View Full Version : Multi Level Marketing should be right out illegal.

09-30-2004, 02:12 AM
Absolutley no good can come out off multi level marketing these days. It is the human nature that disables this method of product distribution to be effective. People just recruit and forget about the product. Looks good on paper but practically no because of human nature. Human nature itself conflicts with this ideology of marketing.

It might sound humiliating because I have fallen into a Multi Level Marketing scheme once. I take offence that some people claim that only "idiots" fall for this trick. I think it is about the timing not whether one is smart or not. Even the smartest will fall for the simplest trick sometimes.

Those ugly, two faced, bottom sucking, genital eating and inhumane multi level marketing scammers got me at the very wrong time. You see, I am in one of those very tough times in college. The stress was high, the economy sucked in the industry that I am studying for and being all alone and cut off from most of the world.

Almost to the verge of nervous breakdown, I needed relief. It was at that time these demons found my resume from the internet and called me. He did make me sound comfortable and knows that I sounded stressed and I needed relief. So I went to them and instead of expecting some opprutunity, what I got was something like a cult to pump you up. All bull-dung. Hell, even bull-dung smells better then them.

They go after only the poor and recently immigrated, with very hard to understand english. The amusing part is when one of those multi level marketing members have the grammer style from ZERO-WING. hehehe.

I lost some money because they claimed that I must pay a fee to join. Good thing I didn't pay anymore, because after awhile they will ask you for more. That F***ing scammer even DEMANDED that I take a loan from the bank and invest in him, ha yeah right......

They only want you to ruin the lives of your closest friends because they never want you to sell the products to people you don't know. In what they call a WARM-Market. Not only that, they will call up people you know and tell them that it is you who referred them to the scam. That is so cold!!! It didn't happen to me but I saw it happen to someone, in which he almost broke down and cried. ARRGGGGG!!!!

WHY can't it all be right out illiegal??? What is the government heisitating on??? This is a BIG HUGE problem, do you even know how many lives it ruined in the past?? Why is everyone so quiet??

Multi Level Marketing is a system that fails because of human nature. Forget about the what if's because that is all useless excuse. Some people don't wanna work that is why they try to recruit people like mad instead of selling the product, they sell you.

Does anyone agree with me? What do you think? Multi Level Marketing should be outright illegal.

Franchise is a franchise. Some people get them mixed up. Franchises focuses on products. Multi Level Marketing focuses on innocent people's money. Their product is PEOPLE!!!! Should something be done before it becomes a Soylent Green scenario??