photo tour of my apartment a few months back.

<a href="http://www.carrotmaster.com/apartment/">Here.</a>

Oh, and in case anyone cares, I cleaned it up a lot since then.

03-03-2004, 04:13 AM
omg I think my favourite part of your room White Raven is the piles of Timmy's cups xDD w00t Tim's! Well, they look like tims cups ... the winter ones ... any ways, why would you keep coffee cups in your room? :love:

My room actually has MATCHING furniture o.O' a first in my entire life, Books .... lots of books ... damned English Lit studies ... my computer desk. OH! and the GREAT hard wood floors xD

What I hate about it? Nothing really. I like my room.

Favourite part of my room? My bed.

03-03-2004, 04:35 AM
So what's your room like?
It's about 12 x 13, I think. Hardwood floors.

What's your favourite part of it?
The bed. Because it's the best bed in the world.

Least favourite part?
I guess the fact that I have hardwood floors, and there are no secret passageways or anything. Not that I've found, at least.

Meat Puppet
03-03-2004, 04:39 AM

White Raven
03-03-2004, 05:31 AM
Originally posted by eternalshiva
omg I think my favourite part of your room White Raven is the piles of Timmy's cups xDD w00t Tim's! Well, they look like tims cups ... the winter ones ... any ways, why would you keep coffee cups in your room? :love:

Those are my Winter Cups collection. (not shown: 32 Large cup pyramid, 46 Extra-Large pyramid, 3 Roll-up-the-rim-to-win measly collection)

As RSL keeps his cans I keep my coffee cups...gives me something creative to work on.

And it's only Timmies cups...none of those crappy Williams or Star Bucks cups...If I can borrow my roommates digital camera again, I'll take a picture of the other towers.

03-04-2004, 04:17 AM
In Iowa you can turn them in for 5 cents a can. I take them back eventually.

03-04-2004, 04:21 AM
My room is too small with too much stuff and I'm always so busy trying to organize it that it never gets organized... I'd take a picture of it, but I'm at the BJ's house 'cause he's hot.

Loony BoB
03-04-2004, 01:37 PM
<table><tr><td bgcolor="white">BedBedBedBedBedBedBedBedBedBedBedBedCDs

Roughly to scale.

03-04-2004, 02:35 PM
xD RRRROLLL UP THE RRRRRIM TO WWWIN! You know its spring in Canada when you hear that on TV, The Radio and in the freaking paper xD :love:

03-04-2004, 02:36 PM
My room it's horrible, I have a bed for twoo people, twoo bedsite cabinet, the chest of drawers, with my playstation, a t.v., a closet and a radio! Only if i want to listen a tape, I'll have to go to my other room , so it's kinda boring.

And by the way, I liked your room, the photo was really nice!:tongue: :goofy: :aimdumb:

Angyles Cerddoriaeth
03-04-2004, 02:58 PM
my room is small, with my bed right near my tv with my ps2 hooked up to it. my work clothes are usually thrown all over the place, only the real business suits would be hung up in closet. i have an ironing board off to one side so i can iron in the morning..if i am awake enough to do so. my dresser next to my bed with my cell phone on it. pictures of my son cover the wall.

03-08-2004, 02:53 AM
Wow. Everyone's room is so . . . interesting. ^_^- Hehe. My room is rather . . . well . . . you can tell I enjoy anime. I went ahead and took pictures but my webcam sucks and it looks like crap but you can make things out.
Favorite thing - My computer desk - bed
Least favorite - old dresser