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03-26-2004, 06:14 AM
What's this I hear about it allowing up to 3x the speed by uploading when it receives info from the server? How does one utilise/adjust these settings?

03-26-2004, 07:18 PM
Originally posted by Guu
<div align="justify">By using multiple connectins to the server :p

During the server move, I found I could get 50 k/s upload for data for this site (for a single connection), so the time to send the actual data was approximately 3 hours.

However, for each file you send, due to the FTP protocol, you must send control data to the server to tell it the filename and where to save etc. and wait for a reply saying what port to send to and if it's ready etc. - this will take at least twice the ping time between you and server - in my case 1/3 s. With approximately 60,000 files, you can now clearly see the amount of time just sitting and waiting and not actually sending files but doing "paperwork" as it were amounts to almost twice the time than it takes to upload the data itself, which is clearly stupid :p Yes, it did end up taking around 9 hours solid, even on my connection, to upload all this :p

So if an FTP program can use multiple connections to upload, then one connection could be using the bandwidth during the idle time of the other connection awaiting instructions, hence cutting the overall waiting time :p

To keep things simple (since this server is kinda more complicated on bandwidth per connection bit), if I was capped at the 50 k/s as I mentioned earlier, (which is almost twice what BoB's connection allows him to uplaod at,) then yes, I'd have seen almost a 3x improvement in upload time had I used an FTP program capable of concurrent connections and it was keeping that 50 k/s maxed out between all the connections at all times :p</div> It's theoretical, but possible - depends on stuff like your ping to the server and how many files you're sending in total if you want to see an improvement :p Two or three concurrent uploads (which is what you tell the FTP program to do) should be enough to max out most people's connections. If it's just a single huge file, you're not gonna see anything :p

03-27-2004, 02:45 AM
One upload = 80 KB/s, while two or three = 100+.

So that's what you meant. I thought it was possible to send one file at 100+! Yay! *goes to upload 2-3 files at once*

So the idea is while 2-3 files might send at slower rates, because you are uploading faster (for me 20-30KB/s), it's an overall faster rate? K thanks