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07-08-2004, 02:29 PM
AYB has a merchandise website. Most of you have probably seen it, but it's pretty new for me. They have a load of AYB clothes and everything. I wonder if a lot of people have actually bought them. What's your favourite item on that site?



07-08-2004, 03:11 PM
AYB is well past its sell-by date, but the "Special Thong" looks quite snug.

I wouldn't spend any of my cash on that lot, though.

Erdrick Holmes
07-08-2004, 04:52 PM
Advertising is not allowed at Eoff *pretends to close*

War Angel
07-08-2004, 07:56 PM
*Bans Rye*

*Makes a bread joke while he's at it*

Also - how can you 'merchandise' a phrase? Can I make profit of the Nietzsche quote in my sig, or some common saying?

07-08-2004, 08:13 PM
I used to have a CafePress store but they make it too hard to actually make anything of the stuff. I sold one t-shirt though. :p

I wouldn't buy anything from them.

07-08-2004, 08:16 PM

After viewing Rydia of Mist's amazing "w00t" T-Shirt a few years ago, I decided to buy myself one. It's alright, I guess, but I try not to wear it in public. The writing isn't so clear, either. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I bought it.