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Region: 10?
Government: Dictatorship
Leader: Grimmreaper (myself)
Capital: Grimmingrad
Religion: Any religion is welcomed here, we only ask that you do not fight or argue over them. If you so decide that you cannot live with another of a different religion, well I'm not forcing you to stay here.
Entrance & exit: Those who whish to enter and exit, may do so as they wish. However, there is needed record of travel through borders.
Laws: you are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. If you refuse to obey the court, you will automatically be punished accordingly, accused by default.

Sects are city wide divisionated groups based on location ( i.e like midgar in ff7) that accumulate the city. Each sector in a city provides a different basic task for the whole city, and that generates power (electricity) for the continent of eisgaea. If you live in a non-sect town or city, this does not apply, but sects are needed in a power-producing city. The entire workforce of such a city is not divided to work for the sect, as there are many many jobs; but living in a sect has all that much more jobs available, as eisgaea needs it's power. Neifelheim will have a total of two sectored cities, one being grimmingrad, and the other still to come. Grimmingrad is divided in eight sectors, with sub cities and towns.

Cities, Towns, etc:
Neifelheim has a project for an underwater city in lake grimmingrad, that tunnels under the mountains to another underwater city in vincent land. This will be in the best interest for both tactical reasons, and travel. General towns outside of the grimmingrad capital have to consist of atleast two farms. Towns inside of the sects have to have one. Cities have to conclude atleast one factory, and atleast one suburban area, outside of a downtown area where the business districts are.

Alliances, forign trade, policies, etc:
Neifelheim needs this underwater lake city & tunnel that connects to one prior to vincentland. It would be much helpful if someone claims mayor of such a city, so it may be created, and thus neifelheim will have it's primary way of travel to vincentland, particularly eisgaea and the travel of electricity.

Ideas, stuff, etc:
Neifelheim is open to any ideas, contributions, condolences, etc.

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*applauses self* I'm just about done. Now to remember which number my country was. o.O

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Your flag needs improvement. That's all.

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eh. i didn't know what to do with it really. I suppose i could put some sort of a logo on it. =/

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*keeps alive*

neifelheim accepting anyone to live here :) *crickets chirp*