View Full Version : 10 things I hate about FF2

03-06-2004, 06:02 AM
10) Items that seem like they're really cool actually aren't.
9) Magic is usually weak against enemies.
8) The select/cancel trick doesn't work on your 4th party member making him/her progress more slowly if you use it.
7) Attacking a really strong enemy won't raise your strength any more than attacking a leg-eater.
6) Dungeons are really long. I just wanna kill me some bosses!
5) You have to equip items to use them in battle.
4) most of the characters you spend time levelling up and giving cool spells to just die anyway.
3) Most boss battles are anticlimactic (not all, but most).
2) Walking north to get to the warship for 5 hours then getting my skull stepped on by an ogre mage.
1) I REALLY suck at this game.

I don't really hate the game though, just wanted to vent some. I mean, consider that one of my complaints was a joke, 2 are gameplay preferences, and one is about a cheating method. All in all, I'd say that speaks pretty well for the game. In fact, I could easily come up with 10 things I like about it.

10) The stat growth system is unique to this FF game and kinda fun. It's certainly CONCEPTUALLY cool.
9) The select/cancel trick.
8) The spell "swap".
7) Spell graphics change as the spell levels up.
6) Beavers.
5) One of your items is a dragon (!)
4) The word "Basuna", say it, it's fun.
3) Hitting an enemy 17 times twice is super cool.
2) The music (duh).
1) OMGz!!!!11 teh plot haz teh AWESOEM!!!!!!!!!111

03-08-2004, 03:31 AM
Know what I love the most about this game is that you can equip a sword and a spear at the same time! That kicks a**! Especially if you do it at the begining and then half-way throught the game you get at 10+ hit with one and then a 10+ hit with the other one. Plus, the swords and spears have the strongest weapons. I'm not lying y'all should really do that one time with Fireon.

The one thing I don't like is reason number 7. It doesn't matter the str of the monster, it's how weak the attacker is.