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08-04-2004, 10:50 PM
Nation: Tremare
Government: Magocracy
Leader: Lord Sorcerer Romuald Wyllius
Capital: Entremont
Religion: Gods are fickle and are not to be trusted, daemons are however willing to meddle in mortal affairs and lend their powers and are to be used, studied and controlled if possible
Entrance: We'd rather prefer if you stayed out, but if you'd like to become a slave ask to come in and enquire about our labour plans.
Exit: You want to leave? come inside for some tea and we shall discuss the matter, then you'll be tortured for a while, and after you decide to stay you'll go back to some new job we shall provide

National flag.
Should be attatchments, Map is basic as I have no art equipment.

Faeries, goblins and all other manner of benign magical creatures are all disected and exterminated in Tremare, buggers cause too much trouble and aid the good.

I forgot to add my fabulous justice system. You commit a crime, you become a slave, or you die, whichever outcome will be most useful. Trials and evidence are not necessary.

I would expect and hope my Empire and subjects to all be of Chaotic Evil Alignment.

Agent Proto
08-04-2004, 10:56 PM
Interesting flag. Currently you don't own the entire region, but the area around your capital. Just to point that out.

08-04-2004, 11:03 PM
Currently you don't own the entire region, but the area around your capital. Just to point that out.
I'm hoping for a steady expansion to cover all my future Realm, but since it's just Entremont at present it will make controlling magical creatures a lot easier.

08-13-2004, 11:03 AM
I've decided to put the Haus De Hexe in Entremont. This Castle will be our main magical training, research and construction of spells and potions, laboratory and school. In a change of pace however I am also going to offer limited access to the Haus to foreign Magi students and teachers. Bear in mind however that there will be a segregation between the Tremare magi students and foreign ones as some classes will be kept secret from the foreign students and some shall be Tremare only.

I also nicked a carpet for it which is lovely, and it can serve as a flag.

<img src="http://forums.eyesonff.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=9622" /img>

With luck, this thing can become one of the biggest Magic colleges on the planet.

08-15-2004, 02:29 AM
What!? Spell's working? Excellent. Hello Prime Minister Yebus t'Emirano,

I see you are from the archipelago on the south of this continent and are some form of representative democracy, surely you know that your society will eventually enfranchise the lesser races of the nation and the bloodlines will become polluted and fall! That's beside any point, I can most certainly see the sense in your proposals, however we are not a nation that is attempting to create some sort of unified peace for this planet, however nor are we looking into destroying said peace, we are merely the gifted, Magi empowered with the secrets of creation and attempting to learn more so that one day the Gods themselves will consider themselves lucky to be in our favour. At best, consider us your Xenophobic neighbours northward, inhabiting our growing Citadel of Entremont.

Now, as per the proposals, emigration and immigration from Tremare to your Country shan't be a problem, with our watch and enchantments none of our normal people should be trying to enter your territory, if they do however we'd apprechiate them being sent back, if you adhere to this rule then so shall we in the reverse situation.

Now your Magic research Metareason Academy. This will be considered in time, if our Magi decide to collaborate with yours on magical research then it will be a joint field only, our policies deny any of us the right to proliferate our magical secrets to other nations, because of this, none of our magical students will be leaving to study in your academies, however as said, trained magi may be permitted to leave to work on collaborational projects, as long as the do not infringe on our own.

Likewise in the aspect of my Haus De Hexe Castle, if you decide to send Magi there after permission has been given for them to study, bear in mind that they will not be permitted to attend classes strictly for Tremare students, these classes will be easy to distinguish from as they will be protected with wards and other enchantments, violation of this rule will most probably result in the offending Magi's death. However as you seem to have your own research academies I would doubt that any Magi sent would want to try to do such an act. As for now all our teachers shall be of Tremare, this may change in time, but not for a while.

In the past some rouge Magi have performed research into deamons, daemonology and diabolism, they were swiftly expunged form our orders and punished accordingly, but alas this has created a strange situation in the lands surrounding Tremare, everything is perfectly safe, but your traders may go home with strange stories and soforth, I can say now that these sort of experiments are no longer carried out, and any rumours of this is heresay and nonsense.

To conclude we can accept to a limited effect this offer of friendship from your nation, however as an old maxim of ours goes and is as close to foreign policy as we can formulate "If you do not bother us, we do not bother you"

Remember, rumours and heresay.

Lord Sorcerer R Wyllius.

08-15-2004, 02:47 AM
Greetings Lord Sorcerer Romuald Wyllius,

We understand your country's desire to keep certain magical secrets and discoveries for yourself, and along the same lines, we too desire to keep certain things secret for the benefit of our people. Concerning the stipulations for collaboration, we understand your refusal to collaborate on research, but welcome collaborating with you on certain tasks that may be necessary in the world.

We understand your rules concerning the emigration of your non-Magi and will comply, provided our traders are not mistreated by any of your citizens and our trade vessels can dock safely at your city either for trade with your nation or as a stopping point for traveling to other nations. Likewise, any traders exporting goods from your nation will be taken care of during their travels through our country. We do not expect this to be a problem.

Although we are slightly disappointed with your isolationist leanings, we understand your reasons for doing so and will not infringe upon your right to choose what you believe to be best for your nation. We look forward to positive relations between our governments and our people.

Teh Neel
Minister of Foreign Relations
Emirano, Fiorenseo

08-30-2004, 01:22 AM
To the Most Respected Nobility and Peoples of the Empire of Tremare

Good tidings and good meeting from your neighboring nation of Fiorenseo! As an emissary of my nation, and the newly appointed Minister of Fiorensian Foreign Affairs, I take it as my duty and my pleasure to notify you of changes in our great nation, the foremost on your minds, perhaps, is my appointment to the Ministry. I understand that in times of development such as ours, a sudden transfer of power can be a likely indicator of turmoil that could easily effect the alliances we have thusly made.

Make no mistake that I take my position very seriously, and have been briefed on Fiorenseo痴 standing with its sister nations. I urge you, the leaders, the lawmakers and lawkeepers of your nation to contact me with any and all concerns you may have as a result of this.

Further, the nation of Fiorenseo has spread beyond its borders, now into the open seas and has claimed and settled a large island to the southeast. The island has been called Tuillevaem, and the port city currently being established called Ava値one. In addition to my Ministerial duties, I also am the governmental presence of the island, with the city of Ava値one as my base of operations. It痴 quite possible that this expansion has created new trade routes that were overlooked before.

I strongly believe the expansion and development of our nation is also a step towards the development of all our allied nations, and perhaps someday, our very world.

Yours in Deepest Respect and Desire for Progress

Megan the Feisty, The Fire of Ava値one
Emissary of Yebus T'Emirano, of the Nation Fiorenseo
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Governor of the Isle of Tuillevaem, the Port City of Ava値one

08-30-2004, 11:32 AM
To whoever this emmisary was:
1. We are not allies.
2. I take no interest in internal political transfer in other nations, unless it involves civil war.

Lord Sorcerer R Wyllius.

08-30-2004, 12:52 PM
To Lord Sorcerer R Wyllius

Okie Dokie.


Megan the Feisty, The Fire of Ava値one
Emissary of Yebus T'Emirano, of the Nation Fiorenseo
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Governor of the Isle of Tuillevaem, the Port City of Ava値one

11-20-2004, 05:44 PM
I have declared war on you and in 3 days your nation will be mine.

Good day

Agent Proto
11-21-2004, 03:31 AM
I'm sorry, but Tremare has been officially been grounded. It will however, be taken over by a new leader. I'll close this nation thread.